" The usual; beating up a few idiots who think they can take over the world, traveling, meeting other super heroes, and making new friends."


A Broken Birth

Chapter One :

An average day for the Teen Titans would include butt-kicking of some sort. But today was an extremely dull day; it was already late into the afternoon and nothing exciting came up that is, not counting Beast Boy and Cyborg's daily meat argumentations. Currently, Starfire was giving her first attempt at the GameStation ( and failing miserablely ) with Beast Boy as her teach, Raven was reading another one of her magic books, and Cyborg had gone off to make a snack. A strange pattern of thumps could be heard beyond the main doors. Robin was having a go at the punching bags as a result of nothing else better to do.

An hour later, Robin entered the main room with a towel around his neck. Raven's face was still blocked by her leather-bound book. Cyborg joined his two friends in a thrilling game of Off Road Races Max. At this point, Cyborg and Beast Boy were leaning towards the screen, their butt's on the verge of falling off the sofa. Cyborg was repeatedly muttering very specific intructions to himself while Beast Boy had finally edged off this seat. That fraction of a second in which Beast Boy had to reseat himself, Cyborg pulled ahead and crossed the finish line first.

" Aw yeah, who's the master? " Cyborg dropped his controller and began to chant, " Go Cyborg, go Cyborg, go Cyborg! "

Beast Boy had crossed his arms over his chest, mumbling that it was only because he was distracted. Starfire tried to cheer him up by telling a Tamaranian joke involving an Oharg, but only succeded in confusing the poor lad. Robin leaned against the sink, watching his friends with a small smile, and took a gulp from his water bottle. Raven lifted her book higher, as if it would deflect all the noise. Now Starfire was doing an impression of what would've been funny on her home planet but on Earth it meant nothing except for the possibility she was insane. The Titans crime alert began to flash, accompanied by the siren that resounded throughout the entire Tower.


In the city, Adonis was showing off his so-called muscles by throwing around cars, mail boxes, newsstands, or just whatever made him look brawny. The men cowered in fear of his artifical strength and the boys hid behind their mothers. Women and girls ran from Adonis' reach; all excpet one. A girl stood next to a black backpack on the street corner. Her wavy brown, shoulder length hair ruffled slightly against the breeze. She stood with her hands on her hips and looked Adonis up and down with her brown eyes. Another small gust sent a ripple across her white tanktop and her red shorts.

Adonis swooped down and grabbed the girl like King Kong would. " You're coming with me cutie. "

She gave no protest to his command. She showed no sign of fear and didn't struggle against his binding grip. In fact, she seemd most relaxed having been taken hostage by a man in a super-suit. One man could've sworn she yawned as Adonis smashed his mini van. At one point, she requested that Adonis not to hold her too tight.

" Be quiet. " he said.

" I'm warning you; you'd better stop. " she sighed, her eyes glimmered red.

" Who's going to stop me? The Titans aren't here. " he laughed.

" There's me. "


The Titans came upon Adonis when something in his left hand began to give off red and white sparks. Then, as if it was being over-loaded with energy, his hand blew up. From their distance, the Titans spotted something white and red fall to the ground. That red and white something was a girl. Her hands were clenched, and danced with the same red and white sparks. Adonis raised a foot, either planning to crush the girl or kick her out of his way. But as his foot was about to make contact, she jumped up onto it, her boots clicking as she did so. With great agility and grace, she back-flipped safely onto the top of a light pole. Even with her heels, she was balanced perfectly on bulb cap extending outwards to the street.

" Whoa... " Beast Boy's eyes widened at her performance.

" Outstanding! " Starfire clapped her hands happily.

The girl shot a quick glance over her shoulder to see who it was cheering her on. Using that to his advantage, Adonis knocked her off with his right hand. The Titan sprang forward to see if she was okay; she was fine -angry- but fine. She flicked some rubble off her shirt and, to the Titans surprise, flew up face to face with Adonis.

" Let's get a few things straight boy. My name is Kaleah Aries, not cutie. When I ask something of you, don't tell me to be quiet 'cause talking to you couldn't have, in any way, prevented you from wreaking pointless havoc. " She paused jabbing his forehead with her index finger for a brief moment. " And if you even think about hit-- "

Kaleah was cut off as Adonis swatted her into a building, causing all five Titans to cringe as if the pain was inflicted upon them. Seconds later Kaleah emerged, her white top and boots dusted with dirt and more rubble, her eyes dangerously red. She exhaled and said cooly, " Okay, " she nodded twice and tapped her right foot. " You think you're so strong don't you? Let's compare your arificial power against mine. "

There was a streak of red and white as Kaleah flew from the building. Her right fist smashed into the 'A' insignia on his chest. Her fingers seized some circuitry and wrenched them out. She nonchalantly tossed the wires over her shoulder and grinned at the bewildered expression, that may become permanent, on Adonis' face. Next her hands flew at his helmet which she tore off with ease. The suit began to make queer popping and snapping noises and jolts of electricity began to glitter the area around it.

" I know that's one girl I'm not ever gunna mess with. " Cyborg muttered, gaining a nod from Beast Boy.

Kaleah heaved Adonis out of the suit as it blew up. She refrained the urge to slap him silly, and just let him down on the ground. There, he attempted to punch her in the face with a bony fist which she dodged expertly, and sent a tiny stream of what seemed to be white lightning at his chest. Though minuscule the bolt was, it sent Adnois a good twenty feet away from her. It was then that Kaleah noticed Adonis wore nothing but a pair of spandex briefs. She raised an eyebrow in confusion, not to mention disgust, and asked him, " Where're your clothes? "

There was no answer from the boy; his eyes rolled over and he keeled over. Kaleah flew over to him and nudged his arm with the toe of her boot. She turned around, hoping to ask a civilian directions to the jail, to be struck across the face. Thinking she was under attack, she thrust her left hand at her opponent; the two fingers farthest to the left curled in. The tips of her fingers just touched the forehead of her 'foe', who turned out to be Beast Boy. He had wanted to give her a friendly pat on the back when she had suddenly turned around.

" Who are you? " she asked, her fingers still in proximity of his forehead.

Beast Boy's attention was focused more on her fingers, which whizzed with red and white energy, than her question. She tapped his head in an attempt to get an answer out of him. Without warning, he morphed into a turtle and hid in his shell. She bent down and picked up the green shell, and said into it, " Uh...I didn't mean to scare you. "

Again, without forewarning, Beast Boy changed back into his human form and squeaked, " You might think about keeping your hands to yourself dude. "

" So...Who are you again? "

Four others in uniform, or halloween costumes, appeared behind the green changeling. Once she spotted Robin, she didn't need Beast Boy's answer to know who they were. She began to bounce as she named off each of the Titans, " Raven, Starfire, Cyborg, Robin, and Beast Boy! This is so awesome! "

" Um...Hi. " Cyborg waved. " What're you doing here? "

" The usual; beating up a few idiots who think they can take over the world, traveling, meeting other super heroes, and making new friends." she shrugged.

From the corner of her eyes, she spotted a purple blur heading right for her. Within the next second, Starfire siezed Kaleah in a tight embrace and beamed, " Splendid! Tell me, do you wish to be my friend? What is your name? Where were you born? What is your favorite color? Do you like mustard? "

Kaleah pried Starfire away from her with no problems and shook her arms, just to make sure they were still there. She answered Starfire's bombarment of questions in the order they were pelted at her : Yes. Kaleah Aries. Avalon City. Red. Only on hotdogs. Kaleah decided this would be a good time to pop the question, seeing that she just saved their city from Adonis.

" I was wondering...Are the Titans taking new members? "