Gamera vs. Leechra

Part I

By Ray Battlemonger

A disgusting, furry man sat in a dark cave, which was only lighted up by the computer screens and flashing controls decorating the place. The man looked like something out of a horror movie, and the reptilian creature that he was watching was Gamera: defender of Earth. He actually drooled at the site of the shelled 'monster", his tongue wiping his teeth. Leechra had red skin and a long snout, his body covered in black robes.

Long ago he had come down here, driven the giant known as Gamera. How he longed to see the creature helpless, his jaws around his neck. Yes, he was human-sized, but he had a special power, which he would soon use if things turned out a certain way. A hunchbacked, green-skinned creature with an elephantine nose came into the room.

"What are you planning to do, Lord Leechra?"

"Gamera's blood… it's radiated. And that means I must drink it."

"Why must it be radiated?"

"Because if I drink radiated blood, I can become more powerful. But I must tire him out before I attack him. Come, Vrimzauld. I must show you my cloning chambers."

Vrimzauld followed Leechra into a large chamber full of large creatures.

"Here I have cloned all of Gamera's foes; the ones that battled him prior to 1975. Thanks to mind-controlling gear in my computer lab, I should be able to send each monster against the turtle one at a time, from earliest to latest, with their hatred for this planet's defender still intact. If Gamera is killed before I can meet him, I will not be disappointed. After all, it was he who trapped us under the earth's surface!"

"When will you strike?"

"Now, while Gamera is on the west coast of America and rather very close to us."

San Francisco during the Night

Gamera flew above the California city, performing aerial tricks for his night-time admirers below. He loved people and people loved him, meaning he was one very lucky turtle. The gigantic superhero flew upside-down, only using one of his jets which fired out of his leg-holes. He finally landed by a lake, opening his mouth and drinking some fresh water. He was quickly satisfied, although the mangers of the lake were displeased when a third of the water was gone.

The turtle was having a good month. No monsters, no aliens, and few natural disasters. He even raised some money for charity by giving people some rides on his back. He was as smart as any human. He remembered when he had changed from a little turtle into a gargantuan creature. He had been confused then, destroying buildings and battling the military. Now he was an admired hero of the billions who populated this world.

Gamera suddenly smelled something… something ominous. Did he just feel the ground shaking? He roared a warning to the Californians and went about to saving them from the earthquake, but it was no earthquake. Yes, a chasm did appear in the ground, but it was really the entrance of Barugon, another giant reptile. The four-legged abomination roared and then charged, hitting Gamera with his horn.

The heroic turtle went sailing through the air, landing on his face. Getting up, he whirled around and fired his famous hot breath, just in time to stop Barugon's freezing beam with it. As steam filled the sky, Gamera jumped towards his foe, punching him with his right hand. Barugon grabbed him and the two rolled towards the lake. That's when Gamera remembered that his enemy's weakness was H20. He still rolled around with his sparring partner and soon they hit the lake, with Barugon weakening. The quadruped weakened and was punched into the bottom of the lake, dying from both heavy battering and clear liquids.

Leechra's Lair

"Curses, my Barugon clone must have had problems while being raised! He shouldn't have been this weak. Well, it does not matter. Gamera still has many foes to go up against!"

On the main computer screen, Gayos, a winged monstrosity with a sonic beam, could be seen clawing at Gamera's face. Vrimzauld stepped closer to Leechra with an inquisitive look.

"My lord, how did Gamera send us down here?"

I was trying to take over a city in the state of New Mexico when the accursed turtle came and squashed my forces. That was thirty-five years ago, when you were a grub. But forget the past and watch as Gamera is exhausted."

San Francisco

Gamera was surprised when he saw Barugon, especially since he was supposed to be dead. But now Gayos had also come. Where were they coming from? Gamera punched his winged foe and breathed his destructive flame. Gayos dodged. He had been winning, giving Gamera nasty cuts with his sonic beam. An eerie sound was heard as a thin, yellow laser came out of his mouth and hit his turtle-foe's arm, slicing the skin open. Screaming in pain, Gamera put his legs into his shell and activated his rear jets.

He flew upwards towards Gayos, whacking the sonic monster out of the air. After wiping some blue blood off of his face, the reptile landed on four legs, jumping forward and biting his enemy's throat. The winged reptile hit him with one of his wings, sending him back. Too bad this was going on during the night, because daylight could weaken Gayos. Gamera jumped again, landing behind his enemy and speedily grabbing him from behind. He smashed the monster's head into the ground a few times and then threw the body into the nearby ocean. Gayos was too beaten to continue the battle.

Just when he thought it was all over, Gamera was hit from behind. His mind reeled as he landed on his side. He looked up to see Viras, another monster that was supposed to have been killed years ago. Before the tentacled creature could hit him again with his sharp head, Gamera stepped to the side and punched the alien in the side. Viras shrieked as he fell onto the ground. While the original was being cloned, Leechra had taken the precaution of taking away some of his new pet's intelligence. Now the space squid was on the same level as Gayos and Barugon.

Gamera grabbed Viras by the tentacles, repeatedly slamming him into the California ground. The alien retaliated by hitting him with a tentacle and both behemoths started flying, trying to drop each other out of the sky. Gamera punched Viras in the eye and the giant squid headbutted him back. Soon Gamera was hanging on to his opponent's tentacles. Viras stopped his flight and the two giants crashed into the ground below. They were now near a valley.

Viras was choking and battering the turtle with his tentacles, cackling with evil laughter. Gamera frothed at the mouth and his limbs flailed. He thought he was helpless. The alien lifted the reptile into the air and then slammed him back down. The turtle then formulated a plan. He took advantage of the tentacles and used them to flip his enemy into a pile of boulders. Viras screeched as he lost his grip.

Gamera grabbed a boulder and slammed it into his foe's beaked mouth. He then kicked him through the air and turned his fiery breath on. Viras's body was engulfed in flames. With his intelligence lessened, he had been unable to beat the defender of earth. Gamera prepared for any other assault by one of his "deceased" enemies. His wait was short and Guiron, a four-legged fiend resembling a knife, walked towards him.

Leechra's Lair

"Dawn is coming and there are still three monsters before I arrive. Revenge will be mine!"

Vrimzauld once again asked a question.

'Lord Leechra, how did you manage to find these monsters and clone them?"

"I can answer that, my servant. I managed to get above the surface in 1972, when I learned of Gamera's latest exploits. I traveled through space and underwater with one of my inventions and found the rotting carcasses of many monstrosities. By using what was left of their DNA, I managed to recreate them, although I had to put restrictions on the intelligence of Viras and Zigra in order to control them. Oh, I wish I could taste Gamera's blood right now."

Vrimzauld looked away from his master and watched the ongoing battle. Guiron had become much more athletic and was giving Gamera a good fight. The turtle had tried to repeat his stick-the-living-horn-into-the-ground trick, but the space creature had become more agile and escaped while knocking over his opponent.

A California Valley

Gamera and Guiron were fighting amidst a chemical plant and by a large valley. Gamera was getting tired and Guiron's trying to chop him up wasn't exactly helping things. The heroic turtle was still healing from wounds inflicted by Gayos. His ginsu knife foe batted him with the side of his horn, knocking him into the valley. After some rolling, Gamera put his head, arms, tail, and legs into his shell and started spinning, going into the grey dawn sky.

Guiron was fast, but not fast enough to avoid getting hit by the flying turtle shell. Gamera landed and his head and limbs came out of his protective covering. As his enemy from Jupiter shook off some dirt, he got an idea. Grabbing a large container of blue liquid in his mouth, he rushed towards the other combatant on his four legs. Guiron braced himself.

Gamera purposely slowed down a little, enabling Guiron to rush to the side of his assailant and swing his horn downwards. When he had made his swift chop, the space reptile walked up to his defeated foe to see his head chopped off, blue blood staining the vegetation. Guiron had beaten Gamera! Then a head popped out and before the villainous giant could do anything flame hit his face, causing him to run away in agony.

Gamera thumped his chest. His cleverness had enabled him to defeat one of his most dangerous foes in a fairly short time. Now he would search for the next monstrosity, who like the others would probably be sent by some villain manipulating him from behind the scenes. Since the enormous creatures had been coming in chronological order, Jiger would probably be next. The turtle sneakily crawled along some ridges, trying to stay as concealed as possible.

Gamera tried not to breathe too heavily from exhaustion as he watched out for Jiger. He soon saw the squat, tusked monster lumbering along, unaware of him. Hiding inside his shell, Gamera got onto his side and started rolling like a wheel. He slammed into Jiger's side, sending the bulky abomination flying. Jiger was probably the dumbest of the giant menaces which wreaked havoc on the world.

Jiger got back onto his feet, roaring in anger. He fired his oversized heat ray, which hit Gamera. The turtle felt like he was being burned alive and he released his own fire. Red and orange flame hit the villainous giant, causing him to step back. Gamera fired again and this time a burn mark appeared below Jiger's left eye. Both reptiles charged each other and became engaged in a savage brawl.

Daylight had come and the sun shone upon the two battling behemoths. Gamera and Jiger bit, scratched, and rammed each other for almost three minutes. Gamera was really starting to feel exhausted and beaten as more wounds were made on his scaly body. Jiger also suffered some nasty blows, but he was still fairly fresh. He swung his head at his turtle-foe and nearly cut one of his eyes out with his tusks. Gamera used his own tusks and teeth to bite his opponent's neck. Bellowing in pain, Jiger fired some spikes from his head, hitting the other combatant at the shoulder.

The titanic superhero let go of his enemy and received a headbutt that sent him rolling onto his back. What happened next would never have occurred if Jiger wasn't so dimwitted. The gluttonous animal walked up to his "helpless" enemy and decided it would be fun to eat his legs. But Gamera just put his lower limbs into his shell and his rockets went on, blasting Jiger's head.

The fat fiend rolled on the ground, making obnoxious sounds. Gamera landed by him and tore into him, pounding him with his fists. Jiger retaliated by shooting a spike into the hero's left hand. The turtle roared in pain and anger as he pulled out the spike and stabbed his opponent in the side. Then he grabbed the chubby monstrosity by the bottom and lifted him over his head.

Gamera threw Jiger onto the highway and almost broke out in laughter when the squat villain had a hard time getting back onto his feet. Jiger was now very angry and he fired his heat beam, burning up some trees and causing Gamera to topple. He then ran as fast as he could, hitting the turtle with the side of his head.

Gamera was on the verge of collapsing, but he still fought on. Grabbing the other reptile, he quickly flipped him over his head and Jiger landed on his back, pretty much beaten. After firing an inferno of flame at Jiger, Gamera decided to get some rest.

Leechra's Lair

"Gamera is starting to rest. I must not allow that! I'll just throw this switch and watch as Gamera falls into a large hole that will form very quickly. Then water will come into the hole and Zigra will be in his home environment!"

Leechra threw the switch and laughed as the earth beneath Gamera fell. Then water came into the hole, along with the shark-like monstrosity known as Zigra.


Zigra roared before he fired a laser. Gamera was hit in the head and soon he was being pulled under the water by his aquatic enemy. Zigra held him onto the bottom of the ocean and the turtle started wriggling, lacking air. He scraped at the bottom of the gigantic waterhole, firing his breath uselessly. Fire didn't work out well underwater.

The reptile was as good as dead.

Leechra's Lair

"I've waited for years to see Gamera die, but now I have changed my mind. I will confront the beast and destroy him myself. Vrimzauld, press the green button on your right!"

The weird creature did as he was told and Zigra screeched in pain as he exploded, his insides being splattered around the Leechra-made lake.

"Now I shall get out of this room! Don't follow, Vrimzauld, lest you be killed!"

Leechra spent a few minutes walking to a more abandoned spot of his kingdom, going as fast as he could. Every minute he spent getting ready was a minute that Gamera could use to regain his strength.

Leechra stretched out his arms and yelled out one word. "BLOODTHIRST!"

He got bigger and bigger until he was as large as the turtle that he hated so much. He was more leech-like, for he is named after the blood-sucking creature found in many places around the world. He made a loud screech and made a fantastic leap. Gamera's blood would be his.

To be continued in Part II

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