Dragonelf 8: Okay I'm not doing this in order. That was not fun… Ugh. This chapter will be with Wufie.

Chapter 6: Welcome Green Dragon Officer, Wufie.

Lykouleon sat next to Wufie's bed watching over the sleeping boy. He carried the symbol of the dragon tribe he even looked like he had dragon in his blood. Lykouleon sighed to himself as he sat there. This boy was as mysterious as Ryu was when she first arrived, but she clarified what had happened to her. So many questions, so man; yet no answers were coming to the might Dragon Lord. Lykouleon sighed as he watched the young man.

Wufie could feel light penetrate his eyelids as he slowly woke up to consciousness. He could fee his once held tightly back hair was now set loose and was disarray around a soft cushion. A blanket was placed up to his neck. Wufie's eyes snapped open as he jolted up, though he regretted it pain struck his head in the back and he instantly clutched it trying to sooth the bump.

"Good your okay. You took a nasty bump to the head when you slammed into the wall."

Wufie looked up to see a man sit by his bedside. The man carried a gentle, yet kindly fierce look about him. The man's gold locks were cropped short, they glimmered brightly as if it was really gold that had replaced as hair, his eyes were bright royal blue, glimmering with kindness, but also held determination deep within them, and his smile was just as kind. Wufie slowly began to back away from the man. Lykouleon noticed this with the shift in the blanket.

"Don't be afraid," said Lykouleon kindly.

"I'm not afraid, of anything!" cried Wufie indignantly, his eyes flaming with pride.

Lykouleon was taken a back by the rude remark. The boy was brazen, it was remarkable that he could say that to a king and still hold no fear in his eyes. Lykouleon let out a hearty laugh cause the boy's face to scowl in displeasure. This boy sounded like a mix between his Fire Dragon Knight, Rath whose pride was suffocating, and Alfeegi who was dramatically angry all the time. Wufie glared daggers at the man who was further insulting him by laughing.

"WHAT!?" yelled Wufie in outrage.

"It's nothing, it's nothing," laughed Lykouleon wiping away a few tears, "A mere false assumption on my part. Though I must admit you remind me of my knight, such pride."

Wufie puffed up a little in indignation but he then focused on the man his eyes narrowing at him. 'Knight?'

"What do you mean?" hissed Wufie.

"I mean you sound like you have enough pride to choke a horse," laughed Lykouleon.

"THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT!!!" yelled Wufie.

Lykouleon laughed even harder, further making Wufie want to spit fire at the man. The creak of the door caught Wufie's attention as he turned to the door, Lykouleon's laughter dieing down to mere chuckles. Four men walked into the room, Wufie recognized three from the hallway the fourth was a tall broad man with an unusual air of silence about. He instantly struck Wufie as an emo.

"Are you alright you majesty we heard screaming," said the man with long black hair tipped orange.

"I'm fine Ruwalk. This young man haw a very interesting personality," answered Lykouleon.

"Majesty?" muttered Wufie in confusion.

"Oh I apologize for not introducing myself earlier. I am Lykouleon, King of the Dragon Tribe," the man pointing to himself.

"And this," he continued pointing to the other men, " are my Officers, Ruwalk, Alfeegi, Kai-stern, and Tetheus. Now if you don't mind me asking who are you and where are you form."

"Why should I tell you," rebuked Wufie.

"Don't be rude to his majesty," snapped the on called Alfeegi.

Wufie glared defiantly at him. Lykouleon looked between the two soon stopping the glaring contest.

"Well considering you broke into my castle, committed suspicious acts such as running ways form my officers when they were trying to help you, and ending up having us tend to you after you hit your head. I believe you at least owe us an answer or two," smiled Lykouleon.

Wufie's mouth gapped at Lykouleon. He wasn't suspicious… Okay maybe a little, but that's wasn't it. It was that these people were either very kind or very stupid. WHAT PERSON TAKES IN AN INTRUDER AND TAKES CARE OF THEM!?

"Are you stupid or something? Why would you do that?! I've bee thrown into prison before, why didn't you just do that?"

"Well it's obvious that where your form you were miss treated, young boy."

"BOY!!! I'M 17!" screamed Wufie.

"Really? I'm 14328 years old," smiled Lykouleon, " I'll be 14329 in March."

Wufie shook his head in disbelieve. Lykouleon gently smiled upon the boy the officers remaining silent, quietly watching the boy.

"Prisoner, or not. I believe that acts of kindness go a long way, and if it helps you. Look at this at you owe us," smiled Lykouleon gently.

Wufie closed his mouth watching them intently his eyes narrowed. Another thing that he hated owing someone else for something went right up there with idiots and woman.

"How long was I unconious?" demanded Wufie.

"10 days," answered Tetheus in a monotone voice.

Wufie stroked his chin; this somehow always made him feel mature. Ten days of room, food, and probably medicine too.

"My name is Wufie Chang. I am a freedom fighter for the space colonies against the OZ organization. My fellow comrades names are Heero Yuy, Dou Maxwell, Trowa Burton, and Quatre Winner. We where separated undoubtedly by a man named Jack Sniper, world-class hunter, possibly hired by OZ organization leader Treize in attempts to kill us. My serial number is 0005756208. I live space colony L2," answered Wufie reluctantly.

The officers jumped back a little in surprise; he was another one. Lykouleon sat quietly in his chair, his face set in a serious expression. OZ? Freedom Fighters? Space Colonies? All of these things were foreign to the land of Dusis; just as Ryu's world is.

"Your from a another world aren't you," questioned Lykouleon.

Wufie's head snapped to Lord Lykouleon, his expression truly confused. His eyes soon widened as he saw Dou ball of energy fall to the floor. THAT BAKA! HE SENT THEM TO ANOTHER WORLD! NOT ONLY THAT BUT THEY WE'RE SEPERATED. HEAVEN ONLY KNOWS WHERE THEY ARE NOW!!!

"Where am I?" demanded Wufie in a maturely level tone, as he turned away.

"You are in the country called Dusis, in the capital Draqueen, where I live and rule as king," answered Lykouleon surprised by the maturity of the boy.

"You sound like this has happened before," sneered Wufie looking at them again.

" I admit you are not the first to come here form another world. There is another, her name's Ryu and she has assumed her role here as my Dragon Knight, but she is out on a quest," answered Lykouleon.

"A woman! Why would you give a woman a man's job? She should be in a kitchen, unnoticed," snapped Wufie.

"She was chosen by the Divine Dragon, making he a Knight, and Ryu is more than capable of performing as well as any man. In some ways she's more mature than knights," answered Tetheus a slight hint of annoyance in his voice.

"When you grow older you will realize the equality of women," answered Kai-stren, "So we'd appreciate it if your thoughts on, how women should live her life to yourself."

Wufie couldn't believe it. They were insane! Memories of his wife struck his mind, a pain memory. If only she had assumed her role as his wife… Slowly Wufie swallowed his pride and changed the subject.

"Tell me about this place, Dusis," demanded Wufie.

"Why?" asked Ruwalk.

"So I know what I'm up against."

"It sounds like your preparing for a fight," sighed Alfeegi.

"I'm always in a fight, as a freedom fighter I am to never be given peace," answered Wufie.

"To be so young yet have a heart of stone," frowned Lykouleon sadly.

"Emotions are weakness. In a battlefield it is either him or you, there is no room for anything else. You mustn't think about it too deeply or you'll fall. And the more you kill the easier it gets, until it is death, cause society that you fought for will not accept your blood soaked self. I will relish the day I die, as hell's chains drag me down," sneered Wufie.

Lykouleon stared into those pitch black eyes of Wufie's. He had to do something and soon or this poor boy would follow the same path as Rath. Quickly a plan was set in his mind.

"Alfeegi, Ruwalk, go to my office and get me the small green chest in the bottom drawer of my desk," commanded Lykouleon, "Kai-stern go the maids and get Wufie his clothes and go to the maids and set up a room, the green one. Tetheus go to the armory and get Wufie his sword."

"Yes your majesty," replied the officers as they left the room.

"Getting rid of me so soon? Figures," snide Wufie.

"Hardly. I'm offering a proposition," remarked Lykouleon.

Wufie's head perked up as he listened to the man.

"Proposition? Whatever for?" said Wufie suspicion in his voice.

"To see if you have what it takes. This is a world covered in magic, Demons, Dragons, Elves, and Fairies. They all exist here in Dusis. The demons are dangerous and have their own king and army. They devour the humans that live in this world, and elves, and Dragons leaving sorrow and sadness in their wake.

Not all are evil; I have a few here living in this castle with me. They are my friends and family. Like us dragons they fight against demons and like us protect everyone else."


"Yes, you honestly thought I was a human? I a dragon. We Dragoons are dragons whom have taken permanent human forms; humans call us the Dragon Tribe. As such we live far longer than humans do and are twice as strong and fast, but I'm sure you already know that, being a dragon yourself."

Wufie's eye's widened in shock, he knew he was no longer human form Jack's potion but a Dragon! Wufie had suddenly become very aware of himself his tongue running over his newly acquired fangs. Lykouleon was slightly taken a back by Wufie's reaction.

"You didn't know?"

"Let's just say I wasn't born this way," replied Wufie.

"I won't press you any further. You'll tell us when your ready…"


"Wufie this world is probably extremely different than your own, and if your not careful. You could have a curse placed on you, like getting turned into and animal, or a demon, or you could die. Ryu when she first arrived was caught in such confusion that before she knew what to do she was turned into a demon; her brother whom later followed her suffered the same fate. Before anything else happened to her she was able to escape her captor and came to me, her brother on the other hand was not so lucky and end up being a puppet for the demon king. Do you really want that to happen to you?"

"No, but I've been used before and I've almost died too."

Lykouleon and Wufie slowly turned their heads as the door opened again. Alfeegi and Ruwalk walked in carrying a small wood box with them. The box was decorated with silver framing and emeralds it was a little bigger than a soft ball.

"I've had a job offer for a while now. I'm missing a Green Dragon Officer. If you are willing to accept the job, you will become a member of the Dragon Tribe and receive magical abilities, and you'll also be protected, but with that comes the responsibility of being an officer, you will be assigned missions and duties. It's a lifetime job Wufie and the only way to retire is to either die, or the Green Dragon Ball accepts someone new as an officer. Wufie this job has been offered to you so you may except or choose not to, that is your choice," said Lykouleon calmly.

"You're offering me a job?" questioned Wufie.

"Yes, but it might not work. Like the Dragons, these crystals choose their masters," answered Lykouleon as he pulled out a green sphere out of the box.

It looked like the mix between a Jade and an Emerald, it's surface smoothed and polished to a ball no bigger than a golf ball. The gem instantly captivated Wufie; he had never seen anything like it before. With a huff Wufie looked back at the Dragon King.

"Fine, I accept. There is absolutely nothing I can't handle," sneered Wufie.

The gently smile once again returned to Lykouleon's face as he breathed a sigh of relief and held the ting crystal out to Wufie. Wufie's fingers just barely skimmed the surface of the orb before it glowed a bright green and began floating. Wufie watched in wonder as it drew closer to him and got absorbed in his chest. Warmth lit Wufie up as he felt it power spread form his fingers tips to his toes. It was like a forest was turned into a blanket and was now wrapped around him. When it was over Wufie felt light headed, his body tingled, and he could feel the orb now inside him.

"You feel a little awkward for a while so I suggest you rest," suggested Lykouleon.

Wufie awkwardly shook his head and went back to sleep. Ruwalk and Alfeegi looked nervously at their King.

"Your Majesty are you sure this is a good idea," asked Ruwalk.

"The future holds uncertainty for all of us," answered Lykouleon, "This boy has suffered… I can see much more suffering in his future… I don't want this poor boy to follow Rath's path. Hating everyone that loves him and wishing for nothing but death."

Alfeegi and Ruwalk stayed silent their faces contorted with pain… No one deserved that pain.

To be continued…