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The Leaving,The betrayl,and The heartache...

She wiped the tears from her face as she looked in the mirror, as the image kept flashing before her eyes, the pain came rushing back again, as fresh hot tears came rushing down her face. How could he do this to her, she was his wife how could he. "Naruto-kun...why..." He betrayed their love, they both did,Naruto and Sakura,her husband and her best friend,together.She looked in the mirror at her self she had grown her hair out, stopping at the mid of her back, for him...She looked at the pair of scissors of the dresser, and began cutting her hair. Every cut,sip,she thought about what she had seen.

The pain of hurt and sorrow, soon became anger,hatred.She looked in the mirror with no emotion, cleaning the make-up from her face,re-adding eyeliner, giving her a sinister look, she looked down at her pink nails, removing it painting them black, as she stared at the black cloak, with red clouds on them, she had never thought she would take Itachi up on his offer, but right now she didn't care any longer. She took a bath and relaxed one last time in her home.

She yawned as she dressed in her tank top and pulled a sheer over it, sliding her shorts, that had sheer attached to the bottom of them going over her thighs, as she wrapped the tape around her arms. Putting her sandals as she sat back down at the dresser with a pen in her hand as she left him a note:

Dear Naruto-kun,

The loving isn't the same, and you keep on playing games, like you know I'm here to stay. I got to get up out of here and go somewhere. I got to do what's best for me, even if I have to leave you. By the time you read this message I'll be on my way, so there is no need to come look for me. Your going to miss me baby hate to tell I told you so, you'll never find I girl that loved you as much as me. You wasn't worth my time, so I'm leaving you behind. Save this message because I'm not coming back home, baby I'm gone.


She left the message on the bed as she wrapped her cloak around her body, pulling her straw hat over her face as she walk out of the house and disappeared in the woods with her headband, on her head with a starch through it. She was hundreds of miles away from home or even more, when she arrived at the small home she was living. During this time Naruto and Sakura had giving the letter to Tsunade sama,as she read to her teamates,family and friends.

"Why would she leave!"Naurto you fucking baka what did you do to her!"

Before Naruto could answer Neji had already punched him in the face sending him back against the wall,Neji stalked to him and pulled him up by his shirt. As Neji was about to hit him again,Kiba tapped him shoulder, and Neji put Naruto down, when Naruto was about to thank Kiba,Kiba slammed his fist into his face, as Akamaru bit him in the nuts, and took a piss on him, before Neji and Kiba could continue,Tsunade-sama slammed her fist into the table stopping them, as Sakura ran to Naruto and glared at them.

"You ass holes Naruto didn't do anything!"

"Your wrong..."

They all turned there heads to Shino who was on the far side of the room.

"It was awhile back when I sensed something wrong with Hinata-san,so I sent one of my female bug to keep watch of her."

He adjusted his glasses and sighed.

"Naruto was cheating on Hinata with Sakura"

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