By: Tsumeato

Tsumeato: My first Yu-Gi-Oh fanfiction. I'm so happy! .

Bakura: You are always happy, Tsu-kun.

Ryou confused: Tsu-kun? I thought Tsumeato was female.

Tsumeato: I am, I just like 'Tsu-kun'

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh, If I did, Tea would have been dead and Yami and Yugi would already be together and my character Clef would be with Duke and Seto. I only own Clef and the Millenium Bracelet with the Yami, Ookami.

Chapter One: New Girl

Two years passed since Battle City and when the Yamis were granted their own bodies. Yugi and the gang were now all seniors at Domino High School same with Seto Kaiba. Yugi and Yami finally admitted their feelings for each other only three months after the events at Battle City, much to Anzu's displeasure. Jounouchi and Mai hooked up only a month later after Yugi and Yami did same with Shizuka and Honda. Malik, Isis and Rishid went back to Egypt while Marik stayed in Domino, helping Seto with Kaiba Corp while Mokuba and Rebecca were a couple for two months now. Marik and Bakura were forced by their hikaris to go to school with the others while Marik wasn't threaten by his hikari, but he was threaten by Yami to go to school while Ryou did a good enough job keeping Bakura in line. Now, standing in front of Domino High School, Yami, who was holding Yugi's hand, Honda, Shizuka, Duke and Jounouchi were all talking.

"Have any of you heard from Anzu lately?" asked Yugi, who was feeling a bit worried about the girl who started to become more distant from the group.

Shizuka shook her head same with Duke as Honda spatted out angrily, "Why do you care so much about that bitch, Yugi? She wanted to break you and Yami up and thought you would hate her by now."

Yugi sighed to himself and shook his head. "I try to hate her... but I guess it's against my nature to do so." Yami hugged Yugi possessively until they heard an annoyed sigh. All eyes focused on the scene infront of them that was Bakura was helping a girl that appeared to be Anzu's height with short ebony black hair and dark amber eyes. They were picking up books that spilled from their arms. Yami was shock while Yugi was snickering at the shock face that Yami had on until he notice why Yami was shock. The girl had a gold bracelet on her right arm with the eye of Horus adorning the middle of it, like the other Millenium items.

"I'm sorry about that." The girl apologized nervously while she added. "I wasn't watching where I was going."

Bakura snorted and replied in his usual cold tone, "Doesn't matter anyway... we're not late. Who are you anyway?" 'Why do you have a Millenium item' was the part that was left out.

"I'm Clef Katsumara and you are..."

"Bakura..." He notice that the 'dweeb squad' as he call them was watching them and stated, "Come on... I'll let you met my friends and my rival." Bakura smirked a bit when Clef nervously followed him and stopped in front of the group beside Bakura.

"Bakura, where's Ryou?" asked Yami with a stern glare as Bakura answered, "Calm down, tight ass. Ryou's sick today and he won't be able to come to school sick."

"Who is your new friend, Bakura? Or should I say new victim?" teased Duke, who recieved a glare from Bakura, shutting Duke up.

"Hello, I'm Clef." Clef bowed a bit as a small smile graced her lips. "Nice to meet you."

"Well, since they are going to be rude... the tight-ass is Yami, the one he has in his arms is Yugi, and there's Jounouchi, Honda, Shizuka and the jerk is Duke." Bakura introduced as he pointed towards the intended person.

Yami nodded his head at Clef while he glared at Bakura, Yugi smiled and waved at Clef while Jounouchi and Honda both said, "Hello" at the same time while Shizuka and Duke waved as well.

Yami was about to ask about the bracelet until the bell rung, signalling that they all need to go to class. Yugi looked at Clef and smiled happily, "Maybe at lunch, we can all get together and get to know one another."

Clef nodded her head and before she was going to answer. She noticed Bakura was dragging her away from the group and waved farewell to the others as Duke asked to no in particular, "What the hell is his problem today?" The group went their seperate ways for class while Bakura was 'dragging' Clef towards the office.