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It was close to midnight when Riza had finished her shower. She especially like showering at night since the women's locker room was empty most of the time. Normally she would have taken a shower in her room but a water pipe had broken and water wasn't going to her room. She was only wearing her undergarments when there was a knock on the door. Out of instinct, she quickly wrapped a towel around her as well as click the safety off her gun she peered to the side of the locker to see a blonde head poke through the door.

"Lieutenant Hawkeye, are you in here?" nervously came from the head.

"Edward?" she quickly replied. He quickly shot his eyes towards her. Before Riza knew it, Ed had grabbed one of her arms and was now dragging her through the hallway.

"Edward, stop this instant!" she screamed as the teenager was pulling her, the whole time holding onto her towel for dear life.

"Can't," he replied not bothering to look back at her. "Mustang called an important meeting and we need to get there quick". They continued their sprint until they had reached Roy's room. Not bothering to knock, he barged into the room pulling Riza in behind him. "Hey, I found her. Let's get this meeting over with."

Everyone was seated in Roy's room, either on the floor or his bed, wearing their pajamas. Roy was the only one standing. They all stared in shock when Ed had come into the room with the nearly naked Riza. Al even managed to portray it on his face. Seconds later blood started to trickle down everyone's, except Al's, face. Confused by the scene, Ed turned around to see and embarrassed and pissed off Riza grasping tightly her towel with one hand while holding a gun pointed directly at his head with the other.

"Next time I say stop, you better stop," she coldly said still pointing her gun at his head. Ed simply nodded. He didn't want to do anything else that would upset her anymore than he already had. She lowered her gun after he nodded. "Colonel?"

No moved. They stayed frozen in their position still staring at her. It wasn't until Riza fired a bullet into the ceiling that everyone snapped back to reality. She shot everyone a glare that caused everyone to shake uncontrollably before turning her attention to Roy.

"Colonel?" she said with that stern voice of hers.

"Yes?" flew out of his mouth as he made eye contact with her. Looking anywhere else was sure to get a bullet shot at him.

"Would you mind lending me some clothes?"

"Uhh…yeah, sure."

He went into his dresser in search of clothes for Riza. There wasn't anything in there that would fit her so he moved to his closet. Again, he couldn't fine anything suitable for her to wear. He had to settle for one of his undershirts.

"Here," he said handing her the shirt. "None of my pants will fit you but the shirt should be large enough to cover you."

"Thank you, sir," she said as he returned to his originally position a few feet in front of the dresser. "Now everyone turn around." They complied seeing that she still had a gun in her hand with the safety off. "And Colonel close your eyes. I know you can see me in the mirror." 'So close.' he thought as he slowly but surely closed his eyes. In fact everyone closed their eyes. They didn't want to give Riza a reason to shoot at them. She quickly changed into the shirt. "You can turn around now." They turned around and looked at her. Their noses started bleed once again at the sight of her. Roy's shirt had covered but barely. It stopped at about mid-thigh. Riza fired her gun again promptly stopping the nosebleeds. She made her way towards Roy's bed but before she could sit down everyone on the bed jumped off and was now sitting on the floor with everyone else. She just shrugged and sat down on the bed tucking her legs behind her. She then promptly placed her gun beside her.

"Colonel, what is it that you want?" came out of Havoc.

"Yeah," coming half-yawned from Breda.

"And why isn't Lieutenant Colonel Hughes here?" Furey added.

"He's the reason we're all here," Roy finally spoke. "His birthday's in a few days and I wanted to throw a surprise party for him." Everyone lodged their protest and anger at Roy for making them come to a late night meeting about a simple birthday party. After a while, everyone finally calmed down and proceeded to plan the party. It was around two in the morning when they finished planning. Everyone was leaving. Riza had managed to stop Ed and Al before they left.

"Edward would you mind going back to the women's locker room and retrieve my clothes?"

"Yes, sir."

The two of them left for the locker room leaving Riza alone with Roy. She went back to sit on Roy's bed. Roy was now sitting in a chair beside the bed. They sat there in silence. Riza was feeling slightly embarrassed to be sitting half-naked on her commanding officer's bed. Roy was fighting the urge to stare at her but his eyes would always find their way back to her. 'God, she looks hot in my shirt. No Roy, bad Roy, get that out of your head. She's your subordinate; you can't have her. Now quit looking at her before she puts that gun of hers to your head.' He thought to himself. Just as Roy's eyes were about to move away from Riza, she began to stretch. She lifted her arms into the air and arched her back. This movement caused the shirt to rise slightly revealing a small part of her underwear. 'Thank you, Lord. Now if you could get her to wear a miniskirt I will forever be grateful.' He would have liked to keep staring at her in hope of seeing more of her but the sight of her gun inches away from her leg slapped him back into reality. His eyes focused on the door a few feet in front of him. The gaze he had could have burned a hole in the door, though that could easily be done with a simple snap. The whole time his thoughts going back to the image burned into his mind, the partial image of Riza's underwear but more importantly of her skin. He could feel himself blushing but he continued his focus on the door. It wasn't until he felt a hand come across his forehead that he lost his concentration.

"You don't have a fever. Are you alright, sir?" Riza had noticed a change in Roy's color. His cheeks were flushed and she believed that he was coming down with a fever. She had crawled across the bed to where she was beside him. She leaned forward placing her hand on his forehead to check him temperature. Roy's face had gotten even redder when noticed how close his face was to Riza's.

"I'm fine," he finally said after gaining enough of his composure back. Riza removed her hand from Roy's head. She then proceed to prop herself with some pillows against the headboard. Much like what Roy was doing earlier, she stared at the door trying to will Ed and Al to knock on the door. Roy had managed to stop blushing and was staring at the door as well. Again they sat in total silence. It wasn't until ten minutes later that a knock broke the silence. Roy sprang to his feet while Riza got on all four. Roy had begun walking to the door. Riza was now leaning on the footboard waiting for Roy to open the door. He was only a foot away from it when he had an uneasy feeling in his stomach. "Who is it?"

"It's me, Maes. I saw that your light was still on and thought I'd come share some new pictures of Elicia with you."

"Ah, crap," came from both Roy's and Riza's mouth. Within seconds Roy had grabbed Riza by the arm and dragged her to his closet. He immediately shoved her in and closed it. They both knew what would happen if Maes had caught then under these circumstances. After making sure Riza was hidden, he proceeded to open the door.

"What took you so long?" Maes asked walking into the room. "Got a girl in here?"

"No!" Roy quickly blurted out which caused Maes to be suspicious.

"Really?" he said with a grin on his face. "Then you won't mind if I look around, do you?" Without waiting for a response, Maes started look around. First he checked in the bathroom. Now would have been a good time sneak Riza out, if the closet wasn't so close to the bathroom. Roy couldn't risk it. When Maes was content with the bathroom search, he proceeded to look in the bedroom. He went for the obvious hiding place, under the bed. "Nothing there." He sat on the bed paying no attention to the gun that was laying beside him. "I know, the closet." He made a b-line for the closet. It was too late Roy couldn't stop him. Maes quickly opened the door. "Hah, found you. Huh? No one's there." Roy was shocked at that announcement and looked into the closet. There was nothing there but his clothes and some boxes. "I guess you weren't lying…so how 'bout those pictures."

"Not tonight, I need to get some sleep," Roy said as he closed the closet door, a bit hesitant. He basically shoved Maes out the door with plenty of protest from him. He quickly promised to look at the pictures later and shut his door. There was a noise coming from behind him. He turned around to see his closet door swing open and Riza fall from it coughing.

"Is he gone?" she managed to say between coughs. Roy immediately went to her. She was covered in dust and cobwebs. After answering her question, he proceeded to brush the cobwebs and dust from her hair. "That was a close one."

"No kidding. By the way where did you disappear to?"

"There's a crawlspace behind the boxes."

"Really?" he said as he helped her up. She had trouble standing due to being cramped into a very, very small crawlspace. Roy held her at the waist with his hands to help balance her while she placed one hand on is shoulder to further support herself. The other hand was used to cover her mouth whenever she coughed. Roy couldn't but laugh at the creature he held. Riza was covered from head to toe in dust. "Guess you'll need to borrow another shirt." Before she could answer, the door swung open and Maes jumped in.

"Hah, I caught you!" he screamed. "Riza?" Maes couldn't help but grin at the sight of Roy holding Riza. He had caught them in an awkward position. Roy was in his sleeping clothes which consisted of a t-shirt and boxers while Riza was wearing nothing but one of his shirts. What other conclusion could a person draw from this sight? "I always knew the two of you would get together"

"Wait, Maes. It's not what you think," Roy defensively said after he and Riza let go of each other. "I can explain."

"What's there to explain," he coolly said walking to the door. "well maybe why Riza's covered in dust. I'll leave you two alone to have your fun. We'll talk later, Roy. Night, Riza." He exited the room with a smile traveling from ear to ear.

"We're never going to live this down, are we?" Riza said after a moment of them starting at the closed door.


"Edward hunting later?"