The Love of Friendship

Chapter One

The Long Day

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It's been four years sense the defeat of Voldemort and his Death Eaters. The wizarding world is still cleaning up from the aftermath and destruction, but things are starting to get back to normal. The Trio has been going on with their lives as much as possible. Ron and Harry are now finishing up their Auror training and Hermione continued her efforts with S.P.E.W. Hermione and Ginny live together, as do Ron and Harry.

During the defeat of Voldemort Ron played a key role in helping Harry bring him down. Ron and Hermione both gained attention along with Harry during the aftermath of the event, but no one more than Ron. The day after Voldemort's demise Ron and Harry were found together on the front page of the Daily Prophet. Ever since then Ron has been just as famous as Harry ever was. Ron found himself the center of attention among the wizarding world, and still does from time to time.

A/N: This story is a re-post. Originally it was a story about Hermione and Harry, but due to post HBP information I changed it. For the sake of the story Ron ended up dating Lavender Brown again shortly after they Killed Voldemort. Also, up until now Harry has never tried to get back with Ginny, but he still has strong feelings for her.


Dear Mr. Stewart

Thank you for attending last week's summit for S.P.E.W. Your continuing support will only help strengthen our cause. We will continue to keep you updated on future meetings, rallies and petitions.

Any further donations on your behalf will be greatly appreciated.

Wishing you well,

Hermione Granger

President of S.P.E.W.

For hours on end, Hermione wrote these words over and over again to many different people. A constant stream of owls where swooping in and out of her apartment window. There were so many droppings on her floor that she had stopped cleaning up and figured it was best to just wait until she was done.

"Finally, last one." She said as she wrote out her last thank you note.
She cracked her knuckles, and leaned back in her chair. She grabbed her last owl and tied the letter to its leg and it flew off.

"I have got to hire more help for this." She said out loud as she stood up, took out her wand and said, "Scourgify!" to clean up from the owl droppings on her floor and desk.

Hermione had been working hard over the past few years on S.P.E.W and was starting to really make her cause grow around the world. Many people and house elves were starting to take notice of her and her message. She was becoming overwhelmed with donations and invitations to hold protest rallies around the world at different events. She was even able to make enough money to have a small office in Diagon Alley. Right now it was only Ginny and herself who where working there, so they often went home to do their work.

"Have you finished yet?" Ginny called from her bedroom.

"Yes, I just finished." Said Hermione, yawning widely.

"Good! I was getting tired of those owls, hooting." Ginny replied.

Ginny looked down at her watch. "It's a little late but are you hungry or anything? Harry just sent a note saying he was going to The Three Broomsticks for a drink. Want to go meet him?"

"Sounds great." Said Hermione. "But let's not stay to long, I'm tired."

"Alright." Ginny replied, but Hermione could tell she was hoping they were going to stay for a while.

And with a small Pop they both Apparated to Hogesmead, arriving just outside of The Three Broomsticks. Hermione turn and saw Ron coming out of Zonko's with Harry and Neville just behind him.

It was a beautiful day outside; even as the sun was setting the streets of Hogsmead were packed with shoppers and people just enjoying the nice weather. Ron was wearing a tight black t-shirt and blue jeans. His robes were hanging off his right arm, while a small bag of Zonko's things was in his left. Hermione couldn't help but smile at Ron, his perfectly defined mussels could be seen etched in his t-shirt.

"Alright Harry?" Ginny called from beside Hermione. "What were you guys doing in Zonko's? I thought you were loyal to Fred and Georges's place?"

"O, we are!" said Ron. "Neville was sent on a bit of a spying mission to see if they had anything new you know; keeping an eye on the competition. It's Neville's first spying job since he was hired the other day."

"They must have something new then." Said Hermione, eyeing the bag in Ron's hand.

"Yeah, they finally figured out how Fred and George made their Headless Hats only they are using gloves." Said Neville. "Show 'em Ron!"

Ron reached into his bag and pulled out a set of bright green gloves, and looked up at Hermione. She blushed slightly as Ron looked into her eyes.

"Give me your hand Hermione." Ron said. Hermione looked confused but obeyed and put her hand out for Ron.

He slipped a glove onto her right hand and instantly her whole arm disappeared.

Hermione gave a small, "Oh!" then quickly smiled. "Well, those are kind of dumb. I mean it looks like you got into a bad fight with a dragon or something. At least the hats you know are fake. This looks a little too real if you know what I mean."

Everyone laughed, as Hermione took off the glove and handed it back to Ron, trying to avoid eye contact with him.

"Yeah, that's why we bought them, so we could show Fred and George how dumb they are." Ron said as he put the glove back into the sack.

"Well, who's up for a drink?" Asked Harry. "Let's go."

And they all turned and followed Harry into The Three Broomsticks.


They found a table near the back, Ron took their orders and went to the bar to get drinks. Harry and Neville went to help. While Ginny and Hermione choose seats and sat down.

"So...what was that all about?" asked Ginny.

"What are you talking about?" replied Hermione.

"That look that Ron gave you. When he asked for your hand to try on those glove things." said Ginny

"He gave me a look? I didn't notice." said Hermione truthfully.

"Really? You must be going blind Hermione...because there was a look. And if I didn't know better you returned It." said Ginny with a slight giggle.

Hermione started to reply but the boys came back with the drinks and they dropped the conversation.

"So..." began Ron. "What did you two do all day?" Looking at Ginny and Hermione.

"Well, Hermione sent out thank you cards to different S.P.E.W supporters, and I made some phone calls to gain more support. I think I have an American committee interested. I'm supposed to call them back tomorrow. But I hate using the telephone, I always feel so strange. But it really is the fastest way to reach International groups." Said Ginny.

"Hey, ya know I wanted to ask you something Ron." Said Hermione. "I know you and Harry are still in Auror training but would you want a bit of a side job?"

"What did you have in mind?"

"Well, S.P.E.W. is trying to arrange a protest next month and I could really use another pair of hands sending out notices. I'll pay you of course, but it would only be for a few weeks when you had some spare time."

"Sure! I'd love to help you out, Hermione. I can stop by tomorrow actually. Is 3:00 okay?"

"That would be perfect Ron!" Hermione said excitedly. "Meet me at the office in Diagon; we will have more room there."

Hermione smiled at Ron, and she couldn't help but notice how quickly Ron said yes, almost as if he had been waiting for her to ask him to do this. Why was he so eager to help her, when most of the time he rolled his eyes every time she brought up her work?

"Well, I hate to break the party up, but I'm really tired. I'll see you all soon." said Hermione as she stood up and tossed some coins on the table for her butterbeer.

"Let me walk you out Hermione." said Ron beaming at Hermione.

" don't have to but if you want." Hermione said walking around the backside of the table.

As she reached Ron he softly put his hand on the small of her back to guide her towards the door. An involuntary shudder ran up her spine and she hoped he didn't notice. "What's wrong with me?" She thought to herself "This is Ron were talking about!"

Ron hurried forward and opened the door for her. As they stepped outside the street looked different. It was now pitch black and the lights of Hogwarts could be seen off in the distance. She glanced up at the school, Ron was watching her.

"Yeah, I miss it to. We had a lot of fun back then didn't we." said Ron, still staring at her.

"Yeah we did Ron. But were having fun now's just different. That's all" as Hermione, said this she looked up and noticed that Ron was looking at her, not at the school. Another shudder overcame her.

"Well, I gotta go Ron. I'll see you tomorrow at 3 O'clock." said Hermione, preparing to apparate.

"Wait Hermione!" He called and grabbed her arm. "Are you okay? You seem a little distant tonight."

"I'm fine Ron, just tired. It's been a long day."

"Oh...ok. Should I go with you? Ya know...make sure you get home safe?"

"No Ron...I'll be ok, really thanks though, that's sweet of you."

"Ok...I just don't like it when you're down. You're sure your ok?"

"Yes Ron!" she said, starting to get annoyed. "I really must go."

"Okay. Goodnight, Hermione." He said giving her a hug.

Hermione surprised by his action just smiled, backed off from Ron and apparated.