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When the Fantastic Four destroyed Dr. Doom...

(image of Dr. Doom being killed)

Johnny: "You know that was cool."

...They thought they won, and were safe.

(the city and the foursome celebrating)

(Reed and Sue kiss)

Johhny: "Get a room!"

Ben (to Johnny): "Get a grip."


Slowed heartbeats for each image:

-Gabrielle jumping from the same bridge where the foursome first faced Victor

-Sue crying in Reed's arms in the Baxter Lab

-Gabrielle rushed into an ER, surrounded by doctors, white as snow

-A winged figure walking seductively through the streets, a crowd and the foursome watching in awe

-Gabrielle being shocked repeatedly

-Johnny being chased in the air by the same winged figure

Gabrielle: "Something's happened to me, and I heard you could help."

Warren: "You heard wrong." (he walks away)

-Gabrielle dying; flatline sound resonates

...The war has just begun.

Gabrielle: "Hello, Sue." (smirks ruefully)

Sue (shocked): "Gabbie?" (Gabrielle walks over, nodding)

Gabrielle: "Miss me?" (backhands Sue with her fist, sending her across the room)

They killed her only family...

(Eighteen-year-old Victor swinging ten-year-old Gabrielle by her arms, both laughing)

(Victor and Gabrielle in a heated argument in his office, waving files about)

Victor: "I do not want to help Reed with his program!"

Gabrielle: "You won't regret it! I promise." (he caves)

(V. O. Gabrielle: If you can't trust me...)

(image of Victor killing his doctor after he's told his DNA is changing)

(...Who can you trust?)

(Gabrielle standing in the spot Victor died in, crying, not see the wisp of the storm cloud slip into her mouth)

...Now she's out for blood...

(The funeral of Victor's parents in the rain; Victor hugs Gabrielle from behind)


(Gabrielle grabs a man by his throat, lifts him off the ground and snaps his neck with one hand)

Sue (reasoning): "Reed, no! We can't do that! She's just...angry and grieving!"

Johnny: "And acting like a total nut job about it!"

Gabrielle: "Talking about me?" (they turn to see her sitting in Reed's chair in the lab. She flicks her wrist, shooting them across the room with lightning) "Now it's a party."

A friend turned to darkness...

Gabrielle: "Victor was right about power..."

(Gabrielle walking through the halls of the Baxter building, arms wide and nails scratching the walls)

"...It's a beautiful and seductive thing."

(Reed being strangled with one hand, against a wall, but Gabrielle. She kisses him.)

...And the only one who can save her...

(Gabrielle and Sue fight with fists and powers)

(A jet lands on the Baxter Building roof)

(Ben tackles Gabrielle, pushing her into Reed who stretches around her body to confine her)

...Is her enemy.

Sue (breathlessly): "I don't want to hurt you."

Gabrielle: "Funny, I want to kill you."

Ben: "Have to get through us to do it, short stuff!"

Gabrielle (excited): "Okay!" (she takes off her cloak and the others look shocked as wings stretch on her back)

Johnny (impressed and shocked): "Huh!"

(Johnny on the roof in front of the jet)

Johnny: "Who the hell are you?"

(Gabrielle fighting Sue in the pouring rain)

Rapid heartbeats:

-Johnny and Gabrielle fighting in the sky

-Gabrielle trying to break through Sue's forcefield

-Gabrielle consumed in flames, just like Victor, screaming

-Gabrielle falls from the sky and into the ground, head first

(V. O. Gabrielle: "There is no right, and there is no wrong.)

(Gabrielle sitting on a church roof, wings spread out. Warren comes up behind her and places a hand on her shouder.)

(Gabrielle fighting Sue in the pouring rain)

Gabrielle (crying): "He loved you! He trusted you, and you killed him!" (she picks up Sue by her throat and holds her over the edge of the roof.) "You don't deserve to live." (she drops Sue)

(There are only choices.)

Gabrielle (to Sue): "I'm missing you already." (punches her and screen goes to black)

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