Mighty Morphin' Digi-Rangers!

Digital Destiny

Centuries ago, long before the recorded history of man kind began a war took place, a war that lasted forever and yet never happened. A war between good and evil that took place on a different level to the rest of reality. A digital level. Zordon, a being both powerful and wise rallied the forces of good against the evil Ladydevimon and the forces of darkness. The battle was fought long and hard, and both sides sustained many casulties. Eventually to prevent the destruction of the thing they were fighting for (total control of the universe itself), A sease-fire took place and Zordon and Ladydevimon met to settle their differences via less destructive terms. Six coins were created out of the fabric of the digital realm. It was odd to think then, as it is still odd to think now... the fate of the universe was being decided by a simple coin toss. Zordon won the toss gaining five out of the six coins. but Ladydevimon had a back up plan... using her evil magic she place Zordon in a time-warp, she would of destroyed him but her powers were fading too quickly. Zordon now trapped in a time warp in the physical relm... managed to seal Ladydevimon in an enterdimensional prison which too landed in the physical relm on a solatery moon oberting a tiny green and blue planet that's life had only just begun. There Ladydevimon stayed undisturbed, with Zordon and his trusty robotic companion Alpha-5 watching from a hidden comand center on the planet below. The universe seemed to be free of her evil forever.

But appearences can be deciving and an accident would unleash her evil on the world once more...

Sixteen year old Taichi Kamiya, or Tai as he was better know was down at the local youth center practicing some moves on a poor unsuspecting punchbag. Tai was fairly tall, with unruley brown hair and dark brown eyes. Tai wasn't one of the most popular kids in school, but he was well known enough. He was part several after school clubs, including soccor.

A girl about the same age as Tai stood in the doorway leading to the front door of the youth center. Leaning against the wooden frame the young woman smiled to Tai and sighed, brushing a hand through her short reddish-brown hair.

"Taichi Kamiya" The girl said, "Don't tell me you forgot you were meeting us at the bowling ally again."

Tai looked up at her and grinned, some of his messy brown hair falling infront of his eyes. He brushed it back to see Sora Takenouchi, his best friend. Sora was shorter then Tai, the top of her head coming up to his chin. She was dressed in a yellow jumper, faded blue jeans and yellow trainers. If Taichi was fire, untameable and wild, then Sora was water, calming and peaceful. Though unlike the two elements they didn't clash at all. Infact Tai had often enspired the courage in Sora to do things you would normally be too afraid to do, and Sora would help Tai keep calm and collected in situations he might otherwise rush into.

"Sorry Sora," He replied, "I didn't know it was so late..."

"It's not," she replied with a sly grin, "I just knew you'd be here practicing. So I came to get you so you could go get changed."

Tai laughed, grinning once more.

"Good thinking." he told her,

"Naturally." Sora replied.

After Tai had got changed from his workout clothes, he imerged from the youth center in a red long-sleeved t-shirt, and beige cargo-pants. He was also wearing a red headband and over that a pair of goggles. No one really knew where he got the goggles from, or why he wore them all the time. The only time he didn't wear them was when he was fighting, playing soccor, training or for special occasions. He didn't want them to get broken.

As Tai and Sora walked along, heading towards the bowling ally.They were joined by Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi. Izzy was a year younger then them, but he was by far the smartest person either of them knew, but he wasn't considered "geeky" or "uncool" by anyone except those who were to stubborn to see past outward appearences. His hair was unkept, but nowhere near as bad as Tai's. He was wearing a Black T-shirt with the word "Prodigus!" written on it in big white letters.

"Hey Guys!" Said Izzy, "Where are the others? Are they meeting us their?"

Tai nodded, but it was Sora who spoke up.

"Others?" she asked, "So you finally managed to drag Joe away from his studying, then."

Izzy suddenly gained a proud look on his face,

"Well... it wasn't easy, but I have my ways."

"You told him that girl he has a crush on at the bowling place was working tonight didn't you?" Asked Tai, an amused expression on his face.

"No!" Said Izzy, "Or to put it another way, yes."

The three finally arrived to see Joe Kido and Mimi Tachikawa waiting outside for them.

Joe and Mimi were a year older then Tai and Sora and both were taller. Joe, had short well kept black hair. He was wearing a blue jumper and black trousers. Mimi was wearing a pink shirt and a long pink shirt, as well as oddly, a cowgirl hat.

"Hey!" Squeeled Mimi "Look who decided to show up!"

Tai smirked and waved a hand, dismissing her comment.

"Well okay... who's ready to do some bowling?" Asked Tai

A short time earlier, on the moon oberting the small green and blue planet known to it's enhabitants simply as "Earth", two Astronaughts had uncovered something odd. It was a metalic object decorated in gold and black. It looked like nothing more then a highly decorated Trash Can, an incrediable old, highly decorated trash can.

"Could you imagine what this means?" Asked one of the Astronaughts, "We may have found a relic of an advanced civilation!"

"If they're so advanced, how come they died out?" asked the second sarcastically

"Shut up," said the first, "Just shut up and help me get it open."

The two humans placed their hands on either side of the 'lid' and pulled, struggling to get the top off. Until... eventually... there was a creek and a ray of energy burst out of the unusal looking object.

The object then dissapeared, a deadly crunching sound was heard as it was reduced to it's molecules.

An unnaturally tall womon appeared before them, not wearing any kind of space-suit at all. The woman was ghostly white, dressed in black leather which was decorated in skulls, a mask covered her eyes. The woman smiled, her bright red lips seemed to glow incontrast to her pale skin.

A creature with dark blue skin and a lion like face towered over the two humans. It growled at them and grinned, picking one of the astronaughts up and crushing his skull.

"Oh god!" screached the remaining human, "Oh god no!"

He turned and tried to run only to find his legs becoming rock.

"Please, mercy! Mer..." The human's crys were cut shot as he became nothing more then a lifeless statue, soon crushed at the hands of the lion-like creature.

"Ah Dark Leomon!" the woman said with glee, "I'm finally free, down there on that miserable little planet is Zordon. Go down. Find him. Crush him!"

"As you wish... Ladydevimon!"

Dark Leomon dissapeared in a cloud of mystical energies... reappearing down on the unsuspecting planet below with an army of puttymon. (A/N: What, they can't all have digimon counterparts you know, I have to improvise sometimes!)

Tai and his friends however remained blissfully unaware, the five teenagers were just on they're way back to the youth center to grab something to eat before each heading home when one by one the dissapeared in colourful rays of light. Tai reappeared first. He was in a circular room, there were various panels with blinking buttons and a large tube which stood tall, completely overpowering everything else in the room. The room itself was odd as it didn't seem to have any walls just a circular piece of flooring in the middle of nothing, surrounded by control panels, the giant tube and all by itself was what appeared to be a crystal ball. Tai was so dumbfounded about where he was he didn't notice that the others had joined him, nor the little red robot running around screaming "Aye, aye, aye, aye aye!". When he finally did let the reality of the situation he noticed a siren of somesort was blaring out.

"Where are we?" Asked a very panic-striken Joe

"How should I know?" snapped Tai, though in reality, he was about to ask the same question.

Sora who would normally of calmed Tai down simply moved closer to him, an uneasy look on her face.

"Greetings." boomed a voice "I am Zordon of Eltar, do not be afraid."

"Who's afraid?" asked Izzy nervously, "this is way past fear... I boardering terror-driven insanity!"

It was Tai who spoke up next, trying to sound brave for his friends.

"Why have you kidnapped us?" Tai asked the voice

"I have not kidnapped you." the voice replied, "Rather, I need your help digidestined."

Joe spoke up next.

"Need our help?" he managed to say, "But we're just kids, what could you... whoever you are, need us for?"

A pale, bald head appeared in the tube.

"You are the digidestined, Joe. only you five can weild the power of the digimon coins." The head told them

"What?" asked Mimi, speaking up for the first time since they arrived, "What did you mean? How did you know his name?"

"You have been chosen by the coins to weild their power. Hold out your hands."

The teenagers did so, and a coin and a small electronic device appeared in each of the youngsters hands.

"These are your morphing coins and digivices. Slot the coin into the digivice and you will be able to use it's power."

"Tai," the voice continued, "You hold the Agumon digi-coin, it will transform you into the couragous Red Ranger, the teams leader."

"Izzy, you hold the Tentomon digi-coin. It will transform you into the Knowledge filled Black Ranger."

"Joe, in your possesion is the Gomamon digi-coin. Using it will make you become the Reliable Blue Ranger."

"Mimi, when you activate the Palmon digi-coin you will become the Pink Ranger of Sincerity"

"And Sora, the Biomon digi-coin will give you it's power to become the Yellow Ranger of Love. To Activate your powers call out 'Let's Digivolve!' followed by the name of whichever coin you hold."

The teenagers looked to the coin and the small electronic device they each held, then to each other. Tai was about to speak when the small red robot spoke up.

"Rangers!" it said, if a robot could whine, that was what this one was doing. "We need your help, please use the coins right away an evil monster named Dark Leomon is attacking with an army of puttymon."

Tai took his coin and slid it into the slot on the digivice, the other four teenagers looked at him and he looked back to each one of them.

"I'm going guys, I may be crazy... but that monster is attacking our home. I've got to try to do something about it!"

Sora stepped forward.

"I'm with you Tai. We can decided after our town is safe if we want to continue."

"I'm in too!" said Joe, suprising everyone, "I can't just stand back... not when so many people need us."

"Right!" chimmed in Mimi and Izzy.

"Okay guys..." said Tai, suddenly becoming stern. "Let's DIGIVOLVE!"

To be continued...