Chapter 7.Trouble

It was 5:00 am and Robin was in his room pacing back and forth mentally preparing himself for meeting Raven in a few hours. They had most of the same classes he was going to have to see and/or talk to her sometime. ' Maybe she won't be that mad.' Thought Robin taking a seat on his bed. ' Yeah right! Of course she is going to be mad,' argued Robin with himself.

" Oh my god I'm arguing with myself." Mumbled robin.

At the girls apartment

Now it was 6:30 am and they were just waking up. Raven got out of bed and hobbled over to her crutches. She got changed, which was not easy on crutches. She walked out of her room wearing once again black cargo pants but this time she was wearing a navy blue hoodie because it was cool outside. She walked into the kitchen to see Kori in her usual cheery mood and Terra sitting on the couch looking half dead and shoving a piece of toast in her mouth.

" Hello friend raven!" said Kori. " I am glad to see you come out of your room. Are you feeling better?"

" Yeah a little.' Replied Raven walking into the kitchen and putting her kettle on the stove.

" Would you like some breakfast?" asked Kori.

" No I think I'll just have some herbal tea." After a few minutes Raven took her tea and sat down on the couch with Terra. Terra was a little more awake now. She turned to Raven and whispered,

" Never eat ANY of Kori's food. It's not safe. We're even debating on if it is human." Raven smiled and nodded her head. Kori had never really struck her as a cooking person anyway. Suddenly a knock came on the door.

" Who is it?" yelled Terra. Next came Vic's familiar voice.

" Who do you think? Come on we're gonna be late!"

" Be right there friends.' Said Kori as they all grabbed their backpacks and headed for the car. On their was out Terra grabbed Vic by his shirt.

" One problem genius!" spat Terra. " With Robin's bike wrecked he is in the car with Raven. We are going to be stuck in the middle of a war zone!"

' I doubt that." Said Vic calmly. " I Raven does anything to Robin it will be in a yelling fit of rage sometime when they are alone. She wouldn't want anyone else there. Especially since we don't know what happened. She'll probably ignore him and he will sense it and shut his mouth. The worst that's gonna happen is Raven sending Robin a few death glares." With that Vic followed the others to the car. Terra shrugged in agreement and followed.

In the car

Raven sat in the front seat next to Vic who was driving. She was staring out the window like she was oblivious to the rest of the world. Kori, Robin, Terra, and Garfield sat in the back seat. Terra and Garfield were in the middle whispering. Robin just stared at Raven, looking at her cuts, bruises, and the thing that made him fell worst was the pair of crutches lying across her lap. He stared down at his own cast that still aced from time to time. He wished that he could take all of her pain away. After all it was his fault. His train of thought went on like this until they pulled into the school parking lot.

As everyone filed out of the car Robin walked over to raven to see if she needed any help but she was already heading for the building.

" Raven!" called Robin. He desperately wanted to talk to her to see if he could try to make everything right. But Raven just ignored him and walked through the door. Robin sighed.

After all of their morning classes it was finally lunch. Raven walked to her locker with the assistance of Kori and Terra to help her carry books and open doors. Once they reached her locker Raven said,

"Thanks guys. You can go to lunch I'll meet you there."

" Are you sure you won't need any assistance friend Raven?" asked Kori.

" No I'm good."

" Alright see you there." Said Terra as her and Kori walked down the hall and toward the cafeteria. As Raven was putting her books in her locker she heard some footsteps approach and then stop behind her. " What the hell?' thought Raven. ' I thought everyone went to lunch.'

" Hi Raven." Said a familiar voice. A voice Raven would have known anywhere. She whipped around to be face to face with no other than Robin.

" What do you want Robin?" hissed Raven.

" I uhh….I mean… I just…" stuttered Robin. Raven just glared at him. " I wanted to apologize. The accident was all my fault. And your hurt because of my stupidity. I just don't know what to say. I'm so so so sorry." Said robin looking at the ground. Raven just started at him but finally said,

" I'm glad we agree that this was all your fault. Nice talking to you." Said Raven. Then she shut her locker and walked down the hall on her crutches. Robin just started after her astonished that she didn't forgive him. He knew he messed up big time but there wasn't anything he could do but apologize. He shook his head and walked toward the cafeteria. He saw he friends sitting at a table in the right corner. He walked over and sat next to Vic. Everyone looked at him.

" What is wrong friend Robin? You are looking down." Said Kori.

" Yeah man. What's goin' on?" asked Vic.

" Nothing…" lied Robin. Of couse everyone knew it wasn't nothing and would have said something if Terra hadn't of said,

" Wait. Where's Raven? She was going to meet us here after we dropped her off at her locker." Robin perked up at the sound of her name.

" I saw her on my way here. She was walking outside." Said Robin assuming that's were Raven was going. After all that's where he first really talked to her. Outside in the tree. With her leg she couldn't climb the tree but he was sure she's around there.

" I'll go look for her." Said Terra.

" No let me." Said Robin getting up and walking outside before anyone could object. He had found Raven back at her locker but disided not to say anything this time. He would talk to her after school. So he went back to the cafeteria to inform everyone that she was back in the building before the bell rang and they all headed back to their own classes.

After school:

The group walked out of the building. As they headed for the car Raven stopped.

" I'll see you guys at home I'm gonna walk back." Said Raven.

" But friend raven what about your foot?" asked Kori obviously concerned.

" I'll be fine Kori."

" Alight if your sure." Said Vic. Then they got in the car and walked away. As the did it hit Raven that Robin wasn't in the car. Which meant he was at school and might be pestering her all the way home. ' Well then I'll just have to leave before he finds me.' Thought Raven heading down the sidewalk. ' What was that?' thought Raven hearing a noise behind her. She turned around to see Robin.

" Don't you ever leave?" hissed Raven.

" I'm not going anywhere until I can get you to talk to me." Said robin now walking beside her.

" I'm talking to you. See? Great now leave me alone!"

" No way!" said robin. " I mean until I can get you to be my friend again. I bsaid I was sorry, I feel horrible about it, I don't know what to do! Help me out here!"

" You can leave me alone Robin! We have agreed that this was your fault. You put us both at risk for your own childish games. " said Raven. But as their argument continued they did not realize that they were heading into the worse part of their town . They didn't even realized where they were till they spotted a gang sitting outside some shop. Robin looked around.

" Wait. Where are we?'

" I don't know bird boy1 we must have been too busy arguing to realize where we were going." replied Raven looking around. Robin nodded in agreement. " Well we don't know these people so I think we should avoid passing that gang."

" You're probably right. Here there's an alley right here that leads out to another street, hopefully with less people where we could figure out where we are." So they turned into the alley. It was surprisingly dark. The towing buildings blocked out the sun. It appeared to be almost 8 even though it was only 4:30. They alley was long and they could hear nothing but the sound of their footsteps against the hard concrete covered in broken glass and beer bottles. Suddenly Raven stopped.

" What's wrong?" asked Robin. Raven pointed to a black shadowy figure leaning against the wall by a dumpster not far a head. " Damit…' mumbled Robin.

" Come on." Said Raven. Reluctantly he followed. ' I have a very bad feeling about this…' thought Robin. But little did he know about how right he was. As the approached the figure he reached into his pocked and pulled out a long object. Robin stopped and was about to warn Raven but before he could th efigure had leaped out of the shadow and grabbed raven. She let out a cry of pain as she was yanked to the side and her crutches fell to the ground. The object was a knife which he now held to her throat. Raven and Robin's face filled with horror.

" Let her go!" yelled Robin coming closer. But the figure backed up.

" Not so quick." He said. " Give me your money or the girl dies." Robin did not hesitate to through his wallet on the ground. The man looked at Robin. " Car keys?" he asked.

" I don't have a car." Said Robin. The man pressed on the knife on raven's neck and she let out yet another cry of pain. " Please don't hurt her!" begged Robin. He through his watch on the ground next to the wallet. " That's all I have!" The man reached into Raven's Pocket and grabbed out her wallet as well. He let go of her a through her toward the ground. Raven stumbled over her hurt leg but Robin caught her. Pulling her up and holding onto her so she did not fall again he watched as the guy grabbed his stuff and ran out of the alley. Raven was still shocked and just stood there gasping for air and holding onto robin to keep from falling down or possibly passing out. He helped her get her crutches and get over the shock. Then together they walked back home.


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