Author's Notes:

I am at a loss here, folks. Under the assumption that I will henceforth stop writing RaeStar (and, with the completion of Regeneration, I will stop writing shoujo-ai in general), there are two fic ideas that are jockeying for dominance in my head. Neither of them is winning, so I'll ask my reviewers: which of the following stories would you guys like me to write? Please respond in the reviews.


Terra has been gone for a long time. Cyborg has hooked up with Bumblebee and Robin has hooked up with Starfire. And Beast Boy is feeling lonely. After the Malchior incident, Beast Boy is wondering if Raven needs a companion. But when he tries to tell her his feelings (gasp) Raven thinks his loneliness is referring to the loss of Terra. So she tries to find a way to bring the geomancer back to life. Beast Boy agrees, not seeing any harm in reviving Terra. But what he doesn't know is, the spell that is required to resurrect Terra will cost Raven her life. RavenXBeast Boy (if Raven doesn't die...)

The Dragon's Teeth

Post-The End. Yes, Trigon is gone, thanks to Raven…but not so gone that his influence on her powers is no longer dangerous. After a bit of research, Raven finds that Malchior has his own vendetta against Trigon. So she strikes a bargain with him: if he promises to help her fight Trigon, she'll get him out of the book (and into a dimension besides Earth's). But during the course of the fight, Malchior begins to wonder why this strange human girl trusts him after he betrayed her once. Mild RavenXMalchior.

Thank you.

-Gothic Tiger