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Chapter Ten - Dreams

Holding tightly onto her maidens hand, the young woman screamed one final time. The pain was unbearable. It felt like she was being torn into two, but soon all that was forgotten. A simple cry clarified the arrive of another much awaited child. However all this came with a price. And she knew of the amount of blood she had lost. She was going to die. Die before she could even hold the precious gifts she and her lover had created.

The young woman knew it was not just a silly assumption. It was written on all there faces. And it was starting to be clarified. With heavy eyelids she closed her eyes for one final time.

"Shhh", comforted Aurora. For the ten weeks Danielle had been at the charming manor, practically every night the crown princess had unpleasant dreams. Concern filled the young lady in waiting. She wished so much to tell the Queen of her daughter-in-law's troubled nights, but she didn't want to be seen as an untrusting person. So night after night, she tended to the princess and kept the secret.

Looking into the mirror, Danielle gazed at her bulging middle. It was hardly noticeable once she wore a dress, but as she stood in her nightgown, it just attracted the eye. Her dresses where now getting tight around her belly. She had a suspicion of what it was causing such a thing, and she had taken note to be careful. This was her own little secret and she had no desire to share it. Well at lest not just yet. But could her disturbing dreams mean anything? Could it be a sign or maybe even an omen? Either way, Danielle took it as a blessing.

"Danielle…Danielle, are you awake?" called Jacqueline through the bedchamber doors. Looking away from the mirror, she replied back with a yes as she quickly went over to one of her closets. Picking a mosey green dress, which had gold patterns a upon it, Danielle laid it on her bed.

The long summer days had turned into cold nights. No longer could she fall asleep under one of many willow trees with the warm sun shining through the gaps of the leaves and branches.

To Danielle, summer was the only thing that kept her mind busy. With many visits from the queen and other such important people to Danielle visiting, the young princess was occupied, but now the rain and cold wind blew. Causing her to be under a house arrest state. Meaning she was thinking more about Henry then anything.

How she missed him. At times she imaged him to be right beside her. And when she looked to her side, she never saw him. Her heart felt heavy and many times during the night she would cry herself to sleep. To just feel his warmth would be a comfort, but alas, she could not. Guilt and regret filled her. She heard from the queen of Henrys reaction towards this little lesson. After reading her letter, in which she told him of the distance would, for now, be best for them, she was informed that her husband hit the nearest thing. Which was sadly a stone wall. Luckily he did not break any bones, it was just bleeding and badly bruised. However, since she left, he did nothing but mope and complain around Da Vinci and his parents. And every time they would tell him the same thing. "You only brought it upon yourself".

"Milady, tis time for breakfast your highness", interrupted Aurora's voice. As Danielle lady in waiting helped her dress, the princess put a protective hand over her round middle.