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Chapter One: Give 'Em Hell Kid


Harry was growing more and more excited as his seventh year at Hogwarts was approaching. He was mostly excited for he was finally able to leave the Dursleys tomorrow and never return.

He was determined not to visit his dear aunt, uncle, and cousin ever again. He started to pack up all his belongings when he heard a pounding at the door to his room.

His heart sank. He knew what was coming.

Ever since Harry's first summer after going to Hogwarts, his Uncle Vernon started to abuse him. At first, Vernon only starved the kid, skipping a couple of days at a time without giving Harry any food.

It wouldn't have been too bad, but Uncle Vernon made Harry do all the cooking, making sure to order Harry to cook extravagant meals every time the boy wasn't fed.

Then, one night after his second year, Harry got beat for the first time. Harry had always been smacked around a bit every once in a while, but this was his first beating.

Harry hadn't eaten in three days, so he decided to try to sneak food while preparing his relatives' dinner. Vernon had found out before Harry could enjoy one bite of the food and he hit Harry.

Vernon didn't see this as sufficient punishment, so he hit Harry again and then again; another smack, then a kick, a blow to the head, a punch to the stomach; it continued on and on.

Then, when Harry was barely conscious, but still able to see what was going on, Vernon took the morsels of food from Harry's possession and slowly ate them in front of the boy, making sure to enjoy every last bit of it.

The beatings kept getting worse and more frequent until the last one two days ago where Vernon used a chain to aid his beating of Harry.

Harry was passed out for a day, only to regain consciousness because Vernon smacked him across the face, demanding the boy to cook dinner.

Now, as Harry slowly packed up (the pain caused him to pack slowly) his belongings, his door slammed open, falling off its hinges. Harry had no time to react when the fat man of an uncle attacked Harry. Vernon started punching him, over and over, not letting up.

After a few minutes of the beating, Vernon stopped and left. Harry wasn't sure if it was over. He tried to figure out what to do, but was too phased to think anything up.

Then, several moments later, Vernon came in with a knife and yet another chain. Harry had encountered a knife in beatings before, and no longer feared it.

The knife was usually used to carve 'freak' and other such phrases into Harry's back. Vernon slowly made his way across the room to Harry, wrapping the chain around his hand.

When he was mere inches away from the boy, he quietly said "I thought I'd go all out tonight Harry," saying Harry's name like that made the boy want to vomit, "with you likely not returning. Think of this as a goodbye present."

Then, with great force, Vernon crashed the chain into Harry's shoulder. This went on for about forty-five minutes, Vernon clobbering Harry with his chain-covered fist and slicing and dicing with the knife into Harry's back and he only stopped after Harry blacked out.

But before he left, he gave one last blow with his fist to Harry's ribcage, for good measure.

Harry woke up the next day unable to move. He wasn't bound or anything, he was simply in so much pain he couldn't bear it. After a few minutes of gathering his strength, Harry managed to get up. It took him another five hours to pack his things, and by the time he made it down the stairs to the door, it was seven at night.

Harry groaned as Vernon requested, scratch that, ordered him to cook a lobster dinner. Upon hearing the groan, Vernon punched Harry in the back, causing the boy to collapse. Vernon calmly said, "Get up and fix dinner," as if the boy wasn't in unbearable pain.

Harry slowly pushed himself off the floor and made his way to the kitchen. After cooking, watching the Dursleys eat (he had to sit at the table during dinner even if he wasn't fed) not getting any food himself, and cleaning the dishes, Harry finally was able to leave.

He went to the door, picked up his luggage, and opened the door. Vernon called to Harry from across the hallway rather smugly, "Wait, aren't you going to say goodbye to the people who raised you all this time out of the kindness of their hearts?"

Harry stood in his tracks for a few seconds before screaming at the top of his lungs "FUCK YOU!"

Harry was out the door before Vernon could get his hands on the little brat.


Harry, despite his pain, ran from his former house, counting down the days when he could return to his home, Hogwarts. Harry looked around for Dumbledore who was to arrive to take Harry to Hogsmeade.

Harry looked at his watch; ten o'clock. He had to wait another half an hour before Dumbledore would arrive. He sat on his luggage, thinking about how he would never ever have to return to this wretched place.

For the first time the whole summer, perhaps even the last year, he was happy. He hadn't remembered being this happy for so long. Ever since Sirius died, Harry felt hollow. But now knowing that he had freedom from his horrible relatives, there was no way Harry couldn't feel so utterly happy.

Before long, the streetlights began to go out and Dumbledore arrived. He saw a bloody, bruised Harry sitting there with a stupid smile on his face.

Dumbledore was confused, to say the least. Harry noticed the headmaster after a few moments, seeing the confused look on his face.

Harry didn't know what was confusing Dumbledore until he realized he was beaten to a pulp. Harry quickly explained to the Professor, "I….um….well…..I got in a bit of a scuffle with Vernon….." Dumbledore was about to ask more from the boy, but decided upon waiting until they were in a more suitable situation.

Harry struggled to pick up his luggage, but Dumbledore effortlessly levitated them off the ground. "Come on Harry, let's go before it gets too late." Harry nodded, grabbing onto Dumbledore's arm as they apparated to Hogsmeade.

Once there, Dumbledore walked Harry to the Leaky Cauldron, where Harry would be staying the last few weeks of break. Harry was escorted up to his room where an awkward silence ensued.

"Well," Dumbledore started, breaking a bit of the tension, "I must be going; we'll talk within the next few days, Harry." Harry nodded, and with that Dumbledore was gone.

Harry was starving from having no food in the past four days, but too exhausted to care. He collapsed onto his bed, fast asleep before his head hit the pillow.


Harry awoke the next day around noon. He got up, still extremely sore, but now far too hungry to notice. He rushed down to get breakfast.

He ordered some pancakes and a glass of orange juice. He wanted to order more, but knew all too well his stomach wouldn't be able to handle more than a few morsels of food. Nontheless, Harry finished his breakfast very satisfied. He went back up to his room for a little nap.

He woke up again around seven, surprised at how long he had slept. He then decided to walk around Hogsmeade in order to relax. He went in a few shops to browse, but wasn't paying too much attention. He was mainly thinking.

Thinking about his life now that he was Dursley-less, how he would explain to Dumbledore that he had been beaten on a regular basis the past six years, and how happy he was returning to Hogwarts, with a twinge of sadness at this being his last year.

Before Harry knew it, it was a quarter to ten. He started his trek back to the Leaky Cauldron when he heard a quiet groan. He looked around and didn't see anything, so he started walking again. He heard another groan, this one a bit louder, sounding like someone had said "Help".

Harry began searching around for where the noises where coming from. He entered a dark alleyway, and gasped, stumbling back at what he saw.