Gamera vs. Leechra

Part 2

By Ray Battlemonger

Leechra was disgusting and horrific. He had a pink and red body that was across between a leech and a dinosaur. His eyes were flaming red and his mouth was beaked, his tongue having a sucker at the tip. Sticking out of his body were ten winding tentacles with bloodsucking apparatuses at the ends. The tail was hideous, having a gooey stinger at the end of it. The wings were like those of a demon you might see in an old painting. Leechra was out for blood.

In his giant size, he was almost incapable of human speech. He hissed and shrieked as he spoke, only being able to make an occasional word recognizable. The winged leech mutation circled over the dead, burnt body of Viras. He landed on it and looked for any additional alien blood that might still be left. He pressed his mouth against the smoldering head and stuck five of his tentacles into random parts of the alien squid. He feasted on what little blood there was, feeling more energy come into him. He ended his snack and flew off for Gamera.

Leechra's Lair

Vrimzauld watched the screens in front of him with anticipation. Gamera had been waiting for another monster foe near a small town, suspicious due to Zigra's unexplained explosion. Finally the turtle laid down for rest, although he was still a little cautious. Vrimzauld was gladdened when he saw Leechra descend on the sleeping reptile.


Gamera's eyes shot open. He saw a red, pink, and orange nightmare descending on him. He rolled out of the way as Leechra hit the ground. The villain produced a series of shrieks and hisses, the only audible word being "DIE!" Gamera noticed something familiar about his new enemy, but he put aside all thinking and went into a vicious charge, snapping his jaws shut on one of Leechra's tentacles.

The monster shrieked and tried to pull away his sucking extension. Gamera tore off the tentacle with his teeth and spit it out, firing his atomic breath at one of Leechra's horrendous wings. The abomination hissed in pain as he fell over, his wing seared. Gamera leapt onto him and started clawing, making scratch marks in his slimy hide. Gamera then grabbed him by the tail and swung him, throwing him into a hillside.

Phase one of the battle belonged to Gamera, who cheered in his language.

Gamera was going to use his fiery breath as a finale, but suddenly flaming electricity came out of Leechra's eyes, hitting the hero in the chest. Before the turtle could recover from the barrage, his fiendish foe was upon him, kicking him and squeezing his forelegs with some tentacles. Leechra threw the turtle, watching him soar through the air and hit two hotels. He then flew towards the good guy, firing more volts of electricity. Gamera's body sparked from the voltage and he shrieked as bits of shell and scales ripped off. Leechra ended his turtle-bashing by kicking the shelled reptile in the tail.

Leechra won phase two.

Using his tentacles to secure the turtle's limbs, he dragged him unceremoniously near his gaping jaw, his bloodsucking tongue ready. He lifted up Gamera with his tentacles and wiped the turtle's face with his tongue, previous to latching it onto his throat. Just as the eating and drinking was about to begin, the gargantuan superhero kicked free of a couple of tentacles and used his free foot to kick the slimy and blubbery hide.

Leechra's ugly hide shook from the impact and his grip loosened. Gamera managed to get all of his limbs into action, kicking Leechra's stomach while grabbing and clawing his tongue. The monstrous villain could take it no longer. He pulled his tongue back into his mouth while using his more saurian arms to grab the turtle's legs and flip him onto his back. He then stomped on Gamera's chest.

Gamera released the fury of his fiery breath and blackened one of the tentacles. Leechra stepped back, receiving another burst of flame on the same spot. The tentacles started to go on fire and he had no choice but to cut it off himself before Gamera charged into him. He used two of his other tentacles to rip it off and he used it like a flaming whip to keep the turtle back while he formulated a plan of action.

Leechra's Lair

"Quickly, master! You must destroy our surface enemy!"

Vrimzauld cheered on his ruler, although he couldn't possibly hear him. He grabbed a sludgy beverage and drank it, waiting for the next blows to come.

Near the Small Town

Leechra finally decided to choke his foe into unconsciousness. He wound the broken off tentacle around the turtle, putting his feet on his back and pulling. Gamera simply slashed away at the dismembered appendage, flipping onto his back to knock the wind out of Leechra, He then got onto his forelegs, putting his hindlegs inside his shell and starting up his rockets. Leechra received a burst of flame as the rockets hit him, just prior to Gamera taking off.

Leechra also started taking to the air. Gamera went into full saucer mode, being chased around by his disgusting opponent. Leechra released a barrage of electricity which caused flakes of shell to fill parts of the sky, yet Gamera still flew. The two behemoths landed, with Gamera still inside his shell. The enormous animal went on his side, rolling towards a turning Leechra. The horrendous nightmare was hit by the rolling shell, getting knocked back. The wicked bloodsucker got up as Gamera rolled towards him again. This time he caught the superhero's shell with his tentacles and threw him like a Frisbee, smashing up over twenty blocks of houses.

Angered at the destruction his enemy just caused, Gamera got his head and limbs outside of his shell and emitted his flaming breath, hitting Leechra in one of his weakened tentacles. The tentacle flew off, dripping red and black slime behind it. Gamera charged on all fours in a berserk phase. He collided with a counterattacking Leechra and the two monsters got into an on-the-ground brawl, rolling, biting, punching, and scratching

Leechra tried to suck out Gamera's blood with one of his tentacles, but instead digested a large ball of dirt and earth. He had to disconnect he choking tentacle, so he tore it off and quickly lashed Gamera legs together. Gamera socked Leechra in the jaw, just prior to being lifted by his bound legs and thrown into the air. The mass of scales and shell soared through the air until he fell on a highway, which collapsed under his weight. He got rid of the slimy tentacle around his leg just in time to avoid a stomping landing by his unearthly foe.

The villainous scumbag let out a few shrieks and Gamera replied with his famous roar. The two titans both got each other on the left shoulder with their massive maws, but Leechra had the advantage. He used his blood-draining tongue on the turtle's shoulder, getting a few gallons of "delicious" red drink. Gamera sickened at the sight and before anything too serious could happen to him, he bit harder into the other combatant's shoulder, forcing him to let go.

Clutching his shoulder in pain, he released a stream of fire, causing sparks to fly off one of Leechra's wings. The maniacal creature hissed before he leaped onto Gamera, only to get grabbed by the legs and thrown onto his back. Gamera punched him, and was then kicked. His shell protected him from pain, but the force of the blow sent him sailing through the sky. Leechra decided to have more fun so he flew over to the stunned turtle, picked him up, and flew as fast as he could.

A Few Minutes Later above Los Angeles

Gamera had struggled with the monstrosity that had been holding him, but he couldn't break free. Finally he was dropped onto a hospital and cars, people, and debris flew all over the city. Gamera got up in frustration. People everywhere were fleeing for shelter. Leechra unleashed a barrage of electricity, blasting apart several skyscrapers. Gamera put his hindlegs inside his shell and activated his rockets, concealing his head. He rammed into the flying Leechra, bringing both back down to earth. The turtle hated damaging the city, but he had no choice. He grabbed Leechra by his tail and slammed him into the ground several times before getting hit by one of the tentacles' suckers.

Leechra and Gamera did some more tussling before the cruel, reddish creature revealed the one weapon he hadn't used. He flung his gooey tail at Gamera, who used his shell to shield himself. The spiked appendage only made a small nook in the shell and Leechra pulled it out, using his bodily weapon to take the brunt of a fiery attack from Gamera. The bloodsucking creature then used his tail again, this time making a gash on his turtle-foe's face.

Red blood covered one of Gamera's eyes, screwing up the reptile's sight. After two more gashes from the tail, he felt Leechra's sick tongue catch his right foreleg, a.k.a. right arm. He felt his life going away, squirming among the tentacles that held him. He had to think of something… fast.

Leechra's Lair

Vrimzauld was annoyed. He had to find the code for the hidden cameras showing the battle in Los Angeles, since the combatants had flown out of the previous battle site. Vrimzauld found the codes giving him views of Chicago, Mexico City, and Denver, but still no Los Angeles. He hissed and gurgled until he finally found what he wanted. Leechra was thrashing Gamera with his tail.

Vrimzauld was pleased. His master was coming close to defeating the turtle. He became even more filled with wicked joy when Gamera was entwined in Leechra's tentacles, the bloodsucking creature's tongue attaching to one of his arms.

"May you win, master, so that the surface of North America may fall before us."

Vrimzauld looked closer at the screen as he saw Gamera struggle in pain.

Los Angeles

Two tentacles held each of Gamera's hindlegs, while one tentacle grabbed each foreleg. Another tentacle slithered around his neck, disabling him from using his fire breath. Another battered him, whacking him in the head and on the shell. Leechra's tongue was sucking out more blood and Gamera was losing health. But he was a clever turtle, so he formulated a plan. He purposely struggled by shaking left and right, letting the rim of his shell, which he had recently discovered to be quite sharp, to gradually cut away at the tentacles.

He also extended his neck as far as he could, getting hit by Leechra's battering tentacle. He still persevered, getting his tusks into one of the winding appendages holding him. He then bit down, causing one of his arms to be free. He then tensed up while using his free arm to slash Leechra across the face. The battering tentacle hit the tensed up body and shell of Gamera, and its wielder's eyes widened in pain, its grip on the reptile loosening. Gamera thrashed wildly, freeing himself, and then delivered a salvo of flame, making small holes in Leechra's right wing.

The turtle panted. He needed to recover due to having around two tons of blood drained away. Leechra had been going slow, trying to torture him. That was fortunate, for Gamera could have lost his life if the villain had done his deed faster. Gamera delivered another burst of flame, hitting Leechra's mouth. The shrieking abomination fell onto a parking lot, smashing over fifty cars.

Gamera jumped onto his downed foe, biting on his neck. Leechra's fiery eyes emitted electricity, shocking the turtle into getting off of him. He then got onto his feet and kicked the massive scaly hero in the mouth, just before grabbing his neck with two tentacles and swinging him into Los Angeles's already damaged skyline. Gamera was let loose and he collided with some smaller buildings, sending them crumbling.

Leechra started hissing and shrieking again in his distorted language. "Blood!" "Death!" He fired more electricity while letting out an insidious laugh. Gamera yelled in pain as he was knocked through the air by the force of his enemy's voltage. He fell onto a park, destroying the trees and playground. Leechra flew over shrieking, "Feast!"

Gamera was knocked back by a barrage of tentacles. He was done for. He was defeated. All of his old foes had weakened him, preparing him for the slaughter. His limbs were aching, his fire was exhausted, and blood dripped from his mouth and right arm. Leechra stomped towards him and then paused a little. His saurian/leech mouth went into a cruel smile as one of his tentacles grabbed a little boy who had accidentally been left behind while the city was in panic. He screamed as Leechra was about to have him as a little appetizer.

Anger welled up inside Gamera. In a flash he got onto his four legs and the energy of his fire was renewed. In one colossal display of fiery and flame, he hit Leechra, blasting off most of the tentacles and destroying the wings. Leechra's slimy body went on fire and he screamed, dropping the boy. Gamera rushed forward and grabbed the falling kid, receiving a slash across the left cheek from his burning enemy. He faced him and growled, then letting out his well-known roar. After blasting Leechra once again with fire breath, he let the boy climb onto his back and then put his head, legs, and arms inside his shell. Blasting off, he spun in the sky while Leechra burned to death, never having felt the satisfaction of revenge.

Leechra's Lair

Vrimzauld roared in anger. "Curse Gamera! He has defeated the master and let him burn!"

He then went out of the room to tell everyone else what happened.

Leechra's Kingdom

War machines that had been prepared for invasion were now left in storage. Some of Leechra's most devoted followers, including Vrimzauld, were angered at their master's death, but most of the inhabitants of the subterranean world were rejoicing at their liberation from a powerful tyrant. They praised Gamera and began building of a statue, giving him honor, though not worshipping him as a god, in their public square.

Los Angeles

The head of construction held his nose in disgust.

"What's with that smell? Why isn't that stinkin' carcass put away?"

"Sorry, sir, but even with much of its body burned away, the creature's dead remains are still very heavy. We're doing our best to get rid of him."

"Well, hurry up and give him to the mad scientists. I wish Gamera would just dump his dead enemies into the ocean."

An Island in the Pacific

Gamera went onto the bed of vegetation that he had made. Going into his shell, he closed his eyes and prepared for a well-deserved night of sleep. He had almost faced death at the hands of Viras, Guiron, Zigra, and Leechra. He had won even though he was exhausted and weakened. He then opened his eyes, seeing some small leeches crawling on the ground. He felt like burning them, but he decided to spare them, because they didn't have the evil heart of Leechra.

After some further thought, he started snoring.

The End

Sorry it took so long for me to put in the second half. I hope that it is worth it to those who were waiting. I've noticed that I've had a major part in restarting the Gamera section. There are already two other stories.

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