Seeing Though New Eyes

Chapter 1. To dream a Stranger

Richard Grayson better known as Robin lay in his bed in side his apartment. He shared it with two of his friends and classmates Garfield and Vic. Vic was a junior and Robin and Garfield were sophomores. As he dozed off to sleep he had a dream. Flashes of pictures appearing on the walls of a dark hallway, that appeared to have no end. He saw some memories of him, Garfield, Vic, and their friends that lived across the hall. Robin smiled but that faded when he started seeing not so happy pictures. Bad memories. But then he saw a girl with short violet hair. A small smile making its way across her face. Robin stopped to get a better look at the girl but the picture faded. He didn't recognize the girl. " Wait…" mumbled Robin hoping it would bring the picture back.

Then Robin woke up with only one thought in his head ' Who was she?' Normally Robin wouldn't have paid attention to a random person he saw in his dream but he couldn't get her out of his head. She seemed so happy. Her eyes gleamed a beautiful purplish-blue. Robin rolled over to try to go back to sleep. It was 5:30 and he didn't have to be up for another hour. Robin tossed and turned, but no matter what he couldn't sleep.

' Maybe I'll just get an early start.' Thought Robin getting out of bed and heading for the shower. He go out and put on some jeans and a red t-shirt. He went into the bathroom to spike his hair. Everyone said he added way too much hair gel but he thought it was just enough. He brushed his teeth and went back into his room. ' Great another year at Bay City High.' Thought Robin before being interrupted by his alarm clock. ' I'm supposed to be just waking up. What do I do now?' Only one thought popped into his head. ' Breakfast!' He dashed down the hall and ran into the living room passing into the kitchen.

" Hey Rob!" said a cheery voice.

" Hi Vic." Said Robin. " Why are you up so early?" asked Robin.

" I was exited about the first day of school, but mainly to make WAFFLES!" said Vic. " Now do you want bacon, eggs, or both with your waffles?" asked Vic

" Both sounds good. Thanks!" said Robin taking a seat at the counter. " So how long to you think it will take to get Garfield up?" asked Robin.

" Well his alarm should have gone off 15 minutes ago. Will you go drag him out of bed while I make breakfast?" asked Vic.

" Sure." Said Robin getting out of his chair and exiting the room. He walked down the hall to the very last door.

Robin flung open Garfield's door.

" Rise and shine!" yelled Robin. Garfield just went further into his covers. ' Looks like we'll have to do this the hard way.' Thought Robin sneaking over toward Garfield's bed and when he wasn't expecting it Robin yanked his blankets away and through them on the floor.

" Robin give me my covers back!" demanded Garfield in a sleepy voice. " Nope get up! We have to leave at 7:00 today because we have to get out class stuff remember?" asked Robin.

" Ahhhh!" said Garfield jumping out of bed. " That only gives me 15 minutes to get ready." Said Garfield running into the bathroom and slamming the door behind him, a few seconds later you could see steam coming out from under the door. Robin just smiled. This was everyday for the next 9 months.

Robin entered the Kitchen and Vic said,

" Come on Rob eat up we only have 10 minutes left." Said Vic shoving more waffles inside his mouth followed by a ton of Bacon. Robin sat down and quickly finished his meal. Just as he did Garfield came running in. He grabbed a waffle and then went to find his backpack that had spilled everything yesterday and he was just too lazy to pick it up.

" Hurry up Garfield we leave in 2 minutes!" reminded Vic grabbing his backpack as well.

" I'll see you there." Said Robin walking out into the Garage. The grabbed his helmet and jumped on his motorcycle. The engine roared to life as he bolted out of the garage. After a few minutes he pulled into the school parking lot, putting his kickstand down and securing his helmet. Robin walked into the main hallway to be meted by Kori and Terra his friends that lived in the apartment across from them.

" Hi Robin." Said Terra

" Hi Terra. Hi Kori." Replied Robin.

" Oh friend Robin have you heard of the new student that will be moving in with Terra and I?" asked Kori.

" No. So you guys have a new roommate. Have you met her yet?" asked Robin.

" No," replied Terra. " We don't even know her name. When we went to pick up our schedules Principal Richards said that we would have a new roommate."

" Oh write my schedule I forgot. I have o go pick it up. See you guys later." Said Robin hurrying off to the main office. He ran pass some kids that Robin didn't recognize therefore thought they were new kids. 'Its funny,' thought Robin ' any one of these new kids could end up living across the hall.' He walked into the office, and went up to the front desk. " Richard Gayson." Said Robin then he was handed a folder. He took it and turned to leave when a girl came in. She had short violet hair and was wearing black cargo pants and a black t-shirt that says ' Everyday I think people can't get any stupider, Everyday I am proven horribly wrong.' Robin recognized her but he just couldn't place her. She didn't go to his school last year that's for sure.

" Raven Roth." Said he girl as she was handed her packet. She turned to leave. Robin still sat there staring at her and blocking the exit. " Um… excuse me, but can you move?" asked the Raven. At that Robin snapped back to reality.

" Oh… yeah…sure…sorry about that." He stumbled on his words as he stepped to the side to let the girl through. Robin walked out of the office to be greeted by his friends.

" Hey Rob!" said Vic.

" What's your schedule?" asked Garfield taking out his. Him and Robin quickly compared. They had six out of eight of their classes together. They knew they didn't have any classes with Vic except lunch because he was a grade ahead of them.

" Oh did you guys talk to Kori and Terra?" asked Robin.

" No, why?" asked Garfield automatically perking up at the mention of Terra.

" Apparently they are getting a new roommate." Said Robin. " But they don't even know her name."

Even know her name."

" Got to go. See you guys later!"

Said Vic over his shoulder as he ran down the hall trying to get through the mob of students. Robin and Garfield nodded and headed off in the other direction toward their first class- History. He entered the class and Garfield at immediately went over and took the seat next to Terra. Robin decided to sit in the back row. As the teacher began to speak a girl walked into the class. Not just any girl, the girl Robin saw in the office.

" Take a seat Raven." Said the teacher. Raven went straight to the back row and sat next to Robin. ' Where have I seen her?' thought Robin again. It was driving him crazy.

Raven was bored as heck. She looked around the classroom and then adverted her gaze over to Robin. ' Wait…' thought Raven. 'Isn't that the same guy I saw in the office?' But there was nothing she could do about it now. So she turned her gaze back over to the teacher who was babbling on and on about something. Raven siged. This was going to be a long year.


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