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Summary: Jack Sniper is a world class hunter that enjoy the hunt, but now he's got a new target. Can the G-boys stop him.

Jack Sniper.

Chapter one: The Hunter.

Heero was typing on his computer in the bar 'Devil's Dance.' He was just filing in his report on the last mission. Duo had insisted on celebrating and was now dancing on the stage drunk. Heero had just finished his typing and was watching Duo in disgust. To stay in a good physical shape the G-boys decide that doing drugs was not wanted, however Duo was so happy and excited that he didn't even notice when he accidently ordered 'red wine.' The moment the toxin touched his lips the poor boy was already intoxicated. Heero sighed in embrassment as Duo's dancing became more sloppier.

"Hello, what are you doing here all by yourself?"

Heero looked up to see a man standing there. The man was nothing like Heero had ever seen before. He had long, well kept, brown hair that was pulled into a ponytail, he had an extremely ruggied face with a horrible scar across the nose, and dull brown eyes. He wore a light brown trench coat, hiking boots, dirty jeans, a white T-shirt, and a strange hat with an eagle feather in it.

"Hn," answered Heero.

"Would you like a drink. My treat," asked the man, obviously drunk.

"I don't drink alcolholic beverages," refuse Heero.

"That's okay I'll get you soda, or something," answered the man, and before Heero could refuse the man was at the bar.

After a while the man came back with two drinks in his hand, one was beer, and the other was just plain water. He hand the water to Heero and sat down at Heero's table. Heero watched the man, contemplating weather or not he was dangerous, and after some time he decided he was just another drunker. So he took the water, sniffed it for poison or anything else, and decided it was safe to drink.

"Name's Jack Sniper," said the man holding out his hand.

"Heero Yuy," said Heero figuring the man would forget by morning. "You don't mean the Jack Sniper. Do you?"

"Yep! That's me, the world class hunter, Jack Sniper. I can hunt down anything," answered Jack.

"What are you doing all the way out here?" asked Heero.

"I in town on business. I needed a drink so I stopped in here," answered Jack as he watched Heero take a sip of the drink.

Heero watched Jack from behind his glass. For a glimmer of a second, he thought he saw a smirk grace Jack's lips, but rubbed off the feeling.

"So what sorts of things you hunt, Jack?"

"Oh, anything really. I mostly spend my time in Africa, but I enjoy hunting in America. You know Elk, Bears, Wolves."

"But Wolves are an endangered speices, it's illegal to hunt them."

"Not if they attack you, then it's completely self- defense, besides they're just beast, said to be Satan's child in the early 1400's."

Heero didn't even bother to rebudle. It was not his place to say how a man should live a life. Heero stared into his glass before he decided to finish it off. When he was done, Jack asked him a question.

"Is your friend alright?"

Heero looked to the stage to where Duo was, and fell right out of his seat. Duo was doing a strip show on the stage, every drunk in the bar hooted with laughter, while those that where just eat and chatting looked at Duo with disgust. Heero jumped out of the chair, sprinted to Duo just before he was able to remove is pants. Grabbing Duo and his clothes, Heero paid the bartender and excused his friend and left the building before Duo could do any more damage. Jack watch Heero run down the street, carrying Duo as he went. Jack's eye beamed with excitement, the boy was fast, and strong, a worthy prey.

"And so let the hunt begin," said Jack smiling in cruelity as he looked down at the five empty viles in his hand, which read W- 21, T- 5, Dr- 17, De -25 and G- 10.