Dreams on the Wings of a Dove


Dreams, is that what they're called? Love is said to conquer all, though Karania had never been one to truly believe that as she had become famous at a relatively young age of fifteen years of age, which in the Hoenn region was almost unheard of as the Elite there were supposedly stronger than any member of the Indigo Elite Four. Karania was the Girl of Legend and had learned that she couldn't trust people completely anymore as she had found that most people only liked her or wanted to be close to her to learn the secret locations of the numerous legendary pokemon that Karania knew of, but wouldn't confide to anyone, not even her own parents. This was to Karania a drawback of being the Girl of Legend as she could no longer trust people freely… However, Karania had always harbored a secret crush for Lance, the Champion of the Kanto region, and Head of the Pokemon G-men. Karania didn't know why she liked him, but she just did. It must've been the fact that she had heard how nice he was and that she agreed with him on how pokemon ought to be treated with love and care and not otherwise like some trainers sometimes did. Team Magma and Team Aqua weren't much better, and they disliked Karania with a passion even though they would never harm her, they wanted her out of their way since she always interfered in their plans whenever she felt that their plans threatened the traditional society of pokemon treatment and that the ecological balance of the region was fine as it was without adding more land or more water to the region. Karania believed that doing so would result in much greater strife and pain than they realized. Karania had of course tried to tell them this when she was younger, but as she had still been young at the time they hadn't listened to her. They merely rolled their eyes and told her to be quiet and to not interfere in their plans, which Karania wouldn't do as long as they were inclined to believe their beliefs of the ecological kind. This as a result caused them to always be at odds, and it didn't help the fact that Karania had become so strong that she could beat them soundly in less than five minutes time with her newfound legendary pokemon that she had acquired upon becoming proclaimed the chosen Girl of Legend and dubbed by some as the Chosen One. This only intensified the fighting and squabbling between the three since they could never agree on what was right utmost and foremost. Karania believed what she had always believed since her youth, and Team Magma and Team Aqua still believed what they always had. Though something had happened that would strain the relations between the three even more. Karania had tried her hardest to stop Team Aqua from awakening Kyogre, but her efforts had come to naught as it had been awakened anyway despite her efforts to prevent it. In the same sense, Team Magma had succeeded in awakening Groudon while holding Karania at bay, and together the combination of the awakening of Groudon and Kyogre meant bad news for the region as the two still had an ancient grudge that they still hadn't been able to resolve. The two had been enemies since the beginning of time, and it didn't appear that anything would stop them. However, it was said that Rayquaza was the only pokemon the two would still listen to and obey. This was rumored for years, though now that the two had awoken and had begun to clash again more ruthlessly than ever before that this ancient rumor might prove important. Though at the moment, all accounts must be made to stop the fighting, and so our story begins.