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Well, er... author notes at the end...

Chapter XX: Accidentally in love

"We are what we are, enough with the stories and history", Gabriel Celaya

"Come on, fall asleep, fall asleep, fall asleep, dammit!", with a grunt an a hit to the mattress, Anakin decided to give up one more time. He couldn't sleep, his mantra hadn't worked, counting ships hadn't work, calling Padmé hadn't work (well, so she had suggested not very kindly to go look for Obi-wan for some midnight entertainment, but he was not going to do that), a glass of milk hadn't worked, focusing on the Force hadn't worked and now, a few minutes after the sun had risen, it was pretty clear that no method was going to work. Great.

With a second grunt, Anakin moved the four blankets that were covering him and that, for some reason, gave him no extra heat, and took his steps to the bathroom. He would get a shower and then he would go and train for a long time, enough for his tired body to fall irremediably on the mattress and for his mind to focus on the moves of his sword.

Half dragging his feet, Anakin reached the general training room. Most people preferred smaller ones, but he felt better among other people, looking at his own movements, comparing, correcting his techniques. The lightsaber was an incredible instrument, and he would never learn to use completely, there was always something new, something to improve, and Anakin enjoyed doing it. In any case, he doubted there would be someone there at this time of the morning. Nevertheless, he wasn't surprised when the only presence in the room was that of Obi-wan Kenobi.

Obi-wan's eyes were closed, and he stayed in the most deep silence while his muscles stretched with precision to do the necessary maneuvers, completely different from Anakin, who would never close his eyes with a saber between his hands and who usually produced any sound his body asked for. The truth was it was almost as if Obi-wan was in the middle of an active meditation instead of practicing fight steps. His movements were fluid, quick, almost hypnotic, and they only stopped when Obi-wan felt a pair of eyes on him.

Obi-wan opened his eyes, blinking a couple of times to focus his view and, when he distinguished Anakin's figure leaning on a wall, he didn't worry with hiding his smile, a gesture Anakin returned while approaching him.

"It's very early," whispered Obi-wan, moving away the hair that stick to his forehead.

"I haven't been sleeping all that well these days."

"I can tell," said Obi-wan ghosting one finger under Anakin's eyes, "you look awful."

"I never look awful, I look… casual and modern," Obi-wan laughed softly while Anakin tried to comb his unruly hair, "how do you feel about some sparring?"

"Last time you said that I ended up in the hospital ward," Anakin nodded, biting his lip softly.

"I'll be nice this time, I promise," Anakin smiled when Obi-wan started walking towards the center of the room and, after taking off his cloak, he followed him and faced him when they reached the spot.

Obi-wan distinguished the moment in which Anakin launched against him with ameticulous perfection, noticing from the change in his grip to the little smile tugging at the corner of his lips. Anakin's moves were precise and aggressive, completely opposite to those of Obi-wan. Obi-wan was what Qui-gon used to call a book fighter, capable of memorizing every step and when to use it, agile, strong and always in a defensive position. Anakin, tough, was much more free, every one of his steps was perfectly calculated and still, they lacked any kind of theoretical base Obi-wan recognized. Anakin moved by instinct, adopting a wild and unique style, perfect.

Their weapons stopped colliding for a few seconds to allow them to watch their opponent. Obi-wan took some preventive steps, making them walk in circles as hunter and prey, getting him ready for the next unpredictable move. It didn't take long and soon, they were fighting again, sword against sword.

Fighting against Anakin was new and exciting, Obi-wan had never faced someone like him. Anakin exhaled a raw energy, his moves were perfectly synchronized, as if the weapon was an extension of his arm, an element he could control with his mind, a member of his own. His mark as a Jedi. This was what made Anakin so intimidating, that way of moving outside the book and with a vitality no one else had. For the first time, Obi-wan saw in Anakin what Qui-gon had noticed so many years ago, that something no other Jedi possessed, that emotion.

Anakin smiled when he noticed Obi-wan's wrist turning a little, holding his sword in a different grip. Attack position. Written in a book, theoretical, yes, but a position only used for impossible cases. Obi-wan was going to fight with him for real, and was going to do it in his very own way. The changes in Obi-wan's moves were imperceptible for an untrained eye, but Anakin could distinguish every step, every stretch, every breath, every tension. Obi-wan was the perfect fighter, he followed all the canons and he did it effectively, even in what had become a more aggressive fight.

When their sabers collided once more, they both stayed in the middle of the empty room, pushing against the other, holding their weapons stronger, matching their fast breathings. They kept their looks on each other's eyes, tense, in a wilder fight than the one between their sabers and still, their lips stayed curved in accomplice smiles. Fighter against fighter, sword against sword, look against look and, suddenly, mouth against mouth.

The sabers were abandoned on the floor, forgotten and substituted by tongues forming their own battle between anxious mouths. Obi-wan left his precise movements for others lacking any kind of study or technique, frenetic but firm, his hands looking for a free space among Anakin's clothing until finding a spot of hot sweaty skin. Anakin produced a moan that was drowned between their mouths, mixing with their fast breathings and, without leaving Obi-wan's lips, he pushed him softly until Obi-wan's back found a wall and they both recovered their balance.

Obi-wan buried one hand in Anakin's curls, pressing him more against himself while Anakin's hands got rid of his belt and sank in the soft skin of his stomach. Anakin's lips left Obi-wan's to descend down his neck, kissing softly skin that, even when it was well known, it appeared new.

"Anakin," whispered Obi-wan, "Anakin... training room…," Anakin's lips left Obi-wan's neck and Obi-wan had to bite his tongue not to complain for the loss.

"I think that wasn't a coherent sentence," replied Anakin between hard pants.

"Anybody could co–"

"Knight Kenobi," Obi-wan left Anakin's skin the same moment the voice reached his ears and he took his eyes to the door of the room, where master Ki-Adi looked at him with disapproval and Mace with an elegantly arched eyebrow.


"Masters, we were leaving, good morning," Anakin took the hand of a very paralyzed Obi-wan Kenobi and dragged him, literally, to the showers, where some of the people there looked at their entwined fingers with a morbid curiosity.

"Two times," murmured Obi-wan suddenly, looking into Anakin's honey colored eyes, "two times," Obi-wan raised a couple of trembling fingers indicating the number, "what's master Ki-Adi going to think?"

"That you have a kink for sex in public?" suggested Anakin without hiding an amused smile.

"It's not funny," groaned Obi-wan almost pouting.

"Of course it is."

"You have a very twisted sense of funny," Anakin laughed softly while leaning against a wall and, seconds later, Obi-wan followed while he shook his head, "Mace is going to tease me endlessly."

"Hey!" they both turned their faces to look at the man who had interrupted the conversation, strong and wearing a very short towel, "if you want to get touchy go get a room," with a perfectly synchronized movement, they both lowered their looks to their entwined hands and separated them fast, burying them in clothes or hair.

"Er… well…," started Anakin seconds after to the man who already walked away from them, "you should get a longer towel, I can see your butt from here! It's not pretty! Maybe with a bit of exercise and–"


"I was just being objective."

"Sure you were," Obi-wan took one hand to his eyes and rubbed them until he felt Anakin's hand stop him.

"You've got to stop doing that, it can't be healthy," Obi-wan smiled softly, lowering his hand, "well…"


"I... I'll see you outside?" Obi-wan looked at Anakin, not having expected such an offer. Against his common sense, he nodded.

"Want some?" when Obi-wan put one foot outside the showers, the first thing he saw was Anakin smiling and offering him something from a brown bag.

"Almonds?" he asked after looking inside the bag.

"Yes," nodded Anakin, lowering his arms when Obi-wan shook his head, "I didn't have breakfast and dry fruit is supposed to give you energy."

"You went training without having breakfast?" asked Obi-wan motioning outside and starting to walk towards the gardens.

"Well, I don't cook, last time I tried there was a bit of an accident in the kitchen," Obi-wan laughed softly, avoiding then Anakin's playful blow, "and the dinning hall is always filled with… people."

"Yes, I know, people everywhere, where are we going?"

"You know what I mean, there's always the typical person you don't want to talk to, or the ones that want to fight you one more time or something, it's unpleasant," Obi-wan shook his head and, after ruffling Anakin's hair, he smiled.

"You're a lost case."

"And you're far too kind."

In Obi-wan's opinion, this had to be the most surreal situation he had ever been in. He was in the Temple's gardens, his back against a tree and Anakin's head resting on his lap while they both stayed silent. Peaceful, perfect and impossible. In this moment, the past didn't seem to matter, not even the near future, but just the fact of being there, together.

Was this so much to ask for? Obi-wan didn't want anything else. He didn't want a perfect relationship, he knew there was a lot of Anakin he didn't knew, a lot of issues between them and still, he was just asking to be able to enjoy this moments in his company.

Anakin looked up, covering his eyes with a hand to avoid the rays of light that filtered through the leaves of the trees and smiled softly while his other hand played unconsciously with Obi-wan's fingers. Obi-wan lowered his eyes to Anakin's, was he really asking for something impossible?

"What are you thinking about?" asked Anakin, lowering the hand that covered his eyes and closing them.

"Nothing really," whispered Obi-wan, looking forward, "it's just been a long time since I felt this…," Obi-wan paused for a while, looking for the right word, "relaxed."

"Yes, it's been a couple of tough months," nodded Anakin.

"Tell me about it," groaned Obi-wan taking one hand to his chest.

"Is it still purple?"

"A little."

"And they are sending you to some lost planet without being completely recovered?" asked Anakin, opening his eyes again and half closing them automatically, "shouldn't you rest some more?"

"We don't have much people, Anakin, and I'm ok, don't make me feel like an old man."

"I guess you're right," sighed Anakin, "but try to return conscious this time, yes? I don't like seeing you in a hospital bed," Anakin closed his eyes again when Obi-wan looked at him, "you looked so… fragile. It was a little scary to think that was you."

"Mace said it took you some days to actually enter," Obi-wan bit his lips, not wanting to get an aggressive response, but he just saw Anakin's honey colored eyes open and look directly at him.

"I don't like hospitals," Obi-wan didn't insist, deciding not to push the issue, he would have time to find out about it and– no, time, probably, was the one thing he didn't have, "why did you go?" Anakin arched an eyebrow, "to see me, why did you go to see me?"

"Because... I...," because I love you, because I care for you, because I was scared, because I need you, "I just did."

"You are conscious that this is–"


"Unorthodox," corrected Obi-wan while taking a bite of his chocolate pie with his spoon, "skipping a meal andeating thensweets can't be a good thing to do."

"Just think that when you go to the Outer Rim you won't be able to eat sweets," whispered Anakin, "in the last mission I was sent to this lost planet in which the only good thing was the alcohol, so add to that the cold and this girl that insisted on getting into my pants… I understand, really, no one can resist my raw sensuality and my–did you just threw me a nut?" Anakin took the offending peace of fruit between his fingers and pointed at Obi-wan with an accusing finger, while Obi-wan just nodded, "alright, that's it," Anakin threw the nut back at his aggressor, but Obi-wan threw it against a wall with a soft move of his hands, "that was a completely inappropriate use of the Force… I think I'm a bad influence on you."


"This place is a mess," said Obi-wan avoiding a wrinkled and carelessly abandoned cloak on the floor of Anakin's quarters.

"You already told me once," smiled Anakin, opening the door to the balcony and stepping outside. Obi-wan followed his steps and leaned on the rail, imitating Anakin's position, "aren't they beautiful?" Obi-wan turned his face towards Anakin, staring at his features outlined by the night lights, "the stars I mean," Obi-wan nodded, looking at the sky, "when I look at the universe, so big and so full of life, I feel like it is the only thing that matters. How can one person save all this, take all the universe on his back, on his hands?"

"The Chosen One," whispered Obi-wan, looking at Anakin's eyes, which were staring at him.

"Do you believe in the prophecy, Obi-wan?" Obi-wan just shrugged.

"At some level, I guess," Anakin lowered his eyes, looking then back at the sky, "does it really matter? You are what you are, titles or other people's aspirations mean nothing," Anakin half smiled, nodding.

"I guess, but don't you think that there's a destiny?"

"I don't like to think that there's an exterior force taking my decisions."

"Yes, but… for example, us."


"If you had trained me," started Anakin, raising one hand to avoid Obi-wan from stopping the conversation, "we would probably be in a situation very close to this one. You didn't train me and yet, here we are," Obi-wan nodded, smiling softly.

"I still like to believe in more tangible things," Anakin looked at Obi-wan, waiting until he did the same. He smiled softly and took one step towards him.

"Am I tangible enough?" Obi-wan took one hand to Anakin's lips and, seconds later, his mouth followed him, kissing softly while Anakin joined their bodies and buried one hand in his hair, deepening what had just become a kiss.

Obi-wan's hands looked for pieces of skin desperately until Anakin's upper clothing was abandoned on the floor. Anakin shivered slightly when the cold night air touched his naked skin, so Obi-wan caressed his back with hot hands while their steps took them into the room.

The back of Anakin's knees met the bed, but before laying on it, he got rid of Obi-wan's clothes, while Obi-wan did the same. When they both fell to the bed, naked, skin against skin, their mouths found each other again, sweet and slow in contrast to the their hands, which caressed every piece of skin strongly, as if their tact could imprint itself in the other's skin.

Obi-wan was almost expecting someone to come in and interrupt them again, but he knew it wasn't going to happen, he knew no force was going to stop this unless he or Anakin did so. He knew, with the same certainty that he knew master Ki-Adi wasn't going to appear, that they weren't going to stop. Obi-wan couldn't, didn't want to do it.

With a quick move, Anakin turned them around, getting on top of Obi-wan and stopping for a few seconds to look into his blue eyes, bright, dilated and perfect.

"Are we saying goodbye?" Anakin whispered with a husky voice while one of his hands entwined with one of Obi-wan's, pressing their fingers together. Obi-wan just nodded, incapable of pronouncing one word and caught Anakin's lips between his, kissing them softly, slowly, with a firm but tentative tongue, sinking it the hot breath he was not going to feel ever again on his skin.

Obi-wan turned them again, getting on top of Anakin and descending his lips down his neck, licking his collarbone and catching a dark nipple between his teeth while his fingers found Anakin's entrance. Anakin arched against Obi-wan's body, bringing him back to his mouth, caressing his spine and getting them even closer.

They separated their lips only when Obi-wan entered him, their mouths producing sounds that their ears had already forgotten. Anakin wrapped his legs around Obi-wan's waist and imitated his fast rhythm, joining their bodies completely, forgetting for a moment that this was the last time.

It all ended up too soon, or maybe too late, none of them could be sure, because they felt as if they had been in the same bed for years and yet, no quantity of time could be enough. Obi-wan let his weight fall on Anakin's body, his agitated breathing caressing his sweaty neck, and Anakin spread his limbs on the mattress, except for the hand he kept entwined with Obi-wan's. They stayed in the same position until sleep caught up with them and, even asleep, their bodies stayed close until, at some point of the night, Obi-wan left the room.

Obi-wan sited in the center of the room after closing the blinds and turning off the lights. He put his hands on his knees, closed his eyes and breathed deeply, trying to drown in the unconsciousness of the Force, in an universe of peace that would allow him to abandon every thought. Five minutes later, he stopped trying and, with a sigh, he laid on the floor.

He couldn't meditate. Meditation had always been his way of escaping, his ally, the only way of finding some peace when things got complicated but, of course, Anakin turned everything around. They had shared a perfect day, the goodbye they both deserved, the one he had been expecting to leave it all behind, but Anakin was still there, everywhere, turning his world upside down and making him think that maybe, maybe there was something he could do.

He stood up and took one hand to his neck while opening the blinds again, allowing the light of the day to bathe his quarters. He looked outside and, after that, he turned on his heels and watched every part of his room. How many years had he spent there, alone? More than he could remember and still, they had never looked so… empty. Yes, empty, because Anakin wasn't there. But the fact that hurt the most was that when he returned from the Outer Rim they would still be empty, every second of every day, just like every piece of his heart.

Anakin had missed people that had been a part of his life, he still did. His mother, Qui-gon, Padmé and, as a new and ironic addition, Obi-wan. The thing was that remembering his mother and Qui-gon was something he couldn't stop doing, because they were gone, their bodies buried or burned, away from him, living in a world he couldn't reach, condemned to miss them. Padmé, he had recovered Padmé, his best friend, his confessor, the woman who, when he had gone to ask what to do had looked at him sternly until her eyes had turned kind and had said: look, Ani, I can't tell you what to feel.


Obi-wan Kenobi.

He had never been a part of his plans. Obi-wan had been a ghost, a shadow, a presence to blame, until he had become a soft tangible body, someone to miss. Obi-wan wasn't dead, he was there, close enough for him to reach him, so close that the idea of losing him seemed absurd. Anakin was missing Obi-wan, and he was doing it voluntarily, which was just, just…

"Crazy," he whispered to the empty room.

When Anakin opened the door, decided to face Obi-wan, to tell him something, anything, he was surprised by finding himbehind the white metal, a soft smile between his lips and a package between his hands.

"Er... hi," he whispered when he deducted Obi-wan was not going to start a conversation.

"This came today for you," Obi-wan offered Anakin the package, "they didn't know who it was for, but since there was another for me, they left it there," Anakin nodded, taking the package between his hand and reading who it was for. Indeed, "cookie" was not a very known Jedi around the Temple. Anakin smiled, and Obi-wan couldn't help but mimic the gesture.

"What is it?" Anakin moved from the door, inviting Obi-wan to enter. Obi-wan doubted for a few seconds before taking one step to the front and letting the door close behind him with a soft hiss.

"A scarf and an invitation to Thania and Jacob's bonding."

"A scarf?" asked Anakin, unwrapping a piece of black, thick fabric.

"The message said that she couldn't allow her cookie to get sick and that I should make sure you took it everywhere," Anakin shook his head, smiling again. They both stayed in silence then. Anakin motioned to a sofa and they both sited next to each other, Obi-wan looking at his hands and Anakin at the window.

"When are you leaving?" whispered Anakin suddenly, making Obi-wan look at him.

"At the end of the week," Anakin nodded, biting is lip, doubting.

"What if I told you, hypothetically… that I don't want you to go?" Obi-wan frowned unconsciously, taking one hand to his neck, suddenly shy.

"I have to go, real or hypothetically, it's a mission," he answered finally. Anakin nodded and lowered his eyes again.

"Yes, sure, of course."

"Although, well, I guess that… that…"


"There is an empty place so, hypothetically, you could come," Obi-wan crossed his arms over his chest, trying to decipher Anakin's expression.

"Let's suppose that, in this hypothetical situation of ours, I decided to go, then what?" Obi-wan shrugged, shook his head, lowered his eyes and, finally, he sighed.

"I don't know."

"Right, of course," Anakin nodded, getting up, "I don't know why I even bother."

"What do you mean?", Obi-wan stood up too, trying to look into Anakin's eyes.

"Nothing at all… you should leave," Anakin motioned to the door, but Obi-wan didn't move.

"I thought we were talking."

"I don't think that qualifies as a conversation, now, does it?" murmured Anakin while crossing his arms over his chest, "I don't need this Obi-wan, I don't need–"

"What? What the hell are we talking about now?" Anakin just shook his head, so Obi-wan got closer to him, "what? Just tell–"

"Look, why don't you just go and fuck Mace Windu or whoever it is you're screwing this days and leave me alone? The last thing I need is you pity."

"But I don't– I didn't– Force! Whatever you want," Obi-wan just shrugged and started walking towards the door.

"I knew you'd say that."

"Well, what do you want me to say, Anakin? I'm tired of trying to decipher you, you're impossible and-and-and why do you even care what I do? Why do you care about anything at all, why do you care–"

"Because I love you, you oblivious idiot!" when Obi-wan registered the screamed words, his eyes opened enormously, and his lips parted involuntarily, giving him the appearance of a very breathless fish. Anakin just lowered his eyes, putting his hands inside his pockets, "I'm–I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that. I'm just going to… to…," but before he could decide what to do with himself, he felt Obi-wan's hand on his and, suddenly, his lips caressing his own so softly it was almost unreal.

"I love you too," Obi-wan's voice sounded strange pronouncing those words, but he found that they rolled quite easily from his tongue.

"But… but… are you sure?" Obi-wan arched an eyebrow, trying to find Anakin's eyes with his own, "but you think I'm irritating and annoying and–"

"Yes, all that," Anakin nodded, and then he took one finger to Obi-wan's face, tracing his forehead, his nose, his cheek, his jaw, until he kissed his lips. He had almost expected to be rejected, but Obi-wan's lips moved against his, slow and sensual, and his tongue found his between their mouths, caressing in a known way.

"So… I just go to the Outer Rim with you and we do this, that easy?"

"We try to do this… you call this easy? How about the past moths? They had been quite miserable."

"I guess you're right, but in a romantic novel there would have been a lot more crying and insulting," Obi-wan chuckled softly, hugging Anakin when he put his head on his shoulder.

"I still find you irritating, if that works for you," Anakin gave him a playful slap on the back, "and I think you're too tall."

"Not really, you're just tiny."

"I am not tiny," Anakin laughed slightly and held stronger to Obi-wan's body, feeling that if he let go, he was going to lose him, "if we're going to do this, you're going to have to be less messy," Anakin raised his eyes, surveying the room.

"Only if you promise to be less strict."

"That's a deal," they shook hands before walking back to the sofa and sitting together, facing the window and hugging each other tightly, trying to fight the surrealist feeling of the whole situation.

"We should have done this months ago."

"I guess… but you're too stubborn."


"Ok… we both are, but I think we're getting better."

It was not a fairy tale ending, the truth was it wasn't even an ending, it was a beginning. They were both strong independent men who had gone through too may things and still, they had survived, they had moved on fighting the difficulties. Nothing was going to change, they were what they were and they were going to continue moving on but, from now on, they would do it together.

The End.

Tara! That's it. I can't beleive I actually finished this, I feel like I've writing it for years, and it's a very scary thought to know that I'm no longer going to do it.

Well, you've seen that the ending is very simple, but I think the emotions in the fanfic have always been, I really don't think it needs more than it has. I do hope you can read between the lines, though.

When I started this, I didn't have a happy ending in mind, but I've changed my mind a million times while writing it, and when I started this last chapter, I wondered once again if I had made the right choice. I re-read some of the chapters and I decided that they deserved a happy ending as much as I did, besides, I really think they needed to learn how easy it was to say I love you (it would have saved me half of the chapters if they had learned it before, really).

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you all, it really feels great to know that people read and like this (specially when most of you are such awesome writers) and I do hope you stay with me in new projects (which I already have in mind).

Thank you all, sorry for what looks like an Oscar speech, and much love and hugs to you all.


Accidentally in love – Counting Crows

So she said what's the problem baby
What's the problem I don't know
Well maybe I'm in love (love)
think about it every time
I think about it
can't stop thinking 'bout it

How much longer will it take to cure this
just to cure it cause I can't ignore it if it's love (love)
makes me wanna turn around and face me but I don't know nothing 'bout love

come on, come on
turn a little faster
come on, come on
the world will follow after
come on, come on
cause everybody's after love

So I said I'm a snowball running
running down into the spring that's coming all this love
melting under blue skies
belting out sunlight
shimmering love

Well baby I surrender
to the strawberry ice cream
never ever end of all this love
Well I didn't mean to do it
but there's no escaping your love

These lines of lightning
mean we're never alone,
never alone, no, no

Come on, Come on
move a little closer
Come on, Come on
I want to hear you whisper
Come on, Come on
settle down inside my love

Come on, come on
jump a little higher
Come on, come on
if you feel a little lighter
Come on, come on
We were once
upon a time in love

We're accidentally in love
Accidentally in love (x7)


I'm In Love, I'm in Love,
I'm in Love, I'm in Love,
I'm in Love, I'm in Love,
Accidentally (X 2)

come on, come on
spin a little tighter
come on, come on
and the world's a little brighter
come on, come on
just get yourself inside her

Love ...I'm in love