Danielle & Henry

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Chapter One-Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

She hated the thought of saying goodbye to him. They had only been married for two months. And they had just returned from their honeymoon from Rome, and already he had to tend to princely duties, such as traveling to Spain with his father for talks on a new treaty. Her heart ached knowing this happiness that she felt so strongly, would have to end later. Danielle looked up at the figure, his breaths were gentle and calming. His arm, was around her small waist. So warm, so many times had they held her body. Softly she smiled at herself. Thinking of the countless times they had made love. So passionate but yet so sweet. But she came out of her thoughts as the sleeping body next to her started to stir. "Good morning Henry". She said softly as a smile appeared on his face. He kissed the top of her forehead, "Good morning my love". He started to kiss the sides of her neck, what made Danielle giggle. "Henry, we shall be late. And your father will not aspirate us making him wait for his breakfast". Henry continued kissing her neck, "Let him wait! We are producing heirs, just as he wanted…". Danielle laughed and began to rise. "Oh no you don't!" Henry grab her by the waist and brought her back down. "Henry!" her laughs were uncontrollable. She rose again and this time she was successful. She looked at her love, still laughing. "Henry do not pout…you shall get your wish…I promise…but you shall just have to wait". "Oh how I hate waiting when it comes to you my love, for it is just like parting…such sweet sorrow". Danielle lowered her head, for she did not want Henry to see her sadden eyes. For she knew it would make it harder for him to leave. For him to do his duty.

Danielle entered her large dressing chamber. Shelves filled the walls with many shoes, hats, and many racks with dresses, robes, jackets and coats that rested on them. On one wall were 3 large windows that looked out a upon the queens much loved gardens. In front of the middle window was a fairly large golden mirror. On each side were shelves that contained many crowns and jewelry. They were all for her.

Danielle knew which dress she would wear. One of Henrys favorites. It was a soft gray color sink of a dress, that had crushed white pears all across the front. Her shoulders where graced by a blue sapphire gem necklace. Danielle's hair was down, the front rolled back in an elegant French braid pins of pearls holding every strand of her hair in there rightful place. All of witch, would not be possible without her faithful Lady in waiting, Aurora De Montague. Once her servant left the room, Danielle looked at herself in her mirror. She was so deeply in her thoughts, that she did not notice the man walking to her. Once he had his arms around her waist, she just smiled at him sweetly. "You look more beautiful each day m'lady…just say the word and I shall not leave for Spain". Danielle shook her head and said in a mire whisper, "Henry…as much as it pains me to say this, you must leave…It is your duty not only to your country but to me to". She closed her eyes, hiding the tears that so longed to come down. And when she opened them again, she was face to face with Henry. His lips softly kissed hers. When they parted Henry breath in the sweet scent of the perfume that she wore. "We should way our way now Henry…" Danielle said softly as she interrupted him. Knowing to well how he would just of loved to stay there with her in his arms.

"Finally! I thought I would shave to death!" the king boomed, as the Queen rolled her eyes. "Honestly Francis, must you make a scene!", she turned her attention to the newly weds, with a lovely smile. "How did you sleep my dears?". Henry pushed Danielle in and sat right to her. "Fine, thank you mother". He put his hand over Danielle's. "Father I wish to inquire of what my agenda's are today". "Why Henry, do you want to know right at this moment?". "I was hoping to spend this day with my wife". Queen Marie glanced an angry look at her husband. Knowing to well he would say no. And he took it without saying a word, for he was not in the mood to argue. "Francis, it is there last day before Henry has to leave…let them spend it together…".It was now Francis's turn to roll his eyes, "Very well, Henry you may". While Henry and Francis talked about the kingdom and such matters, the Queen couldn't help but notice how pale Danielle was. She spoke in a near whisper so no other person but Danielle would hear. "My dear are you feeling alright, you look rather pale?". "It is nothing to worry about mother, it is just a refection…on how I feel". The Queen pattered her hand and gave her a look that only a loving mother could give. "Ha, women…" Francis interrupted only to be given a furious look by Marie. Henry looked at his wife. Her eyes once filled with life, were filled with sorrow. He hated to see her like this, he hated knowing very well that while he would be away, she would be sad. "Mother, Father, Will you excuse us". Henry stood and gently took Danielle's hand and made their way out of the door. "Captains, you are not needed today…for today I shall just simply be Henry". The four men bowed and walked away. "Come, today I am all but yours…".

Henry helped her down, from the back of his horse. They stood there for a moment looking into each others eyes. Oh how he loved her, how he missed and longed for her. Even though she was only right their next to him, he still felt all these things. And without a moments thought, Henry leaned in, she meeting him halfway, their kiss was passionate. And when they parted both were out of breath, both smiling. Her neck was to temping, he had to give in. Slowly as Henry kissed her neck, he gently pulled her in down onto his cloak. His hands went wandering down her sides. But Danielle stopped him, still with a smile on her face. "Not here Henry…".He let out a disappointed sigh. "When we get back to the palace…I promise…".He smiled a mischievous smile, "Then lets head back my love, for I do not think I can wait any longer…". Danielle smiled to herself. He looked so much like a little boy asking for a most wanted present. "Oh Henry you are dreadful", she teased him, oh how she loved to. She rose and walked a bit. "We may head back to the palace…once…you catch me!". She ran away as fast as she could, because she knew Henry was fast on her tail already. His laughter she could hear as she hide behind a tree with her hand on her mouth as to hold in her laughter. "Oh were, Oh were could my lady be…". He smiled, seeing a glimmer of her gray silk dress. Slowly, with out a sound he jumped out to her and quickly held her in his arms, before she could even think of escaping.

They both feel to the ground in fits of laughter. The rolled on the dirt, both no caring about how dirty they would be after this. Once they stopped the laughing and rolling, their lips met again. They were interrupted by someone coughing, quite obviously. And without even looking up Henry knew who it was. "Yes, Captain Laurent". Danielle burst out a quick laugh. "I am sorry…to… interrupt you Majesties, but the king has ordered me to bring you both back". Danielle stopped laughing and looked up at the pump man on the brown horse. "Is something wrong, Laurent?". "I am afraid your highness that Prince Henry and King Francis are going to leave much sooner than thought". Danielle looked at Henry, who was on top of her. He was angry and she did not have one doubt that as soon as Henry saw the king they would argue. "Come Henry, we must go…". He shook his head, "He promised Danielle…it is not fair our time together is being cut so short…".She pushed the a strand of his hair behind his ear. "I know…I know my love, but just think, when you come back we shall have all the time in the world…". She tried to smile but instead a tear come down.

Henry put his hands around Danielle's waste, and lifted her down. Not taking his eyes of her for one moment. "Henry, Danielle! What are you two doing back so soon!", the Queen greeted them with a fairly large smile. "Father sent for us…they are leaving much early than…expected " Danielle answered before Henry could even say a word. She put her hand into his and he kissed to the top of her forehead. "You must go…before it gets any more harder Henry". He nodded and kissed her sweet lips. And before Danielle knew it he was gone, out of sight.