Hiei stepped gingerly onto the ice. Instantly he went careening across the frozen lake. "Whoa!" he exclaimed pinwheeling his arms for balance.

A hand caught his arm and kept him upright. He looked over his shoulder. Minoly.

"Um.. thank you," he stammered.

"No problem," she said smiling. "But you should be more careful."

"I told you I couldn't skate," he defended himself.

"Hmm," she said nodding. "So you had." She looked upward. "Just look at that!"

Hiei also looked up. He saw an ice capped mountain looming over the snow covered trees. With the open sky and the twinkling stars the view looked magnificent.

Hiei sighed.

At first when he and his friends arrived at the mountain resort he hadn't been happy about being forced to get especially when Yuskue had teased him about Minoly also coming up there later. The first night of their arrival he thought he'd seen a shadow in the forest that looked out of place. He had gone to investigate but had found nothing.

As he'd leaned against a tree trying to figure out what he had seen someone had put their hand on his shoulder. When he'd turned to see who it was he'd found himself staring into the face of Minoly Akari. She had looked like an angel in her sparkling snow white coat and hat.

"Minoly," he'd said startled. "It's just you."

"Yes," she'd said nodding. "Were you expecting someone else?"

He'd shaken his head. "No," he'd replied. "I just thought I saw something that is all."


He'd nodded.

"But, Hiei, you killed him," she had reminded him. "Over four months ago."

"I know," he'd said looking away from her. "Maybe I'm just not over it yet."

"Maybe," she'd said as snow had begun to fall. "But maybe it's time to finally let it go."

He had noddded once again. "I know. But I can't help feeling that he'd somehow survived."

She'd gone quiet for a moment then had said. "Well there's nothing left for you to do. You just have to trust yourself and have faith. If Noda were still alive he would have come after you by now."


She's put her hand on his shoulder again. "You don't have anything else to worry about," she'd told him. "You did all you could. There's nothing else left to do. Just let go..."

Now as he stood there staring at the view he realized she was right. He had to let it go. There was nothing left to worry about. Noda was dead and he was never coming back.


"Now," she said tugging on the sleeve of his coat. "Do you want to try this again?'

He turned his head and stared at her beautiful face. He smiled.

There were other things he needed to think about. Mostly the creature standing right in front of him in a snow white coat and hat with black hair blowing around her pale face and highlighting her glowing purple eyes.

He nodded. "Yes, I am."

Then hand and hand they glided over the sparkling frozen water.


Sorry I disappointed some people with the end. I got so many suggestions for this I've decided to write a sequeal. Keep watch for it okay? To everyone who has read this fic and reviewed it thank you for the support. Without it I wouldn't have finished it. THANKS!