Bad to The Blue

The gang were hanging out at the Juice Bar, Taichi and Yamato were sparring, Izzy was busy playing some new video game on his laptop, Sora and Mimi were talking about something, which left Joe. Joe was trying not to stare at a girl from his class. Hey name was Jenny and she had curly brown hair, and blue eyes hiding behind a pair of stylish glasses. She was pretty, but not one of the school's "Beauty Queens". As Izzy computer sounded out "You loose," for the tenth time, Izzy sighed and turned it off. Looking to Joe and following his gaze.

"Why don't you try talking to her?" Izzy said, causing Joe to snap out of his daze. Joe looked at his computer addicted friend.

"I can't..." Joe said in a self-pitying tone, "I'm not exactly good-looking like Tai or Matt, and I'm not as smart as you."

"No," Agreed Izzy, "Your not like Tai, Matt or myself. You're you. She might like that."

Joe sighed, "I think I'll just head home..."

Izzy just nodded sadly and was joined by the others who watched their blue friend go.

"Is Joe okay?" Asked Sora as she sat down

"He think's his not good enough for Jenny," Izzy replied

"I wish there was something we could do to help," Added Matt, the others all voiced their agreements.

"Hi guys," a voice called from behind them. It was Jenny, "Is Joe okay? I saw him leaving."

Tai grinned, a devilish grin. The type of grin that meant he had an idea.

"He's feeling a little down. We tried to cheer him up, but maybe he'll listen to you."

Jenny smiled, said goodbye and left.


"Ouch!" Cried Tai as Mimi hit him over the head, "What was that for?"

"You put Joe in an awkward situation now!" She said angrily,

"Actually," Matt interjected, "I think Tai did the right thing for once, I'm pretty sure Jenny likes him."

"Yeah, so am I," Added Sora, "She seemed really upset at the thought of Joe being unhappy."

"I hope you guys are right..." Mimi added as Matt took her hand.

"Awww the Blue Ranger is in love," Sneered Ladydevimon, "I think I'll send down Sharmamon, to give this horrid love story an interesting twist using his Mad Twist attack."

"An excellent idea, my Queen!" Growled DarkLeomon "Shall I take down some Puttymon to help him?"

"You?!" Laugh Ladydevimon, "I still haven't forgiven you for you previous failures! No, he will take down the Puttymon himself!"

As Joe walked home, thinking about what he was doing and why he couldn't be brave enough to ask Jenny out, he bumped into the local blockheads, Bulk and Skull. Literally bumped into them.

"Hey watch where your going, dweeb!" Said Bulk

"Yeah, you dweeb!" Agreed Skull,

"You guys leave him alone!" Jenny called as she rushed up to the three teenage boys,

"Awww look, Bulkie!" Said Skull, with a nasty high-pitched laugh, "Joe's girlfriend has to stick up for him."

If only they knew... Thought Joe,

"Yeah," Sneered Bulk, "But maybe she'd like to upgrade to a better model."

"If you see one," Jenny snapped, "Let me know, so I can shoot him down too."

"Now, now, now!" A strange voice called, "Don't fight! Let me add a Mad Twist!"

The four teens, turned to see a troll-like digimon, hunched over with huge fore-arms and gigantic teeth. It was wearing a blue vest and had spiky yellow hair. Before any of them could react a strange high-pitched squeak filled the air and all four dropped to the floor.

Back at the Juice Bar, Tai's communicator went off, and the five remaining Digi Rangers slyly left for an area where they couldn't been seen.

"What's up Alpha?" Asked Tai,

"Aye, aye, aye! Rangers, Joe and some other teenagers need your help. You need to Morph right away!"

"We're all over it, Alpha. Let's Digivolve!"







The Rangers all rushed forwards, fighting their way through the Puttymon. Mimi and Sora did simultaneous flying kicks, whilst Matt and Izzy flew over the another two, landing behind them and nailing them with low kicks. Tai went to punch one, though it dodge and kneed him in the stomach. He grabbed it and threw it over his shoulder into a crowd of them, rushing forward to Sharmamon. With the other Rangers joining him shortly after.

"Let's go guys!" Ordered Tai, the five rangers charged at their enemy, Mimi went to punch him, but he swatted her aside, as Sora leapt into the air to attack from above.

"Sharma Bone! The digimon called out and attacked Sora making her fall to the ground. Izzy and Matt tried holding him in place for Tai to attack, but he sent them spinning to the ground.

"This guy is tough, blade-blasters!" Tai ordered,

"Ready!" Izzy, Mimi and Sora replied. "Fire!"

The Four Rangers fired, sending the digimon staggering backwards, and falling to the ground.

"You'll regret that!" Sharmamon shouted, then vanished.

"Man, I hate it when they do that." Matt said.

"Quick," Said Tai, "Power down before they wake up."

The Rangers powered down as ordered just as Joe and the others were coming round.

"Ooh, the hell was that?" Snapped Joe

"You guys okay?" Asked Matt reaching out to help Joe up, Joe just slapped his hand away.

"Perfect, now get lost. I got some business to finish with the dofus brothers here." Joe replied pointing at Bulk and Skull, Jenny shuddered in delight.

"Mmmm yeah Joey, beat those dorks."

The other Ranger exchanged nervous glances, something was definitely not right. Bulk and Skull stood up.

"Greetings my friends!" Said Bulk,

"Yes, Greetings," Added Skull, "Allow us to apologise for our inappropriate behavior just now."

"Quiet," Agreed Bulk, "It was most uncalled for. Now Eugine, let us find some charity work to do."

Skull nodded eagerly

"Yes, what a splendid idea!" And the two bullies skipped off down the road.

"What...?" Started Tai

"... the heck?" finished Matt

"You guys still here?" Grumbled Joe angrily, "Leave us alone... god, why did I ever hang out with you dorks?"

Tai just looked at the others and they nodded, the five left their friend, ducking out of sight and leaving for the command center.

"Zordon, what's happened to Joe?" Asked Mimi, "He's not acting like himself,"

"I bet it was that Sharmamon creep," Replied Izzy, "He's done something to reverse Joe's personality!"

"Yes Izzy, that is correct." Zordon said calmly, "He's Mad Twist has put a twist on your friend's personalities. You must beat him."

"But he out manovered the five of us," Tai said slamming his fist in his palm, "We need Joe!"

Izzy hummed thoughtfully causing the others too look at him.

"What is it Izzy?" Asked Sora,

"Well technically, a digimon's attack is just data... even when it's in the "real" world. So in theory with the help of Alpha and Zordon I'm pretty sure I could create a machine to "recode" Joe's brain back to how it should be."

"Prodigious!" Called Tai, the others all stared at him, "Oh so I can't say that huh? Fine, whatever."

Suddenly the command center's alarm went off and Alpha cried out.

"Aye aye aye! Sharmamon has returned and is using his mad twist on the city! Be careful Rangers!"

"All right Rangers, looks like where on riot control. Izzy you stay here and work on the machine." Tai ordered, the rangers nodded, now they were down to four.

"The Digi Rangers!" A man shouted out, "I hate the Digi Rangers!"

"Me too," Agreed a woman, "And they have digimon zords, when Digimon attack our city. They must be our enemies! Death to the Digi Rangers!"

"Death to the Digi Rangers!" the crowd cried out.

"Oh man," Said Matt, "We've got to stop them."

"Yeah, but we can't hurt them either." Replied Mimi

"We don't have too," Tai told them sternly, "Just hold out until we can get Izzy's machine to Joe!"

"Easier said then done," Sora whispered

The Rangers were being backed into a corner of personality reversed citizens, even though the Rangers were powered up and much stronger then any of them, they couldn't risk doing serious damage to innocent civilians.

"Heads up guys!" Matt called out, "Try up there!"

He pointed to some scaffolding and the Rangers nodded using their abilities to leap halfway up to keep away from the crowd, who began climbing up it like zombies.

"Oh man, where's Izzy when you need him?" Muttered Tai dryly

"You did it Izzy!" Alpha chimed proudly,

"Nah, it would of taken me hours to do... you did most of the work" Izzy replied bashfully,

"Shame all that hard work was for nothing, what is that thing anyway?" a third voice asked, it was Joe,

"Joe what are you doing here?" said Izzy, hand on button ready to fire,

"I came to take all the powers for myself, so I could be stronger then anyone. Also I'm going to tell Jenny about our identities!"

"No you're not," Shouted Izzy and pushed the button.

Joe jumped out of the way, causing the beam to hit a control panel making it spark... he advanced on Izzy, who was frantically pushing buttons to try and get his machine working.

"Awww did the widdle-black ranger's machine stop working?" Mocked Joe, "Nice try... loser."

Izzy just smirked, "Actually I wanted to get you close enough so you couldn't dodge the beam this time."

With that, he fired and Joe spasmed, crying out in pain and dropped to the floor. Izzy looked at Joe, worried.

"You okay?" he asked,

Joe looked up and nodded frowning.

"Yeah thanks to you... Izzy I'm sorry."

"Save it, the other's need us." He said with a smile, "Digivolve!"



"Don't worry guys we're here!" Joe said, "Come on Sharmamon, unless your a digi-chicken!"

The digimon revealed himself to the Rangers, snarling angrily. He charged at them in a blind range, swinging his fists at Tai.

Tai ducked and threw a bunch which Sharmamon blocked, swatting Tai aside like he was nothing. Then attacked Sora, she came in with a spinning kick, knocking Sharmamon backwards. Mimi attacked next, but was deflected. Then came Izzy and Matt with flying punches causing the mood altering digimon to stagger backwards.

"That the best you got?" He roared.

Joe stepped forward shaking his head, Izzy's machine in hand.

"No, now let's see how your own attack effects you. How's that for a "mad twist"?" He asked and fired, the beam hitting Sharmamon square in the chest. The digimon however started laughing.

"Thanks for the power boost! My own attack doesn't hurt me!" He laughed again, "Now I'm going to turn everyone back to normal! Wait... no that's not right! I want to help people not hurt them! I mean hurt them!"

The Digimon started babbling to itself, giving the rangers time to assemble the power-blaster from their weapons.

"Hey Fugly!" Called Tai, "Twist this! FIRE!"

The Rangers fired the blaster, but suprisingly it didn't destoryed Sharmamon... instead he snapped out of his confusion and charged the Rangers who fired again.

This time, he did die.

"That's for messing with Jenny." Said Joe softly.

The Rangers were once more hanging out at the juice bar, just chatting away when Joe noticed Jenny entering and stood up from their table.

"Hey dude," Said Tai, "Where you going?"

Joe smiled softly,

"If I've learned one thing from this, it's that I can't let my fears hold me back." He told them and walked over to Jenny.

The others laughed fondly and watched as Jenny and Joe left the juice bar together. Tai nodded.

"'Bout freakin' time," He said, "I wondered when they'd get it together."

Mimi smirked, "Now if only you and Sora could sort yourselves out. We'd be set!"

The End