An X-Files/Star Gate SG-1 crossover

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AN: This is the first story I have ever attempted so any reviews/help/critiques that can be given will be greatly appreciated. This is set sometime after season 9 of X-Files and sometime early in season 8 of SG-1 after Gen. O'Neill takes over the SGC. As before if there are any Big problems with the timeline let me know and I'll try to edit it.

1000 hours

J. Edgar Hoover Building

Washington D.C.

Ding. Inside the elevator a lovely red haired woman was staring at the numbers as they counted up. Dana Scully sighed as she got off the elevator on the eighth floor of the F.B.I. headquarters. She looked around to get her bearings and couldn't help thinking how she could be talked into coming back after all that had happened to her and her then partner, now husband, Fox Mulder. She walked down the hall and stopped at the outer office door of the director, Walter Skinner. She paused with her hand on the knob, steeling her nerves, then opened the door and walked into, with a nod to Skinner's new secretary, Joan Fitzsimmins, Director Skinner's office without waiting to be announced.

Skinner looked up startled before greeting Scully. "Dana, please come in and have a seat." He looked over to the door where Joan had stopped after following Scully. "It's alright, Miss Fitzsimmins. That will be all." After Joan left the room, Scully finally asked Skinner the question she had been asking herself all morning, "Why am I here director?" Skinner, a balding man, in his early 50's, sat, took off his glasses, and looked down at his hands on his desk, before answering. "As Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations I have taken it upon myself to reopen the X-Files, and I need an agent that will have an open mind but can also be a skeptic. The current administration is open to the idea that we are not alone but is unwilling to allow that knowledge to be opened to the public at this time. That is why I need you to come back to work. You will be reinstated at your previous position as Special Agent with a considerable pay raise. Along with this you will be given a partner who you will certainly be able to work with and you both will answer only to me, all I require at this time is an answer right now."

Scully was slightly startled at this revelation and took a breath before answering. "Sir, this certainly comes as a shock after everything that has happened over the last nine years, and all the denials and cover-ups that Mulder and I have had to endure, as well as both mine and Mulder's abductions. We just got back from our honeymoon", still using their last names, "and hoped to just lay low and relax for awhile but. . ." She paused before continuing, "I owe you more then words can say. You have saved Mulder's and my life and job more times then I can count, so the only way I can repay you is by accepting this on the condition that after this assignment my new partner can carry on and I will be allowed to slip quietly back into retirement."

Skinner nodded his agreement and stood. "Your partner is waiting in the basement in the old office." Scully stood and left the office trying to figure out how she would be able to explain to Mulder that she had been sucked back in to work at the F.B.I. The elevator opened and she stepped in thinking of the events of the morning.

Mulder had woken up at six that morning and started making breakfast

for them both when the phone rang which was odd now that they both were

not working for the government. He was just hanging up when Scully walked

into the dining room of their apartment and started drinking her coffee. "Who

was that?" she asked. "Salesman" Mulder replied looking distracted. After he

finished his eggs Mulder had gotten up to change and go for his morning run. "I'll

be back later this morning I have an interview and some errands to run. Love you."

He kissed her on the forehead and left her wondering why he felt it necessary to lie to her this morning.

The doors opened and she turned left down the dark hall. She took a breath before knocking on the once familiar office door and heard the all to familiar response, first heard nine years ago, "Nobody here but the F.B.I.'s Most Unwanted." Scully turned the knob and burst into the office to face her new partner. "Mulder, what are you doing here?" Scully exclaimed surprised. Mulder turned in his chair looking chagrined at Scully. "Hey honey, I knew Skinner would be able to get you to come back." Scully shook that off and went on with her questions. "When did you come back and why didn't you tell me?"

Mulder thought for a second then replied "I came back this morning. The phone call was Skinner, asking if I would come in for a minute to discuss some things. I'm glad I did though because soon after I got down here, I received a call from the Lone Gunmen. They still have better contacts then anyone would suspect. They knew I had returned to the F.B.I. and had some information they thought I would want to see." He handed over a manila folder, which Scully took and looked through. "Incidentally these are the same images Skinner showed me this morning, so we know they are authentic."

"What am I looking at Mulder?" she asked looking over the folder at him. "Do you remember the 'electrical storm' at the South Pole a few months ago? Well, this may have been uncovered by the storm at the same time." Scully looked from the satellite images to Mulder and back again. "It sounds like you don't believe that story." Scully smirked. He smiled slightly and answered back, "Let's just say I don't think our tickets to Australia will go to waste." While holding up two First Class plane tickets.

Same time

Star Gate Command

Cheyenne Mountain Complex

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Col. Samantha Carter, a gorgeous 30-something, short haired blonde, was sitting at her desk looking at the latest device brought back from SG-1's latest trip through the gate to P3X-784, when a Staff Sgt. stepped into the lab carrying a folder. Carter looked up when he cleared his throat. "Can I help you Sgt."

"Yes Ma'am. This just came for you." He snapped a salute which she returned then as the Sgt left the lab Carter opened the folder. What was in there put her in shock. She jumped out of her chair and ran for the briefing room and the office of Brigadier General O'Neill.

Brigadier General Jack O'Neill, a sandy haired man with a strong face, sat in his office trying to get used to the idea that it was he and not General Hammond who was in command of the secret military instillation known as Star Gate Command or SGC for short. Jack sat staring at his computer screen and cursing under his breath at the amount of paperwork that came with the job, when a knock at the door brought him back to the real world. "Come" he called and in came Col. Carter. "Sam, what brings you up here? Got something for us to do" he asked not able to hide his boredom as well as he used to. "Yes sir" was the short answer as she handed over the file she carried. "As you can see sir," she began, "we may have a bit of a problem."

O'Neill read the cover page of the report then looked up at Carter. "Get Daniel and T'ealc and gather in the briefing room." Thirty minutes later SG-1 was sitting around the long conference table. "Carter, would you like to begin." Jack offered. "Yes sir." The lights went down and the projector turned on displaying the Arctic wasteland with a Goa'uld Mother Ship in center frame. Dr. Jackson sat up straight, Is that what I think it is?" "It is indeed Daniel Jackson." replied T'ealc in his usual dry tone. "A Goa'uld Mother Ship."

Carter continued "The question is how long has it been in the open. Our satellites just picked it up but who knows who else has picked it up." "Options?" O'Neill asked. "I've been thinking about that, sir." Carter started. "If we were to send a team of scientists there and made it look like they were being pulled out we could claim it was a military experiment on forming an artificial biosphere for long range space travel." O'Neill looked skeptical when he asked "And you think people will believe that." "It's the only thing to do sir." "How long will it take to get the ordinance together?" "It'll take about five hours for the travel arrangements and to get the explosives we'll need." Daniel looking perplexed interrupted and asked "excuse me, explosives?" "Yes, explosives to destroy any and all evidence it was there after conducting a full investigation to see if anything can be salvaged."

O'Neill looked at them all doubtfully and said "Alright let's do it. Daniel get a list of doc's that you think can fool people if needed and T'ealc head to the armory and get the ordinance we need, on my order. I've got a few calls to make." With that said preparations were made to create one more government cover-up.