Mommy, where do babies come from?

3 years after Mithos was defeated, Raine and Lloyd have gotten married and had a silver haired daughter named Shion. A year and a 9 months later, Raine finds herself pregnant with another child. Shion, being old enough to talk and begin to understand the world, she drops the dig question.

"Mommy, where do babies come from?" Raine just stared at her adorable little daughter, trying to think of what to say. Lloyd lifted her up and put her on his lap.

"You want to know where babies come from? Well, I'll tell you, but I must warn you. A tale this great has never been told before!" Shion just giggled as daddy told his story.

"It all starts when a boy decides that he wants to have a baby. In order to have a baby, though, he needs to find a mommy. But, the only place where you can find a mommy is in the Tower of Salvation." Raine looked at him puzzlingly, but decided it was for the best.

"In order to get inside the Tower of Salvation, the boy must first destroy the eight seals of the summon spirits."

"Daddy, what's a summon spirit?"

"A summon spirit is a big animal that helps people using special powers. There summon spirits are Undine the water spirit, Shadow the dark spirit."

"I don't like the dark" Shion said with a grimace.

"Don't worry, Shadow is a good guy. But one of the Summon Spirits isn't such a good guy. Volt, the summon spirit of electricity is a big meanie who hates humans. That's why me and mommy beat him up."

"You beat up the summon spirit? You and mommy must be really strong!"

"That's not all. We beat up all the summon spirits. There was Aska of light, Sylph of wind, Efreet of fire and Celsius of ice." Lloyd noticed that Shion was counting on her fingers.

"Daddy, you said there were eight, but that's only seven!"

"Oh, yeah! I forgot all about Gnome. Gnome is a big funny looking guy with a giant spinning ribbon on his head."

"He sounds really cute." Shion answered.

"Not as cute as you, sweetie," Raine said and kissed her on the forehead then headed for the kitchen

"Anyway, in order for the boy to enter the Tower of Salvation and find a mommy, he has to break the seals of the eight summon spirits. Once he's gone to all of the dungeons and broken the seals then he can enter the Tower of Salvation."

"What happens next, what happens next?"

"Once the boy is inside the tower of Salvation, he has to fight the biggest meanest beast in the whole world!"

"That sounds scary! What if he doesn't win?"

"Don't worry, Shion. The good guys always win. After the big mean bully is beaten, the boy gets to meet a girl who becomes a mommy. When the two of them kiss, a beam of light falls from the top of the Tower of Salvation and a baby is born."

"But if all that makes a baby born, how do you make another baby born? Are you and mommy going to go to the Tower of Salvation?"

"Umm… well… yeah, of course we are!"

3 months later Shion figured out he was lying.