Ah, yes I know what you're thinking. It's too early to be writing a Christmas fic, and I must be off my rocker to be writing about a holiday that's still 4-5 months away... am I right? Meh, well... I couldn't help myself! I've had this idea floating in my mind forever now, and since my sister was singing the twelve days of Christmas song, I was like, Ok that's it. I'm writing this story! So yes, here it is and I hope you enjoy!

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Winry looked at her calendar with a happy squeal. "Wow! Less than two more weeks till Christmas!" She circled the 25th with a green marker, decorating it wildly before getting her things for work.

With only thirteen days left until Christmas, stores were packed with people trying to buy the right presents. Sales were everywhere; prices had been cut down to satisfy customers. Christmas trees decorated store windows, while banners of red and green proclaimed "Happy Holidays." Christmas carols were being sung everywhere; on the radio, on streets, on front porches. Everything and everyone were brimming with holiday joy.

Well, at least almost everyone.

"Edward! Cheer up, would you?"

Winry pleaded to her long-time friend, Edward Elric, who was wearing a very noticeable upside-down smile. He looked annoyed with having to wear the elf-costume, complete with a green hat, striped green and white tights, and a pair of curly shoes that jingled every time he walked. He shot her a peculiar look.

"Why am I doing this again?"

"To spread the holiday joy to children." Actually, Winry had asked him to work with her in hopes that Ed would enjoy working in the North Pole area the mall had for children to take a picture with the Santa Clause. She had been doing it for years now, dressing up each time as an elf and enjoying it very much. But now, she wasn't too sure if bringing Ed along was a good idea after all.

"Is that all?" Ed asked, sounding a little put off.

"And for 8.50 an hour, now come on Ed!" she tried pulling him out of the door, but he was clutching to the locker for dear life.

"No! Dammit, I don't want to!" Ed yelled childishly. "I'm wearing tights for crying out loud!"

"Roy, Riza, and Al are probably waiting for us! Now-come-on!" She tugged at his arm, but the boy would not budge.

"I don't care! I'm not going out there!"


"NO!" he hollered. She let go of his arm, looking down on the ground as her shoulders began to shake violently.

"Ed, you're going to make me cry..." she sniffed.

"No I'm not."

"Edward... Edward..." she faked a sob that could win her an Academy Award. "You're making me sad..."

"You're lying," he retorted, but wasn't too sure whether or not she was really crying. Guilt started to gnaw at him. He felt himself giving in, and fell for the bait, sighing in defeat as he said, "Ok, fine. I'll- I'll go."

"Yes!" Winry brightly exclaimed, eyes unshed by tears. Ed frowned.

"Damn you and your ability to fake something like that," he said as Winry led him out of the locker room.


"Ed! Winry! There you are!"

Riza and Al exclaimed as the two neared the set. Riza, the photographer and the only one not in a costume, looked somewhat relieved at their arrival but a worry was etched in her pretty features. Al, Ed's younger brother, was dressed up in a reindeer suit, topped with fake antlers that he wore on his head.

"Hey guys," Winry greeted, peering behind the set to see a line of children waiting anxiously for Santa.

"Where's Roy?" Ed asked, noticing the main attraction was missing.

"That's what I want to know," Riza said, wondering where her boyfriend could have run off to. "I called him on his cell phone, but he didn't answer."

"Well, he better come soon. The kids are starting to get fidgety," Winry informed as some of the children started chanting, "We want Santa!" Deciding to take some action into her own hands, she grabbed Ed and Al by the wrist and lead them out to the rambunctious crowd.

"Winry, what are you-?" Ed hissed.

"Just follow my lead," she said to Ed and Al, who nodded apprehensively.

"Where's Santa!" the kids began to demand.

"Santa's having a little trouble at the North Pole," Winry replied nicely as she flashed a bright smile. "But he'll be here soon. In the meantime, let's sing a song!" Ignoring the whines and groans coming from the children, she began to sing over the noise, "On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me-!" She looked at the two Elric brothers to show it was their queue to join in.

"Oh, um, a-a partridge in a pear tree!" they chorused.

She smiled. "On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, two turtle doves!"

"And a partridge in a pear tree!" some of the children sang with Ed and Al.

Riza watched with a smile at Winry's quick thinking, glad that she had come back again this year. But she would be even happier once a certain someone would show up in the next few seconds. She paced back and forth in front of her camera, glancing every now and then at her watch. She was so busy thinking about where Roy could be that she didn't even hear him sneak up behind her.

"Sorry I'm late. I overslept."

"Roy!" Riza nearly yelled at him. "There you are! I was getting worried! I seriously thought you weren't going to show up!"

Roy mocked a look of hurt, sporting a playful smile. "That stings, Riza. How could you lose faith in me?"

"Oh shut up," she snickered, slapping him lightly on the arm. "But next time you do something like that, I'll kill you."

The serious look in her eyes made Roy think that she was not kidding at all.

"Yes ma'am," he gave a salute before walking over towards the chair he would be sitting in. The children's eyes sparkled at his presence, aawing at the man before him. They couldn't believe it. It was the Santa Clause. Ed, Al, and Winry stopped singing, relieved that jolly St. Nick had arrived as they allowed the first child to sit on his lap. Riza stood by the camera, making sure everyone was smiling before clicking shot after shot of film.


Ed, Al, and Winry collapsed onto their chairs, feet sore and throats used up from singing. Roy got up from his chair, stretching his legs as he took off the white beard and hat once the children were out of site. Riza looked over at all the film she had used, hoping she could get all the pictures developed in time.

"Well, today was very busy," Al said, rubbing the sole of his foot.

"Yeah, I know," Winry agreed as she took off the curly-tipped slippers. "Talk about eventful."

Ed turned Roy, who was now lounging in his Santa chair lazily. "Hey Mustang, why were you late today?"

"Overslept," Roy yawned, a smirk creeping on his lips as he said, "Hey, that costume fits you. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought you were a real elf."

Al and Winry hid their snickering as Ed began fuming, throwing his arms around in protest and yelling loudly that he was catching the attention of the late-shoppers passing by.

"Ed, he does have a point," Winry teased, which only made the elder Elric even angrier.

"Shut up!" he spat. "I am not small, ok!"

"Yeah, you just keep telling yourself that, bean boy." Winry said, poking Ed on the side with a finger. This only caused Ed to poke back in retaliation, which only caused a poking war between the two of them. To avoid getting jabbed at, Winry dashed off barefoot as Ed chased after her, calling and yelling after the squirming girl.

"Aw, they make a nice couple," Roy commented as he watched the two teens.

"That's what I've been thinking for years," Al replied, shaking his head at their behavior. "I think they're liked each other since we were younger. They're always fighting and yelling at each other like some old married couple."

"They should get together, Edward and Winry," Riza mused as she cleaned her camera lense. The three of them stood in silence, contemplating as they watched Ed tackle Winry to the ground and began to mercilessly tickle her.

"You know what?" Roy spoke up, his face a mask of philosophical thinking.

"What?" Al and Riza asked simultaneously.

"We could get those two together."

"What!" Al and Riza asked again, this time in disbelief.

"Well, as Al said earlier, they've liked each other since they were younger. But they're almost in college and they're going nowhere," Roy pointed out.

"I guess..." Al said hesitantly.

Roy nodded, glad that he had someone to agree with his idea. "But to actually go somewhere in their relationship, all they need is-"

"- a little push from us," Riza finished as though she had read Roy's mind.

"Exactly!" Roy exclaimed. "It's brilliant!"

Al, on the other hand, wasn't so sure about all this. "I don't know... what if it backfires, and they end up hating each other?"

"Nonsense! It'll work, I guarantee it," Roy proclaimed as though he were advertising some household product. "They'll be together by Christmas time."

"Just out of curiosity, what are we going to get out of this?" Al questioned, wondering why Ed and Winry had not shown up yet.

"The joy of bringing two people together," Roy simply said.

Riza smiled as she brushed a few strands of her hair away from her eyes. "So, we have twelve days till Christmas to get these two lovebirds together?"

"Yes so starting tomorrow, we have twelve days to show that they were meant for each other," Roy theatrically responded, clasping a hand to his heart.

"Ok, if you guys are sure, you can count me in," Al said, straightening up as he saw Ed and Winry nearing them.

"Alright. So twelve days people," Riza announced.

"Twelve days for what?" Ed questioned curiously. Winry looked on with equal curiosity as well, red in the face from laughing so much.

"Um... twelve days till Christmas!" Al lied.

"Oh," was all Ed had to say as an awkward silence came upon the four of them. Roy sat up from his chair, yawning once more as he announced that they should all head home. The others agreed, heading to the locker rooms to change out of their costumes.

Roy, Riza and Al nodded knowingly at each other before they bid one another a good-night, all thinking, These last twelve days till Christmas would certainly lead to interesting results.


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