A/N: I am officially obsessed with NettoxEnzan pairings. After watching the show and read some yaoi fanfics I decided that I wanna write some fics with these couplings. I don't know much about MegaMan/RockManEXE so please bear with me and correct me if you see an mistakes. No Flames! Creative critism allowed.

This is a One-Shot. But depending on the reviews I might turn it into a fic.

WARNING: Rated M for sexual content.

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"Enzan! Enzan! Please wake up!" I could feel someone's warm hands touching my cold face as they shook me lightly, I couldn't help but let out a groan of pain as an individual pressed his hands of filth on my chest.

"He's still alive! Netto-kun hurry and take him home." That must have been Rockman's voice...I know it. From what I know Netto probably bit his lips as he decided to carry me. How do I know? Well, he has the habit of biting those warm lips of his every time someone's in trouble.

"I've got him...how's Blues doing?" Netto asked. I forgot all about Blues! I got challenged by some gang's leader. He was a fool for challenging me. I am far more superior than him but seeing that I never refuse a battle, I agreed. Of course the low life lost and in the result I got the daylights punched out of me, courtesy of his friends.

"He's ok. Just tired..." Rockman replied. I mentally sighed in relief. I felt Hikari's hands on my legs as he turned to a street, my eyes were already slightly opened. I could feel his light chestnut hair tickle my nose as we entered his house. I held my sneeze in as he struggled to keep me on his back. I held on tighter, my head buried in the back of his neck as if clinging for my life.

"Enzan looks bruised and he has slight cuts on his cheek." Netto observed. I didn't mind any of it except the fact that the pain was almost too much to bear. The violent winds were not making it easier for me either. It nearly burned my skin.

"Netto!" I heard a famine voice. I could feel Netto turn his head slightly to greet the voice from behind. "What are you doing with Enzan on your back?" Oh Geez, we're just taking a stroll together!

"Hello Meiru. Rockman and I found Enzan and Blues knocked out. Enzan was beat pretty bad so we're taking him to my house to help him. We also need to figure out how this happened..." Netto explained.

"I'll get the others to help out." Mieru offered. Unfortunately for me, Netto excepted the offer as I heard her run off, probably Roll with her. We were together, alone, again.

"...H-Hi...kari.." I managed to say. Netto's eyes went to the corner where my head rest on his shoulder. "...W...what are...you doing..?" I asked, of course I knew what he was doing! I just wanted to know exactly, why he was doing it. The words instead came out wrong.

"Rockman and I found you knocked out. Blues was worried about you, ya know!" He scold. I buried my head deep in his hair, my nose picking up the sweet scene from his hair. I snapped myself before Netto noticed. I could feel my heavy eye lids close once again as my world turned pitch black.

Later I found myself on a warm bed, something I hadn't slept on in days. It was work, work, eat, and more work for me. Usually I'd never get sleep but this felt nice for a change. My eyes wondered to my P.E.T. that rested near my side. Then I went to see Netto come from the bathroom with a towel on his hands.

"N-N...etto." I said. He rushed to my side and smiled. "Why...didn't...y-you just leave me?" The words came out dry and the more I talked, the more my throat hurt. Netto helped my sit up as he just stood there with a worried expression.

"Friends don't do that to other friends...I wanted to help you." Was his reply. Smart-ass wise, I only gave him a thankful look and sighed.

"Hey Blues, you holding up?" Rockman asked. Blues nodded, keeping his eyes on Enzan from the other side of the room. Hiding his blush, Rockman could hear him say, "I am fine."

"Are you going to tell me what happened to you and Blues?" Netto asked. I looked down, not wanting to talk about it. Netto was not the person to let these things drop so he pushed me foreword to talk. "Enzan, come on!"

"Blues and I were returning from a meeting. He encountered some gang who wished to challenge me. I accepted and beat him fair and square, Hikari. He only accused me of cheating when I have no need for that. He ordered his friends to beat me up and Blues got injured from beating that idiot's navi. Content?" I asked. Each time I talked just burned my throat. Netto then handed me a cup of water as I drank it out all at once.

"It wasn't only Blues who was worried," Netto said. I gave him one of my ice cold 'masks' as he continued. "I was really worried too, you know!" He was crying. A few weeks ago I could have cared less but seeing him cry made me guilty. I placed a hand on his shoulder. "You think no one cares about you, Enzan? We all care for you...I care!" I was taken by surprise as he hugged me. I only held him lovingly as he cried against my chest. A few weeks ago I would have pushed him away but now things were different...I began to care for him.

"Hikari." I said, changing my tone. "Netto." Netto held me tighter as I made space for him to lie down. I felt his warm skin near mines, his sweat breath warming my face. I wanted to kiss him to badly...but I knew it'd only end up in rejection.

"Blues, what are you so worried about?" Rockman asked. "Netto-kun and Enzan are both fine Netto-kun won't harm him." Blues took his eyes off of them and sighed.

"Enzan-sama can take care of himself from Netto." He finally said. "But it's not them I'm so worried about, Rockman." Rockman, then realized, that he had finally called him by his name other than, Hikari's owner, loser, and wimp.

"What is it?" He asked. Blues looked down, his hands grabbing Rockman by his shoulders and pressing his lips on his. Rockman knew how to reply and gladly kissed back much to his surprise.

I glanced down at Netto to see him still crying. "Hikari. Stop crying, you know I'm fine now. I promise not to worry you." Netto looked up at me as if I had said something really bad.

"You never promise anything." He whispered. I looked up, true I'd never promise anything to anyone. "Enzan! Promise me you'll open up!"

He cried harder. I'd much rather see Netto hyperactive than ever crying. It pains me so much. "Hikari! You know I can't do that!" I yelled, it came out harsher than I wanted it to be. "I'm only human. What do you want me to do-" Surprised, he silenced me by pressing his lips on mine.

I like Netto. Did he want to show me that he was returning my feelings? His hands gently pushed me down the bed, meaning that he was on top. I returned the kiss with more passion, my tongue often licking his lips to open his mouth. My hands freely roamed around his chest, under his shirt I felt his nipple. He moaned as I explored his mouth, his hands too touching me in my sensitive spots.

"...H-Hikari-" I said, trying to tell him I loved him. Instead he pressed his mouth against mine, not wanting me to ruin the moment. I wrapped my arms around him and this time I pushed him down the bed. I couldn't fuck him, unfortunately. I was only fourteen and he was only thirteen. I held my lust for him as I kissed him, exploring him further as I sucked on his neck lightly. I let his neck go, knowing that I left him a mark and possibly a hickey.

I lifted his shirt to suck his nipple lightly, gaining a moan from Netto's lips. I smirked as I climbed up to kiss him. His hands would often touch my member from my pants, feeling it had hardened. It made things much worse, considering that my lust for him got even more out of control. By hearing his moan an my panting I hoped that no one was listening and that Blues and Rockman were not watching.

I wrapped my arms around Netto as this make out session came to an end. I kissed him on his forehead. "Netto, you idiot. What made you think you'd be on top?" I joked.

"I thought I could take advantage, seeing you are hurt." He confessed. I pulled him into another kiss, not wanting another make out session in fear that someone walking in on us. Netto pulled me further into his mouth, as I attempted to push away. Sure in fights he's weak but all of a sudden he's stronger cause he wants to make out?

"Enzan..." Netto pointed to our P.E.T.. I looked and saw that Rockman and Blues were in a tight embrace, they too, were making out. A few weeks ago I would have disapproved but now I don't really care.

"Netto, leave them alone." I whispered. Netto obeyed and pressed his lips lightly on mine. We both looked up as the door opened. In a tight embrace, both of us practically shirtless, and a hickey on Netto's neck...Mieru stared at us with a confused and hurt face. Suddenly all of his friends walked inside. I mentally slapped myself.

"...E-Enzan?" Asked Yai, the brat girl who had a crush on me. "What's going on?" Netto sat up and chuckled lightly.

"You see...we both got into a fight...and...we ended up ripping each other shirts." Netto explained. I showed them my shirt, ripped by Netto, and then he showed his shirt to see it perfectly fine. "Well...I ripped his shirt."

"Enzan! You cold hearted guy! Can't you Netto wanted to help you?" Mieru asked. I stood up slowly, taking Netto's shirt and placing it on.

"I didn't ask for help. Netto could have left me on the streets for all I care." I said coldly. I took my P.E.T. and walked away, regretting having to take Blues away from Rockman. But I also regretted that Netto didn't lock the door.

"He called you Netto." I heard Dex say. "He never calls you that...he's always trying to act cool and call us by our last name like he was a big shot or whatever."

"Maybe he'll change...calling me by my first name is a start." Netto said. With that I smiled, while Blues gave me a thumbs up, my hands in my pockets walking away.