X Eyes the Robin

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Notes: ok... whenever I get writer's block for TBAHC, I'll dump all of my creativity into this little... thing that I've concocted... if it gets popular then maybe I'll make it a regular story. Takes place after The End pt.3. It started out as a drabble attempt but I thought the set up deserved its own shot.

P.S. TBAHC will be updated soon. I just needed a change of pace to get the creativity flowing.


The thief known as Red X had always had a love-hate relationship with lady luck. Mostly hate. It seemed like he'd been chronically unlucky his entire life, and he often doubted the existence of miracles and love and such frivolous things.

It was only one night, when he'd stumbled upon a seemingly dead villain's lair, did he learn that he was genuinely not a child of fortune... but in fact, fated to meet and to serve the former resident, a man called Slade.

But more about that encounter later...

Since childhood, he'd never been lucky. An orphan growing up on his own, he'd taught himself quickly how to steal, and how to live for himself, and stay emotionally detached from those who were unfortunate enough to get in his way.

Soon enough he began to participate in the criminal underworld, practicing and honing is craft; eventually getting paid to do what came naturally, which was to steal from the rich and the poor all the same. Always staying emotionally detached.

He soon heard about the Teen Titans and scoffed at their attempts to heroically fight crime. He understood Jump City's filth better than any snot-nosed little kids could- and he knew that the gifted super hero children would never notice him as long as he didn't run around in a tuxedo and blue skin whilst firing doves out of a top hat like one criminal he'd seen more than once on the front page of the news paper. And he'd wanted it to stay that way...

... until he heard rumors of the Teen Titan's fabled super suit. A suit so powerful that no one could stand in its way- so dangerous that even Batman's protege', its creator, couldn't bring himself to utilize its powers. So unstable that the source of its power was outlawed and could only be stolen or purchased through madmen through favors.

... mad men like Slade Wilson, a man Red X had heard far too much about whilst huddled in alleys with fellow rapists, murderers and common pick-pockets. Tales whispered about the man contained far-fetched stories about stolen technologies, international terrorism, black mail, assassinations, and the man's fetishes for dangerous escapades- and dangerous alliances. He'd even experienced a brief but complete reign over the city and much of the country- before the Teen Titans had defeated him.

Too bad the man was rumored to be dead. His hideout all but destroyed, from what X had heard. But, according to the inflated lore he was fed by the street's local hobos, the man had been presumed dead many times before- and had a way with getting out of sticky situations in the past.

Wilson was pretty much God-like in the eyes of most gangs, mobs, assassins, and petty thieves like X in Jump City and everywhere else X had traveled in his short life. All around the man was revered as the wealthiest, smartest, deadliest criminal ever to walk the streets.

Young X was awed by the stories of grandeur, of super dangerous suits and super dangerous villains, climactic fights between good and evil, but reasonably questioned their authenticity. He decided to find out the truths for himself- but over the years, he'd become far more skilled than he'd ever thought possible- and more than easily managed to break Titan Tower's defenses and steal the xinothium powered suit of legend for himself- finally becoming a true thief known as Red X, and gaining his own modest level of credibility- compared to Slade, of course.

But, as I said before, X had never been a lucky man. Soon after he stole the suit, he was confronted by none other than its own creator- Robin the boy wonder. X had to admit, the boy had put up a great fight- a better one than he'd experienced in a long time. But he'd never let his younger rival know it.

Growing up laid back and in possession of his own sense of dark wit, it was more than a little fun to taunt the uptight boy-hero- play with him a little bit all the while admiring and making fun of the boy's overpowering and domineering sense of responsibility and right and wrong.

From all of the stories X had heard about the boy wonder, he'd imagined him to be some silly little four-foot kid, throwing around his toys and soaking up credit for his team's victories like the little multicolored pudgy sponge he was.

He'd been wrong. Dead wrong. The boy hero was, as stated above, short- but charmingly so and surprisingly thin and lanky but not without his own unique and intriguing build. The eyes behind the younger boy's mask always inquisitive, always calculating and racing. X was also somewhat surprised at how sober the young boy carried himself, always looking a tad too serious for the moment- causing X to become oddly charmed.

Although he more than admired the boy's more attractive mental and physical... not to mention aesthetic qualities, he wanted the suit more than anything, and in his own tradition, would not let anything or anyone stop him from getting what he wanted. He wasn't a first class thief for nothing.

The confrontation with Robin and his team mates had been an interesting experience to say the least, all the way up to his momentary alliance with the crime fighter against Professor Chang, but the thought of fighting along side the do-gooder still made him uneasy.

It was only when Robin had covertly managed to steal his belt, which controlled much of the power of his suit, did Red X's opinion of Robin change dramatically. Robin wasn't just a crime fighter- he had a darker shade to him than his team mates. A side that knew how to steal- and steal well.

Well, X had been neglected by lady luck once again- with only one canister of xinothium and no belt to use it with whilst cornered by the teen team, he was forced to retreat- slamming the last blood-red flask onto the ground to create a momentary diversion for his escape- but also, in rage at being foiled by the teen hero and his friends.

He'd seemingly suicidally jumped off the roof and escaped through the sewer system only to land right on top of a dead criminal's old lair- a criminal mastermind he'd idolized as a young thief; Slade Wilson.

Perhaps his luck was looking up?

Finding the main door already busted down (by Robin in Apprentice pt.1) he stealthily made his way inside. It was dark, musty, and everything had a thick coat of dust and debris. Peculiar gears and machines lay destroyed, seemingly caved in on themselves- but some of the ceiling was still intact, as a small ratio of hanging lights flickered and struggled to illuminate the dead scenery.

Near the computer monitors, there stood a single, large, geometric throne- lonely and forgotten.

X, sensibly reasoning that no one would ever stay in a dump like this, decided to thoroughly investigate it.

He began with the computers. Specifically, the largest one in the center and figurehead of many. Using his acquired skills as a hacker, he found and examined much of the data that was on Slade's computer- including his personal side projects, his personal information, and to X's surprise, far more information about Robin than he cared to even know.

"What the hell?" X whispered to himself, his usual gruff voice slightly obscured by the built in speaker system in his suit. " Was this guy in love with Robin or somethin'?"

He'd meant it sarcastically and was unaware of the very accuracy of his assumption. He quickly scanned all of the information, becoming more and more disturbed at the length and detail on everything from Robin's origin, personality, loved ones, fighting techniques, skill growth, overall statistics...body measurements... how did Slade get all of this information on Robin, and why?

... He was sure all of the information could prove useful if Robin ever truly needed to be defeated, but... the sheer amount of information was leaps and bounds passed stalkery.

X, sadly paying more attention to the part about Robin's measurements than anything else, read through some of the precise notes, articles and files Slade kept. However, X wasn't the best hacker around; he knew what he needed to to hack into vaults or security systems, but much of the more secretive and important files were still a mystery to X and were far more heavily guarded.

Satisfied with the information he'd gathered, X shut off the computer to explore more of the hideout. He found bedrooms, shower rooms, as if many people had once lived there. He found training facilities, obstacle courses, and whole rooms filled to the brim with weapons and killer robots.

... He was starting to like this place more and more.

There were entire rooms stored with computers, although none of them held as much safe-guarded information as Slade's personal one had. Tired of sitting still, he returned to the central room, the one with the central computer, placing his hands on his thin hips and grinning inside his mask.

" This place has potential... I think I'll take it...!" He announced to no one but himself, tracing a large 'X' into the dirt with his boot, marking the abode as his own.

And so he did. When he wasn't out and about stealing or doing odd jobs, he cleaned the place up, restoring much of the technology as well as some of the lighting, but he chose to keep the place relatively dark- he preferred it that way, much like its former master had.

Yes, he was happy with the way things had turned out. He rigged the central monitor to play pirated cable television, so when he wasn't stealing or exploring his new hideout, he could relax in Slade's own throne and watch TV, and not be so bored. He also spent much of his time reading about Robin in Slade's secret files, and began to understand a little about why Slade had been so obsessed.

X couldn't fathom what could've killed a man that had been as great a mind and fighter as Wilson. It was evident that Robin did not kill him... the files on Slade's computer said that Robin did not resort to murder. If that was so, who had? He wanted to find out, but the files that might explain the answer were still forbidden to him.

For a while, it seemed like lady luck had decided to shower her love all over him. He had a great lair, more information on Robin than he could stand, access to all the technology and weapons he could ever want, bragging rights on the streets (His name spread quickly considering he had the Teen Titan's super suit and Slade's former hideout!) and he was becoming wealthier and wealthier every single day.

Everything was great and X couldn't be more settled into his new life as a master thief.

But lady luck has a thing for stabbing you in the back just when you're finally happy.

Especially when your new hideout's former master decides to check in on you, back from the dead.

-To be continued-

Yesss... I'm notorious for my bad chapter endings I think... always so abrupt... yeah this chapter was really just a set up for the next one, but... if you digged it, that's cool. This was really just an experiment/creativity juicer, but if you want me to write more, just tell me. If I do, the next chapter, we will see a team up between X and Slade to capture Robbie-poo. Wee I'd like to hear your honest opinion.