Chapter Two-Not Herself

Danielle sat down in Henry's favorite overstuffed leather chair by the fireplace. Her eyes were fixed a upon the window that showed it to her the moon, that was out in all its glory. Her thoughts were so strongly on Henry, that they had brought tears. He had been gone for two days already, and not since his departure, did she wonder out of the palace gates. Danielle was too tried and had been sick so many times over these two days, that the only person who saw her vomit one morning was one of her escorts. The young Captain, William De Lamark. He had begged for Danielle to let him call a upon the royal physician. But Danielle would just say the same thing, "I shall be alright". But she wasn't getting better. Along with consent vomiting, was nausea. She hated it but she had a fairly good idea what was causing all of this. She must be pregnant. What else could it be? She started to wonder if it would be a boy or girl, would the child look more like its mother or father? Who would it take more a upon in characterizes? All these thoughts played in her mind, until she feel asleep in the chair in the late hours.

Her dreams were of Henry, the first time they went to the monastery, that was the day she truly knew she was in love with him, and their wedding, and other such wonderful days in her life that were with him. And when she woke she was sadden to relies that he was still far, far away in Spain. But she could not liger in her thoughts because before she knew it she was hit with nausea. She knew what would happen next so she reached for the closet bowl and vomited.

Once she was cleaned up and dress she left chambers only to be greeted by Captain De Lamark. "Good morning your highness, did you sleep well?", she nodded. "Quite, thank you William". He did not believe, he knew her to well to tell that she was thinking of him. Her Henry. "Forgive me your highness, but I can not help but notice that your eyes are red and your…well not quite yourself". Danielle looked up at him and smiled softly at William, "You know me all to well William…I would like to go for a ride before breakfast. I think I need the fresh air". William smiled down at the Princess, "I was wondering when you would ride again". The twoshareda laugh and made there way to the stables.

As the two where galloping on the dusty road of the countryside, Danielle felt the nausea coming back. She stopped her horse and ran to the side of the road and vomited. William ran to her and held her hair out of the way as she vomited again. "Your highness I think we should go back to the palace. Your heath seems…to well to be deteriorating". She whipped her mouth with her hand. "William, I am fine", she protested. "Forgive me your highness but no, you are not". She surrender, and with the help of William, she climbed back on her black horse. Still over come with the nauseating feeling, she made her horse gallop slowly. The feeling just got worse and worse. And by the time they had gone through the gates of the palace, she felt faith. 'Just a little bit feature and I shall be in my own bed'. But for some unknown reason her horse bucked throwing Danielle off. "PRINCESS!", William jumped off his horse and ran to the princess, she was unconscious. A crowd of soldiers and courtiers had gathered around the limp body. All with worried faces, some of the women were even crying. Already the royal physicians had been called. Gently as not to harm her, Captain De Lamark lifted Danielle, and carried her away to her room. With the help of the soldiers who kept back the crowd of distressed courtiers back.

Queen Marie sat in Henrys and Danielle's parlor, with da Vinci and Jacqueline comforting her. The royal physicians had been examining Danielle for quite sometime. "Your highness, should I send a scout to King Francis and Prince Henry to inform them on…these developments?". Marie sapped out of her trance, "Hm oh um, I have written a message for Henry…it is their a upon the…".Her words stopped as soon as she saw a royal physicians come out of Danielle room. "What news do you have?". Her face showed the desperation of a worrying mother. "Your highness, I am afraid the next few hours will be very important…Princess Danielle is showing possible signs of miscarriage". The Queen couldn't believe what she was hearing…'possible signs of miscarriage'. "I did not even know she was pregnant…", tears started to fall from Marie face. "May I see her?", the physician thought for a few moments and nodded.

"Oh, my poor, sweet Danielle…", Marie whispered under her breath as she looked at the pale girl. She did not dare move for fear that she would wake the sleeping statue. Her heart was heavily, filled with so much guilt. She knew Danielle was not herself but she thought it all because Henry was in Spain…not that she was carrying a child. 'How could I have been so blind', she kept thinking to herself until she felt a hand rest a upon her shoulder. "Your highness, it is time to leave…let the doctors do what they must…Danielle is good hands…". As much as da Vinci words were a comfort she couldn't help but cry. "I knew she was not herself…but I thought it was because Henry was away…I should have known that she was with child…".Da Vinci and Jacqueline calmed down the Queen and took her out of the room.