Warning: If you don't like abrupt, speedy, poorly written, past Mary-sue-ish, and clichéd chapters, stop right now, and pretend the story was finished at chapter six. The only reason I'm putting this out is so people will know a few things that had made me believe (before I started writing this story) that it wouldn't turn Mary-sue, but this chapter proves the fact that it did. So, you've been warned, harshly! As of now I am planning on writing Egyptian Earth (Harry + Hermione)

The title of this chapter is by Sherrilyn Kenyon!

Chapter Seven: In your past lies your future…

It had been about a month since Ginny had first been with Draco and it wasn't what she'd expected. What she got instead of a one nightstand and meanness to follow was frequent secret meetings and long hours in Draco's room. He seemed different some how, nice even.

…And it wasn't just about the sex, even though it was absolutely amazing, there would be some nights when they'd just study together. One night Draco had actually asked her to read to him. That had been the best night of her life. They had just lain in his big soft bed, while he held her hand or played with her hair.

Ginny could have actually almost called them a couple. Until she said she loved him and then gently kissed his lips. It was as if she could see everything spiraling out of control before her eyes from then on. He stopped catching her eye in the hallways before class, he stopped his cute lopsided-grins that made her insides turn to jell-o, then he eventually stopped kissing her, then he stopped talking to her. It was going on three weeks today. The day Draco had stopped talking to her. It was three weeks ago. Three weeks of not hearing his voice. She could hardly believe it, bear it.

What had her life been like without him?

She knew what she sounded like, she'd spent a good portion of her time hating clinging-I-can't-live-without-you girl types, but now…now she understood. The need to be with the one you love was suffocating when you couldn't be with them.

She held her tears back. It had been the longest three weeks of her life. Her brother had found out that they'd been intimate, which didn't prove well with the family. She should have known he would have mailed a letter to mum. She got banned from four Quidditch matches for cursing out Madam Hooch on, what Ginny had assumed to be a 'lousy call'. She found a book, which pretty much said the girl in her vision could not have been the Princess Nefernefrure, which was actually old news, but reading it another thousandth time just made her even crankier. …And, what hurt the most was Draco seemed to be allowing Pansy to hang all over him, again, and blatantly in front of her. Ginny had even seen them snogging in a corner near Hogsmeade. Ginny could have sworn she'd died that day.

And it was just a few days after that actually, that Draco had the gall to pull her into the empty Transfigurations classroom.

"Ginny—I have to talk to you," Draco growled softly in her ear, clutching her arm, and pulling her into the empty classroom.

"Let go of me this instant," Ginny growled. "You've no right to touch me."

"Actually, I have every right, but we aren't going to get into that right now!"

Ginny snorted in disbelief. "Where do you get off telling me-?"

"There are three death eaters in the school…Poly-juiced as students. They're after the reincarnated Egyptian Princess. She's you right? It's why-it's why I've been staying away from you."

"Here I thought it was because you're a man who doesn't like it when a girl says she loves him. And I-I don't know if I'm the princess. How does-"

"An archeologist, who happened to be a follower of yours truly, came upon a prophecy…"

Ginny rolled her eyes and clucked her tongue. "Right, because you know, there's always a damn prophecy."

Draco shook her slightly. "That's not the point! I don't know whom the death eaters are posing as. More importantly, they plan on killing you."

"Me?" Ginny whispered.

She frowned, searching his face. It wasn't as if she'd be able to tell if he were lying or not.

"That's why I need to know if you're the princess."

Ginny folded her arms in front of her. "I don't know! How exactly will they know?"

"They have this potion that when poured on the skin it will turn green. The color of the element the princess yields—Earth."

Ginny blinked, shook her head. "Well then, that can't be right."

Draco raised an eyebrow, his hands still unknowing caressing her arms, causing Ginny to shiver slightly. "What?"

"My working element is fire!"

Draco exhaled and did something Ginny hadn't expected of him. He dropped his forehead to hers and smiled a very genuine smile. "Thank-"

"Well that just means that it isn't me. Someone else is in danger!"

Draco stared at her, his fingers entangling her hair, holding her in place. "It isn't you, so who cares. I wasn't going to tell you, I was actually just going to steal you away, until I found out it was going to happen today. Don't worry about it. Who cares?"

"I do! I'm her protector."

"You don't even know who you're supposed to protect! You don't even know if you're really her protector!" he hissed angrily.

Ginny shook her head. "No, no I do. I know. Oh Merlin," her eyes widened, "I know who it is!"

"Get the Mudblood," a rancid scream echoed through the hall.

Ginny froze as a tiny gasp escaped her lips. She had barely stepped out of the empty Transfiguration classroom before she heard that evil shriek. And she moved, as if on instinct, running towards them until she saw the curly brown haired girl clawing at her captor. Ginny stopped in her tracks feeling anger so fierce that it almost took her breath away. Her left arm went in front of her face, her right behind her back, and her legs braced horizontally apart. It was then that she felt the cool metal of something very solid and heavy in her right hand. The skin of the arm in front of her line of vision turned gold, the red pieces of her hair that had been resting down her shoulders turned completely black as if ink had been poured into her hair, her school uniform changed, and along the parts of golden skin she could she were intricate black lines and hieroglyphics tattooed to her body.

My entire body is a gold color—what the hell is going on?

Her garments consisted of a tiny slip of a brown, slightly itchy, cover up, which wrapped around her hips, and was so incredibly short that Ginny knew all to well that if she were to bend over, all of Hogwarts, or at least the few people around, would get a view of her unmentionables. Her top wasn't as bad as the cover up for her bottom half. It was in a bikini style that was so tan it almost looked see through.

"What the hell is that?" A death eater cried.

It was then Ginny caught a glimpse of herself in the tiny knife that had just appeared in her left hand. It was like her vision—her eyes were completely black, her face colored with gold, black, and indigo colors—her hair entirely black. "What's happened to me?" Ginny whispered just as her mind blanked.

It was as if the air had changed around all of them. It was so thick it seemed electric.

"G-Ginny?" Hermione whispered at the girl who'd just magically changed her appearance in front of her.

Ginny's stance was a warrior stance. Hermione had done extensive research on Jujitsu, Judo and the like, but she looked like she was an Egyptian warrior the way she was dressed.

Ginny turned her head to gaze at Hermione and she flinched at what she saw on Ginny's face. "I will protect you my princess," Ginny commanded softly, her voice lilting with a completely different, deeper accent, her black eyes staring directly at Hermione.

An Egyptian accent possibly?

It was then that the second of the death eaters attacked. Ginny's right arm, which had been posed behind her back, flipped forward, a spear appearing form black smoke in her hand. She leapt forward with a grace that would have surprised anyone, and landed the unlucky death eater a blow to the face. A loud crack echoing through the air caused Hermione to flinch in disgust. Ginny then did what looked like a roundhouse kick toward the next death eater that had launched himself towards Hermione.

It was as if Ginny had been born a fighter, as if she lived and breathed the fight. She was moving so quickly Hermione could barely make out her moves. When one of the death eaters got lucky and knocked Ginny's weapons out of her hand she stopped, turning her head eerily to the side staring him down.

Hermione yelped as another death eater came towards her. The first two had been distracting Ginny so that they could get Hermione, but Ginny had heard the squeak. In response, Ginny did a wide reach in the opposite direction of where Hermione was, a sword appearing out of thin air in her hand, and just like lightening, Ginny flung the sword straight into the death eaters heart, without even giving him a glance.

My wand, I should get my wand, Hermione thought to herself. She'd been in situation far worse than this, but it was as if she was being weighted down by lead.

The first death eater that had tried to distract Ginny leapt forward, knocking the sword out of her hand. He swung, left punch, right punch, Ginny blocking every single one until it seemed that Ginny had started to become highly irritated. With both hands she grabbed each of his wrists, her leg swiftly rising between their bodies, kicking him in the face. Her foot had knocked him so hard that Hermione had wondered if his neck had snapped.

The last moving death eater came out from behind the shadows, drawing his wand. Ginny jerked her head towards him and rolled her eyes. She then launched in a series of back flips and cartwheels down the hallway, managing to avoid every curse that was slung at her. She ran quickly, leaping forward and kicking off the wall to connect a powerful blow to the mans jaw.

With the threat gone it seemed the Egyptian clad Ginny had calmed down, but she remained in the odd clothing. Ginny walked towards Hermione and bowed down onto one knee, touching her forehead to the floor. "My princess," Ginny murmured.

"Ah, I think I know who the princess is that Ginny's supposed to protect," Ron stated, his voice so shocked it sounded as if he might faint.

"You always did have a knack for pointing out the obvious didn't you Ron?" Harry managed to whisper.

"Ginny, get up," Hermione whispered, reaching down to pull her up.

Ginny slowly raised herself, her head turning towards Harry, Draco, and Ron. Ginny quickly went in front of Harry and bowed, but not as low to the ground as she did with Hermione. "My prince," Ginny whispered.

"Ah—" Harry threw his hands up and stared, blinking rapidly when her eyes lifted to his. She got up from her bow once more and then turned her eyes towards Draco.

She smiled softly up at him, making what seemed like a loving motion with her hand over his face. "My love," she whispered, before leaning towards him, and kissing him deeply. "Reunited at last…love holds no bounds."

"So, ah, a question, if Hermione's the princess and Harry's the prince does that mean they're lovers or that Harry's the prince of some place else?" Ron asked to no one in particular.

Hermione scoffed and lifted her head up to tell the redhead to stop being ridiculous, but when she saw Harry starring intently at her, she lost her words.

Hermione swore she nearly fainted when Ginny once again, bowed down in front of her. "Ginny please don't that!"

"As you wish," Ginny smiled, and then suddenly jerked back, gasping for breath, falling into Draco.

"What's happening? Are you having a vision?" Draco asked, slightly panicked.

Her fingers gripped his forearms as her body stopped jerking from the vision aftermath. Slowly Ginny lifted her black eyes up to Draco.

"You betrayed me. You and Air, however I won't kill, I don't know why, perhaps it's your magical trickery, but I still love you. I guarantee that it will die soon and when it does so will you," she whispered weakly to him.

Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall, who had arrived too late, stared at the group both wondering what exactly they were saying to each other. It's wasn't as if they knew Ancient Egyptian.


I know, clichéd, Mary-sued all up and down, wasn't the way I planed it (although Hermione was going to be the Egyptian Princess in the real way I had it), and I'm sure some of my facts are wrong, but I didn't want to leave it incomplete, couldn't leave it incomplete because I do plan on writing Egyptian Earth, like I said. I've come to the conclusion that I don't care if it's Mary-sue because I still like it and of course I'm sure a lot of you will think it's cringe worthy, but don't have to read it if you don't want to you know?

Inspiration for this chapter:

The way Ginny looks: The gold, black, and indigo colors meaning loyalty etc…came from Fushigi Yugi and the Seriyu Seven. The fight scene (if you hadn't already noticed) was a mixture of influence from The Mummy Returns and The 5th Element.


Title: Egyptian Earth

Summary[Second of the Egyptian Trilogy If finding out that in another life she was an Egyptian Princess with power over the element Earth wasn't enough to take in, then all Hermione needed to add to that was knowing that her best friend Harry Potter had been her lover in that life. Not only does she have to figure out how to handle the situation, but what her feelings are for Harry, or better yet, his feelings for her. (A/N: To understand this story you must read Egyptian Fire.)