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Chapter Two: Dreaming Of You Netto's Point Of View

After Dex, Yai, and Cory left the house Meiru stayed behind, worried that my mom hasn't come home. "I'll be fine by myself you know," I try and convince her but we all know she's always going to stay besides me. I just wanted to get out of the house and run straight to Enzan's house and hold him. "I still think I should wait." She says and places her hands on mine.

"I can't believe that Enzan," She presses my hands tightly. "You actually help him and he repays you by ripping your shirt. He didn't hurt you did he?" She asked, my thoughts then went to his soft touch as we kiss on my bed. Blushing, I only shook my head as she let out a sigh of relief.

I knew that if I told her how I felt about her...then she'd be sad. I used to like her, I really did. But that was before Enzan came into my life. Then everything changed. I stopped asking her out and eventually I forgot to go to her piano lessons. Yai had even told me Meiru likes it when I ask her out. If she did then why would she always reject me and punch me in the stomach?

Which brings me to the point where I should never ever tell Yai about Enzan. I bet she'll try to sue me for stealing 'her' man. Enzan finds her annoying, while Yai tries to play it all out and pretend that she hates Enzan.

"I think he's just scared of having friends," I say. Meiru gives me a confused glare, wondering why I'm defending my worst enemy. "The least he could have done was say thanks." She mumbles.

"Really, it's okay. I got that shirt from my mom anyway...I didn't like it." I lie. It was my favorite shirt actually. Meiru smiles at this and leans against my chest. "I'm just worried." I let go of her hand and sit up from my bed.

Her eyes are on me as I shift away from her uncomfortably. "There's this big fancy part next Friday and Yai invited us over. I even get to perform some music on her piano." She explains. "I was wondering if...you'd like to come."

This was Meiru asking me out on a date? I only nodded; I can't reject her because I still care for her. And Yai would kill me if I hadn't agreed to go with Meiru. She was probably planning on asking Enzan.

Meiru smiles in delight and plants a soft kiss on my lips. Blushing, she moved away before my mom could catch us. I only stared at her, shocked. Meiru just kissed me.

The girl I've had a crush on since the fifth grade finally likes me. I wasn't like in the sixth grade when I kissed her accidentally. I'd gotten slapped for that but this time it was her making the moves.

Now here we are both in the ninth grade and she's just blushing. I don't feel the same way, I wanted to tell her. There was another pause before she stood to greet my mom who had just walked inside the house.

About a few minutes later my mom comes bursting through the door, wondering why I'm in bed shirtless with a hurt stomach. The truth was that I had hurt my stomach when Enzan had pressed his hand on it but I couldn't tell her that now could I? "Nothing...I had a nightmare and fell to the ground." Meiru had already left and luckily she didn't tell my mom that Enzan and I got into a fight.

"Are you sure you're all right? Do you want more cake, honey?" My mother calls. Usually I'd never refuse food but I was already full. "Sure," I wasn't gonna turn down food now. Cause then that would make my mother suspicious.

She comes into my room and looks at me as I try hard to swallow the cake down my throat. She smiles and leaves; I still wasn't able to finish it though. "Netto," Rockman calls. "What's wrong? You've been out of your usual state." There's a pause. "Is it cause of Enzan?"

I can't help but blush. I had forgotten that Rockman was there...and possibly watching. "You saw that!" I yelled. He looks at me for a minute, thinking of an excuse. "Watching what?" He asks innocently. I give him a stare but then the P.E.T. goes off.

"Hm? Rockman?" I called. There was no response.

Normal Point of View

Rockman turned to an empty space as the P.E.T. went off. He looked around in slight confusement. "Hello? Netto this isn't funny," He called. "N-Netto?" His tone then cracked. Two arms pulled him from behind, wrapping his waist tightly with long arms.

"Sorry," The deep voice whispered. "I had to get you away from Netto...I don't want him watching us." Rockman then knew it had to be Blues that was behind him. In his arms he turned slightly and was greeted by a big kiss on the lips.

Rockman smiled as they separated from their embrace. "You know...Netto's been thinking about Enzan all day." He whispered. Blues ignored the comment for a moment as he kissed him down his neckline, Rockman shivered. "Enzan's been thinking of him too." He finally confesses and wraps his arms around his shoulders, his lips not moving away from his pale neck.

"W-What...a-are we going to do?" He breathed out as Blues licked him lightly. But as his warm tongue left his neck Rockman almost regretted asking. "We don't have to do anything. My master already has everything under control."

Just as he finished his sentence Rockman pushed his head to his neck.

Netto sat on his bed, waiting for Rockman to respond anytime but as the minutes passed he sighed. Was Rockman going net battling without him? This only meant that another net navi must have done this. It was the only explanation.

"Who did this?" He wondered. However a light tap on his window had abruptly interrupted his thoughts. Netto stood and peeked out the window, wondering who would be outside. "Hello?" He called.

There was no one this time. He shrugged and closed the window before the rain could get inside his room. As he walked back to his bed he heard the light tapping again. He walked back to the window but there wasn't anyone. "I could have sworn I heard-" He heard the tapping again. "It's...Enzan!" He rushed to the window as the wet boy crawled into his room.

"Netto, didn't you hear me knocking?' He asked impatiently. Netto blushed, wondering if Enzan would reject him if he had run to him to kiss him. They stood, looking at one another until Enzan placed his hand on his hip. "Well? Did you hear me or not?"

"Uh...no. Sorry." Netto answered. The two stood in an awkward silence as Enzan dried his hair from the rain outside. "I'm sorry for what happened earlier." Enzan finally spoke; Netto took note that his voice sounded colder than earlier.

Confused, Netto asked innocently, "Sorry for what?" Enzan turned away from Netto to avoid his loving gaze. "For what I did...for kissing you. I wasn't thinking and you're probably freaked out. So I came to apologize." Netto could tell he wasn't really sorry because it sure didn't sound like it. His voice was quick like he just wanted to get over with it.

Netto breathed in calmly. Was he rejecting Netto? "Enzan..." He called. He walked toward him and wrapped his arms around him, brushing the few white hairs from his face to kiss him lightly on his nose. "Did you think everything would be the same? Between us?" Netto asked.

"I told you I wasn't thinking before I did what I did...I'm just confused." He explained, sitting down his bed. Netto sat down beside him and scratched the back of his head. "Look, I'm lucky enough that Meiru, Dex, Cory, and Yai didn't see anything. But we can't just live on like nothing happen." Netto's voice seemed far from Enzan.

"I know that..." Enzan whispered. Netto's eyes were fixed on him, making the older boy slightly uncomfortable. "Meiru seems to like you a lot..." He suddenly mentioned. Netto laughed at this.

"Yeah she does...I kissed her in the sixth grade once." Netto confessed. He had left out the fact that she had asked him out on a date. And that she had kissed him earlier. Enzan smiled weakly until he crawled near him. "Even though we kissed that once time...it wasn't really anything special, because..."

Netto wrapped an arm around Enzan. "Because...you're kissing is far better." And with that said he finally pressed his lips on Enzan's. It had been hours after their last kiss but for the two it felt like forever since their lips had met. The kiss was light but filled with passion.

Enzan let Netto break the kiss. "Yai will be pissed if she ever finds out." Netto warned. Enzan shrugged, not caring whether or not Yai would approve. He wrapped his arms around his waist, making sure that this time he wouldn't try and break the kiss.

Netto didn't mind the fact that Enzan wanted to keep him close to him. He wrapped his arms around his shoulders to deepen the kiss. It wasn't until minutes later he found himself tasting Enzan's sweet saliva.

His eyes widened in surprise. Enzan was his worst enemy, yet he found himself on his bed practically making out with him. As he felt Enzan's warm lips kiss the surface of his neck he began to think...what would everyone think about him now? And most of all, what would Rockman say?

He opened his eyes, gently moving Enzan away from his neck and gave him a light kiss on his forehead. He moved to his P.E.T. and turned away from him, the thunder getting louder each passing moment.

"Netto?" He called, he moved toward him before getting a slight growl from him. "What's up with you now? First you wanna make out with me and now you wanna play straight?" He asked brusquely. It sounded harsher then he had intended for it to be, but to Netto it sounded deadly. Netto only stared hard at him and closed his eyes.

"I didn't mean that." Enzan quickly added. However Netto was busy trying to get Rockman back. "Just get away from me...you're nothing but a jerk." He told him, Enzan was taken back. Before they had even had feelings for each other Netto had never had the guts to tell Enzan how much of a heartless guy he was...until now. The two looked at one another, dead in the eye and wondering what to say.

He looked down, something obviously was bugging him. "If that's what you want. Don't you come crying to me." Enzan told him harshly, opening the window and jumping out in the rain. He grabbed his coat tightly against his chest and got his P.E.T. out.

"Blues," He called out. He then remembered he had plans with Rockman. Tonight, he would be alone like he's always been. But instead of having Blues beside him...he'd be completely alone. He felt water sliding down his cheeks; he wiped it off and realized it wasn't the rain.

They were his tears.

Netto's Point Of View

Rockman was still out and I'd just kicked Enzan out of my house in the cold stormy night. I know I was being a complete idiot for doing that, but what he said really hurt me. When he jumped out I saw tears coming out of his eyes. But Enzan would never cry for anything.

I could bet that if someone died he'd only place his hands on his pockets like he's so cool and just shrug and probably say, 'So? People die everyday.' But he wasn't the heartless jerk I used to know. I think I was being the jerk.

I hugged my knees and wondered what Rockman would tell me. He'd probably tell me to leave him alone so he can think clearly...but it was raining hard. What if he got into an accident? My mind refused to imagine how horrible it would be if something happened to him.

So what did I do next? I grabbed my sneakers and the next thing I knew I was climbing out of my house and jumped out of my window. Now all the time I wondered, how can Enzan jump high distances without falling on his ass?

As the thunder nearly meets the ground I jump, slightly shocked from the thunder and lightning. If it was one thing I hate, it's a bad thunderstorm. I'm dodging the different passing cars and trying hard to keep my umbrella straightened, but it soon breaks.

"Argh!" I throw the umbrella on the floor and continue looking for Enzan. When I enter the park the thundering has stopped but the raining hasn't. I look around and see the white-haired boy standing under a tree. I smile. "Enzan?" He looks back and then walks away.

It wasn't Enzan.

Slightly embarrassed I looked back and start to walk back home. All the time my eyes are down to my feet, feeling like the biggest moron in the world. "Geez, what did I do to mess everything up?" I ask myself.

I cross the street possibly not looking both ways before doing so because I feel two hands grab my arms and dragging me down the flooded street. We both end up on the floor, soaking wet. I try to get him off me. "Goddamn Netto, are you trying to get yourself killed!" I realize it was Enzan.

"Enzan!" I wrapped my arms around him, kissing him on his cheek. He turns red but pulls me off. "I didn't really...I was just trying to look..." I wanted to tell him how much of an idiot I was but I couldn't find the right words. So instead I took him under a tree and planted a kiss.

"I'm sorry." I finally told him. He only rolls his eyes like he has no idea what I'm talking about but it was enough to tell me that he too was sorry. "It's a long walk to your house. Let's go to mine..." he says and wraps an arm around me.

"How did you know I would be here?" I asked. Enzan smiles at this. "I didn't, I saw a moron in the middle of the street so I automatically knew it was you. You're lucky you didn't get run over..." I rest my head on his shoulder. He'd been looking for me too.

"Here." As we head toward his room he hands me a shirt and jeans while my other clothes get washed. Turning red, I take it from his hands and move to the bathroom to change. He grins devilishly. "I'll go set up a room."

"Wait a minute..." I call. We see lightning and then the sound comes. I jump up and hold him tightly while he tries not to fall over. "I don't wanna sleep alone!" I yell out as another loud roar of the thunder pierce my sensitive ears.

"You wanna sleep with me?" He asked. I punch his shoulder. "We're too young for that Enzan! Of course we can't do that!" He laughs and then wraps an arm around my neck.

"No, idiot. I mean you and me sleep in the same bed...not sex Netto. If it weren't for your innocent face then I'd reconsider sleeping in the same bed with you." He roughly messes up my hair and I'm turning red like a tomato. "Okay then." He lies down the bed and I get to sleep in his arms. My chest is pressed down to his as his hands crawl down to my back and push foreword towards him.

"Night you cry baby." He says and closes his eyes. I open my mouth to say something but he's already snoring lightly. He looks peaceful and me trying to argue with him will only ruin the moment. But he's only kidding...because he has a smile on his face.

I bury my head deep within his chest and close my eyes. For now I'll be dreaming of him. I'll be dreaming of my Enzan.