I looked up at my new home in California and sighed. I looked down at my feet and just kept thinking why me?

"Well, here we are," my mom said with a big smile on her face. I objected to the whole move, but after my father passed away, my mom thought it was best if we had a change. Moving from a small rich town in Connecticut to here is a big change. It wouldn't have bothered me if we stayed in the same state, but instead my mom had to take a job at a law firm in California.

"Yeah." I said softly, trying so hard not to cry.

"Oh come on Brianna, we will make friends," my little sister, who was two years younger than me, said excitedly. I didn't say a word and just tightly closed my fist around my guitar case, hoping I would wake up from this nightmare. I took a deep breath and went inside. All of our stuff were still in the boxes, and I went to go find my room. I went into the room that had a sign on the door that read "Brianna", to identify where the movers would bring the boxes. I went inside and closed the door. I leaned my head against the door and banged my head against it slightly.

"Drake! Hurry up or we will be late for school!" Josh yelled from the bottom of the stairs, Drake walked out of the kitchen and looked at him.

"Oh, didn't know you were down." Josh said with a smile.

"Yeah, let's go. I have to meet Lacy at my locker," Drake said taking a bite of his apple.

"I thought you two broke up?"

"Oh no, we are back together."

"Hey boob." Megan said, coming down the stairs.

"Would ya stop calling me that!" Josh yelled.

Megan looked at him up and down. "No," she said in a bratty voice. "Did you see the new neighbors?"

"Not yet. Well we are going to school. Bye Megan." Josh replied.

"Bye boob." Megan said back. Josh walked to the door and Megan grabbed Drake by the arm. Josh opened the door and a bucket fell filled with water.

"MEGAN!" Josh yelled.

"It was Drake's idea." Megan said.


"Its better you then me," he said as he patted Josh on the shoulder. He went out the door and left for school followed by Josh.

"Brianna, Caitlin, are you girls ready?" My mom yelled from the bottom of the stairs. We had a meeting with the school counselor to talk about our schedules. I was going to be a junior and my sister was going to be a freshman. I brushed my shoulder-length brown hair and fixed my bangs that were swept to the side. I straightened my shirt, which was white and had an outline of Marilyn Monroe on the front. I had on a pair of ripped jeans on and my black and pink converse. I looked at myself in the mirror satisfied, and left downstairs. My sister and my mom were both waiting on me and we left.

We got to the school and went to the front office. My sister and I both sat down with my mom, then this lady wearing a blue sun dress called our names. We all went into her office, that was decorated with posters of cats. I took a seat in front of her desk, along with my sister and my mom. The lady took a seat and started to shuffle papers. After awhile, she finally spoke up.

"Hello! My name is Ms. Anderson. So, Brianna, your going to be a junior. You did pretty well last year. Mostly B's and C's. hmm. Well, you will be taking 11th grade lit, Algebra 2, Chemistry, and US History. You have a choice to take two electives. We don't have to many openings, most of them fill up fast. Here's a list of electives you can take." She said, almost in one breath.

I took the piece of paper that had a list of electives. Ms. Anderson started to talk to my sister about her classes, and I sat there staring at the piece of paper as if it were doing some amazing trick.

"Have you decided?" my mom asked.

I looked up at Ms. Anderson who was waiting patiently for an answer.

"I guess I'll take drama and choir." I finally answered.

"That's good." She said taking the paper back. She then gave it to my sister, who looked at it for a second then said that she wants to be in French and Psychology. She was always the straight A student.

"Ok. Let me put this in my computer." Ms Anderson said. A few seconds later she handed each of us our new schedules. We all got up, said our thank you's, and then I politely asked where the bathrooms are. She told me they were at the end of the hall, then we all left.

"I'll meet you in the car," my mom said as we went our separate ways. I looked over to my right and noticed paintings students have drawn. All of a sudden, someone bumped into me and I can feel soda soaking through my shirt. I dropped my purse and looked up at this gorgeous boy with brown eyes and brownish red hair.

"I am so sorry," he said apologetic.

I just looked at him. I was so angry, I didn't know what to say. He just ruined my favorite tee shirt. I bent down a little to grab my purse.

"Ill get it," he said.

We both bumped heads and I mouthed the words 'ouch.'

"Oh my god, I am so sorry." he said.

" Im fine!" I said.

"Here, let me help–" he said trying to help me up.

"I can do it myself! Just leave okay? You already ruined my day, it can't possibly get any worst." I said in an almost yelling tone. I got up and walked to the car, without looking back.