Sweet Sassy Demon

It's amazing how something as simple as a kiss can make such a strong impact on someone. Unfortunately this was the wrong impact that was expected for the kisser as I slugged the jerk to no end.

Let me start over. My name is Kelly Kimoto, I'm currently 17, I go to high school (I'm not telling which one, a girls gotta keep some secrets) I lived in the USA (not telling which state, STAKERS!) and I've been an orphan until I was 8 years old. I lived with my guardian, Fujitaka Kimoto; I just call him dad. Since I'm on the subject I might as well give a brief explanation about it.

I don't know my parents; they left me in the street when I was too young to even remember them. I've been living on the streets ever since then, stealing food, begging, and avoiding the orphanage because who ever wants to go there, its like saying sorry kid but I can't keep you anymore because I have better uses for my money, (not like my situation was any different.) or like sorry I can't take care of you anymore, I know you'll find a better live with someone else. I never wanted to admit it but in some way I was still hoping my real parents would return to me, but they never did… Oh! Sorry I got off topic. Any way Fujitaka found me on the streets, picked me up (note: I was kicking and screaming) brought me to his parents and declared 'This is my daughter.' I had never been so shocked in my life and ever since then he's been my dad and I've done my best to not disappoint him or make him abandon me like my real parents, though it did take some time for me to get use to it.

He's single and is 27 years old, so if there is anyone that is reading this and is interested and do take note he is not gay. (AN:\ Just a reminder this is a complete work of fiction. None of the characters really exist.) I might as well describe myself to you so you have some idea what I look like. I have long black hair, and I have hazel eyes, and if I do say so myself I have average looks. Everybody tells me I'm pretty or beautiful, but to tell you the truth I hate being called that I prefer ugly or average. I don't know why, probably because I don't want to be those idiots in those magazine that put down others because they say their pretty, forcing those poor victims to go on painful diets. (No offense but I just don't like it.)

So where am I now lets see. Oh yeah! I just finished talking about myself. You're probably wondering about that kissing part. Well I suppose I could tell you about it and skip the parts in between but if I did you asked 'WAIT! How'd your get there?' So to make sure that doesn't happen I'll start when all my troubles happened. It was my 17th birthday. I didn't have a birthday so Dad gave me one. It was Saturday and I was watching Yu-Gi-Oh in the living room, ever since I first saw Anime I've been hooked onto that stuff. I was holding a small deck of cards in my hand. Staring blankly at the TV like I was turning into a zombie.


I could feel a hand slightly shake me, and I finally broke free from my trance. I turned to see dad smiling his, happy- go- lucky smile at me, I smiled back. Dad was always so nice to me and I felt like I was the luckiest girl out there to find such a great person.

"Kelly I have an important business meeting with the CEO of that company I work for today so I thought…" began dad as he pointed at our dinner table.

A stack of presents and a beautiful birthday cake with real red and white roses surrounding it occupied the table. What can I say my dad and me spoil each other to no end, but we also try to be humble about it?

"We could have it in the morning, instead of the afternoon this time," finished dad.

"Cool! How'd you get all this here with out me noticing," I asked in excitement like a child at Christmas time.

"You were too busy to notice when I was putting them on the table and baking the cake," answered dad.

I could feel my face turn completely red, like I said before, zombie.

"And the roses?"

"I picked them from the garden. I know red and white roses are your favorite."

We both sat at the table and dad sang happy birthday to me as I thought of a wish to make on the cake, my face if at all possible grew a brighter red, with each note. Finally after the song was over I blew out the candles.

"So what was your wish," asked dad as he cut the cake and gave me a slice.

"I can't tell, it won't come true if I tell," I answered happily. (I'm not telling you either.)

We both happily ate the cake. Talking about what was going on in our lives and what dad's meeting was about. Then finally we got to the present. It was cool dad got me a cell phone, a personal CD player with a few CD's: Yu-Gi- Oh the soundtrack, Inuyasha soundtrack, Final Fantasy soundtrack. I also got two books one for sketching, the other for writing. More Yu-Gi-Oh cards, a tin that goes with them, colored pencils, a cool leather backpack, some clothes form grandma and grandpa, and some money.

"COOL!" I cried looking at my stuff.

"Try on the outfit I want to know if it fits," said dad as I ran to try it on.

Once the outfit was on I looked at myself in the mirror, the clothes were comfortable, I wore a big blue baggy jeans with lots of pockets, a white sleeveless shirt a set of blue wings on the back that was semi tight, black gloves with the fingers cut off and blue flames, and blue mocks. After a nod of approval and went and showed dad. He liked it and said it looked good on me, and after asking me to put away all my stuff he left for work. Deciding to do it later I put all the stuff in my bag sat in the chair next to my bag and began watching Yu-Gi-Oh again while looking through my deck. But once again I was interrupted as the doorbell rang. Getting up to go to the door I reached it and opened the door. No one was at the door only a package with my name on it.

Picking it up I returned to the cool shelter of my house, in the comfortable chair I was once sitting in. I read the message on the package again.

To: Kelly Kimoto

From: Faraway friend.

Happy Birthday!

Curious I went to the kitchen again and grabbed a knife, cutting the tape open. Putting the knife back I returned to the chair and my bag. Slowly I opened the package and gasped at the sight in front of me. Very kind of jeweler that ever existed was in held in the package. Taking the necklace I got a good view of what it was made of, in the center was a garnet stone with a slit in the center that was black, making it appear like an eye at first sight, their where Egyptian like bracelets, and anklets, one earring like Marik's and the other was a small sword, and a ring that had a white crystal. The only thing the package didn't have was a tiara (Thank the heavens. No offense but that was a bit too much jeweler as it is, if they had sent the tiara I would have send it back saying 'You spoiling me rotten!) In its place however was a strangely glowing orb.

'What in the world were they thinking,' I thought as I lifted each of the objects to see the sun shine off the gold objects.

"Who sent me this again?" I said as I rummage threw the box again. There was only a little note that said 'Wear them all at once.' Like that was going to help. Looking at the box again all I saw was 'faraway friend.' Darn it that wasn't helping a single bit. Frustrated I grabbed the note again and decide to follow the instructions. I took out my tin of Yu-Gi-Oh cards put the others with them, put it back in my bag with the orb and ocarina. Slowly I put the entire jeweler on, that stuff was heavy. Looking back at the reflection in the TV I had to admit I looked like a severely pale Egyptian. That's when things began to get really weird. 'Alright this is just stupid,' I thought as I grabbed my backpack to go to my room and take off the stupid jeweler. Suddenly a bright light came, I remember the feeling of it swallowing me up the sensation of everything being closed off possessing me, I couldn't see, hear, or even think, all I could feel were my emotions that was swirling inside of me which were surprise and fear. Pain prickled every part or my body, it was like a person taking a knife and deciding to use it for doodling on you, instead of a pen. I didn't know if I was screaming, but I sure hope I was though. It hurts… It… hurts. Was the only thing I could think as I got my mind back and was slowly fading away into nothingness.

When I came to I don't really think I was in my right mind, I couldn't open my eyes and every little sound I heard was slowly processed. When my head began to clear a little more the first thought that came to my head was, ' that's it I'm never going just follow instruction from some guy I don't even know. It for my own health.' My eyes were still too heavy to open, and my body was still in pain, so I just lay there, listening to the sounds around me, rubbing my feet together to show I was awake. My feet always did that in the morning when I didn't want to get up, and you know it just simply annoying, even to me. I could hear the constant beeping of a machine next to me, air was being pumped into my nose, and I heard the continuous drip of water. 'I'm in a hospital,' I thought as I put the sounds together. Then a new sound came to my ears as the sound of the opening and closing of a door, two pairs of quiet feet scuttled to my bedside.

"Hey look Seto! Her face it has its color again. She's still alive, I thought the doctors said she might die."

My ears slight prickled up to the fimiliarality of the voice. It sounded like Mokuba from the TV show Yu-Gi- Oh.

"They did, she must be some stubborn woman to come back from all those injuries… Mokuba what are you doing," said another voice just like Seto Kabia's voice from the show.

"I'm going to see if I can add more color to her face," replied the small boy. A picture of him and what he was going to do flashed through my mind. Instantly I opened my eyes, fearing what he was going to do.

"WAIT! You don't have to do that," I cried fearing the powder make up.

Too late, but thankfully he didn't have the make up or markers I was fearing he'd force on my face. Instead he turn the air valve all the way on forcing too much air to be pumped into my lungs, too much to handle. I ripped the dreadful thing away from me and began coughing like I had been in a fire. The tears wielded in my eye for at first having too much air than having too little, obscuring my vision. The smaller boy began to pat me on the back to help get the air back in me; it wasn't helping.

"Seto I woke her up at least," said the small boy in a little embarrassment.

"At least she's awake I need a few questions answered anyway… Mokuba your patting isn't helping, you look like you're killing her," replied Seto as the patting stopped, which I was very grateful for.

"Now down to business, who are you," asked Seto. (I still couldn't see.)

"Kelly Kimoto," I answered back still coughing my lungs out.

"Why were you at my house?"

"Your house? What are you talking about I was at my house before I blacked out and ended up here."

"Seto remember there was that storm and then a sky began to bend to a shape like dripping paint and the girl emerged from it," chimed in the boy. Slowly I caught my breath and wiped away my tears.

Seto's P.O.V

I glared down on at the girl as she wiped the tears away. Mokuba was right the girl had emerged from a sky like that, which was weird enough. Finally I looked into the girl's eyes for the first time. I had never seen such strange eyes they were two colors at once. The inside was splashed light brown while the out side was forest green with a slight blue tint to it. I heard Mokuba gasp as the strange girl and him locked eye to eye.

Her face visibly pale as she looked from Mokuba to me. She seemed scared about something as she locked our eyes together.

"You guys aren't my neighbors, unless I missed something and you moved in the day my neighbors decided to sell their house," said the girl.

(Sweat drop.)

Kelly's P.O.V

What the heck was I saying? Of course they weren't my neighbors. This was Seto and Mokuba Kabia for the TV show Yu-Gi-Oh. And judging by the looks of Seto, he's not happy. 'What am I going to do! I can't say I know all about them through a TV show!' I thought in panic. 'Wait! How'd I get here!'

No P.O.V

Kelly began to look around the room; panic and fear riddled her features. Mokuba and Seto watched the girl in confusion.

"Where am I," asked Kelly.

"Your in Domino Hospital," answered Mokuba. "We found you completely injured. All those cuts were really bad."

Kelly looked down at herself noticing all the bandages on her for the first. They were on all the same spots were she had placed the jeweler.

"What happened to all my clothes and stuff," asked Kelly.

" Your clothes and stuff are at our house," answered Seto.

"And the jeweler I was wearing. Is it with you?" asked Kelly again.

"Jeweler? What Jeweler? All that came out was a pack back, and an orb," answered Mokuba.

"!… Oh no. How am I going to send it back," whimpered Kelly.

Then a sudden realization dawned on her. 'Forget sending them! How am I going to get home? I'm trapped here in Yu- Gi- OH world with only a few possessions, with no idea of what to do!' thought Kelly in absolute shock. Then as quick a lighting everything turned black, and Kelly slumped back onto her pillow, passing out again.

Mean While

"Did she get the package," asked a man pouring over a book that was in his hands. The title read 'Kharl's Demon's Bible.'

The man was extremely handsome he looked the age of 20, he had long flowing dark blue hair held in a high ponytail, his eyes were cold and ruthless red, he wore completely black clothes, a strong gold chain hung around his neck a black gem at the end.

"Yes sire. She received the package and followed the direction," answered a disgusting monster that appeared from the shadows.

"Excellent. So where is she now?" asked the man.

"She is in another world, in a place called Domino," answered the beast.

"And did she absorb the jeweler?"

"Yes, but Master Zell there was one more object in the box."

The man named Zell looked up from his book for the first time, glaring down on the monster.

"What was the object?" he asked harshly.

"A-A-A orb," stuttered the monster in fear.

The man went rigid in anger for a bit, but then calmed down and smiled to himself.

"I see how interesting, well he can't stop me now it's too late for that," whispered Zell turning back to his book.

"Master, this one thinks we should stop," said the monster nervously.

Zell didn't even pass a glance; he just grabbed the monsters head and ripped off. Blood spewed everywhere as the corpse fell to the ground, but not a single speck of it got on Zell. Zell didn't even bother to look up.

"Fool, that girl is necessary for my plans, and I can't have a human. With that jeweler absorbed into her flesh she'll become a demon, it might be slow, but very affective and what's best is she won't notice till it's too late," said Zell as he turned another page of his book, smiling cruelly. Showing fangs that would make Dracula proud.

"After all no one can do it but her, and I always love tainted purity."

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