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Nearly everyone jumped at the sound of that familiar boisterous voice. All eyes snapped to an opening in the trees where said voice came from. Upon seeing and confirming their suspicions, everyone showed their respect for the man. Most were standing at attention and saluting. Even Little Elicia had her right hand to her head, standing on the presents' table. It would have been a perfect imitation of the stance that every soldier was taught if it wasn't for the fact that she was smiling and waving her free hand at the new arrival. Hayate was also mimicking the soldiers, though couldn't really be seen amongst the tall crowd. The other guests, those not in the military, give a polite bow to him.

"I see that I was in time for the presents," the voice continued as he walked toward Maes. His entourage followed closely behind, some carrying neatly wrapped boxes. As the group got closer, the crowd broke apart to create a pathway directly to Maes. Roy was next to the birthday boy while the others of their close-knit group were behind them. It was completely silent until the retinue stopped at their destination. "But before I give you your present I think it's best that I wish you a happy 30th birthday, Lieutenant Colonel."

"Thank you, Fuhrer, sir!" Maes said still stand at attention. "This is a surprise. I didn't expect you to come to my birthday party."

"At ease everyone," Fuhrer King Bradley commanded when he noticed everyone's state. As ordered, the soldiers relaxed and lowered their hand. Upon seeing things ease up, Elicia promptly jumped back into Riza's arms. "I was told that this was surprise party when I was called yesterday afternoon so I'm doing my part in surprising you."

"You've really out done yourself this time, Roy. You got the fuehrer to go to my little, old birthday party. I didn't know you loved me that much, Sunshine."

"Maes, I only love you like as a brother so quit with the endearments," Roy blankly replied. "You're seriously making me think you're playing the other field despite your marriage to Glacier. First Falman, then Fuery, now me. It wouldn't surprise me, now, if you started tongue-wrestling Havoc. And for your information the fuehrer wasn't my doing."

"You told him!" Falman shouted at the sound of his name. "We were suppose to erase that from our memories."

"Why can't I forget that night!" came Fuery's pitiful yell at his name.

"Don't include me in this," Havoc followed up. "I haven't kissed a guy in my entire life."

"What's wrong with guys kissing other guys?" Maes asked, which resulted in many inquiring stares at him. "I mean girls kiss other girls. Right, Glacier?"

"Sorry, dear," Glacier responded. "My lips have only touched those of the male species."

"Riz-I shouldn't even bother," Maes corrected when he remembered whom he was talking to. "Umm…anyone?"

"I've kissed a girl before, Daddy!" Elicia exclaimed. Maes promptly widened his eyes at this sudden revelation of his daughter. Glacier and Riza almost had to bite their bottom lip from laughing at the facial expressions of most the men there; no doubt their heads were in the gutter. But both women knew exactly what Elicia meant by her statement, which said girl decided to prove. She gave a quick peck on Riza's cheek. "See Daddy, I kissed Auntie Riza, and she's a girl."

Nearly everyone that had dirty thoughts face-faulted into the ground at Elicia's explanation. Serves them right for thinking that about an innocent little girl. It was no surprise that of the guys only Fuery, Ed, and Al were left standing. Fuhrer Bradley was slightly chuckling with General Grumman about this little ordeal. The same could be said about the women.

"I'm so glad that I rearranged my schedule to come here," Bradley said when everything cooled down.

"I'm glad that you could make it, sir," a female voice responded.

"I probably would have come anyhow, just to see what some have said about the current status here."

"Yes, the reports you've surely been receiving since this whole thing started must have been...entertaining."

"Most were about how everyone had gone insane or in another person's word 'Eastern Headquarters has become a loony bin. Please send help'. The explanation you gave during your phone call yesterday did help clear things up for me."

"It wasn't like any of the others were thinking about their jobs at the time, sir. I knew what the situation would have been if I hadn't assured you of our abilities."

"Still…I kind of wish that I came here sooner. That way I could have seen everything. There was one particular report that caught my eye."

"Which one, sir? If you don't mind my asking."

"It was a grievance from Lieutenant Havoc. He stated that the female officers here had inflicted both physical and emotional damage for actions that he was ordered to carry out by a superior. Can you explain this to me, First Lieutenant? Or would you like the honors, Lieutenant Havoc?"

"I'd rather not explain this again, sir," Havoc answered. "We already had story time."

"I guess the first lieutenant then."

"If you wouldn't mind until a little later, I'll explain everything in better detail then from when I was on the phone with you," Riza said. "Due to the time constraint, there were several other incidents that I did not get to mention."

"Very well then."

"Can we open presents now?" Elicia eagerly said as she bounced a bit in Riza's arms.

"Of course, my dear. Now let's forget formalities and finish this party."

"Yay! Present time!"

"Hey, Riza," Maes called before the unwrapping started. "The fuehrer being here isn't your present to me, is it?"

"No," she replied. "You'll be opening my present last. Well…second to last."

"Okay. Let's get started. I believe you offered your present to be my first, sir."

"I did, didn't I?" Bradley smiled. "Juliet."

"Here, sir," his secretary said as she handed him a brown envelope that appeared to be about half an inch thick.

"I believe this is something you have wanted for a long time," Bradley said as he handed the object to Maes.

Maes took it and immediately began inspecting it. It looked like a regular envelope that he often put documents in to be sent out. There was nothing out of the ordinary about it, not even any writing. Done with his inspection, Maes twisted the string to release the flap. Inside it were several sheets of paper, most likely documents.

"Are you sure this is the right envelope?" Maes asked a bit confused by the gift. "It didn't get mixed with another?"

"No, this is the right one," Juliet answered. "I checked it before we left the office to take the train here."

"If you say so."

"Hurry up, Daddy," Elicia said anxiously since they were still on the first present.

Maes pulled out his "gift" from the envelope. There was a blank sheet on top. The thing that got Maes was the yellow post-it on it, telling him to read the next page aloud. He looked into Bradley's eye with a really confused expression. Fuhrer Bradley just gave a nod that indicated for Maes to do what was on the little piece of paper. Not really caring anymore about his confusion, Maes just shrugged his shoulder and moved the blank sheet to the bottom of the pile. Clearing his throat, he began to read the paragraph surprising done in the fuehrer's handwriting.

"After all the calls you have given me this past week, along with those from General Grumman, I have come to a decision. There was a meeting with the other generals in Central, and they have agreed to it with certain conditions. None of which really restrains the true purpose of this document and its results. These conditions will be explained at an assembly later on. Now let's get to the real point of this whole thing. I, Fuhrer King Bradley, declare the removal of the anti-fraternization law."

Maes's mouth was wide open. Several flies probably could have flown down his throat and he wouldn't have known it. The final obstacle of being Roy's best man had finally been overcame. When Maes took this into account, he immediately shot his eyes toward Roy. Everyone else followed suit. Roy now had to deal with everyone's eyes on him. It didn't help that Riza was standing next to him, with Elicia, when Maes finished reading that, in his word, cursed document.

"What are you all looking at?" Roy nervously asked. Of course, he knew why they were all looking at him. Riza didn't seem to be bothered by the attention. That was just like her. "Maes, why don't you start opening the rest of your presents?"

"Shouldn't you be doing something right now?" Maes asked back with a sly smile.

Maes had decided to make the best of this rare opportunity. Roy was practically sweating bullets now. He knew what Maes wanted him to do, but why in front of everybody and the fuehrer, too. Of course, he had already asked her, but nobody aside from the two of them knew that. Well, Hayate probably knew about it by now. There's something unnatural about that puppy, though it could just be because Riza was his mother.

"Sir, there's something else written on the paper," Fuery said, drawing the attention away from Roy, which he was thankful for. Fuery was looking over Maes's shoulder and pointing at the document. "Right here."

"Oh, there is something," Maes said as looked at where Fuery was pointing. A smile quickly came onto his face as he scanned it. He once again cleared his throat and began reading the final part of the page. "P.S. Make sure Colonel Mustang remembers to send me an invitation to the wedding. Actually make sure the colonel stays out of the lieutenant's way when she does the wedding preparations. That way I'm sure to get my invitation."

"You too, sir!" Roy shouted right when Maes finished reading.

"My wife thinks that you two make a good couple," Bradley commented.

"Yay! Uncle Roy and Auntie Riza are getting married!" Elicia yelled hugging Riza, before turning to face Roy. "Can I have some cousins?"

Roy was full on blushing after that comment. Even Riza had a tint of pink on her cheeks. She just patted Elicia on the head and whispered something in her ear, which kept the small girl smiling. Maes and most of the other people were laughing at the face that Roy was giving them. The only one that was showing some sort of restraint on their laughing was Glacier, who was trying to hide it behind a hand.

"Now, Sweetheart, Uncle Roy has to ask her first before anything else happens," Glacier said still slightly laughing.

"Well, Roy, what are you waiting for?" Maes cheerfully asked. "Hurry up and get on your knee."

"Ask for my granddaughter's hand already!" Grumman added.

"Go ahead," Bradley encouraged. "The documents have been passed already. It's legal to ask her now."

"How the heck did Maes's birthday party lead to this?" Roy grumbled out.

"Quick stalling and do it," Maes shouted. "Practically everyone in the military has been waiting for this."

"Especially me!" Havoc yelled. "Hell, every man in Amestris has been waiting for this. We can finally have girlfriends that don't dump us the second they see you."

"Yeah!" every male chorused.

Roy just muttered something under his breath as he turned to Riza. He took Elicia from her arm and handed the child to Glacier. Riza just stood there and smiled as Roy reached his hands to the back of her neck. He fumbled with the clasp for a few seconds before finally getting it unhooked. The ring slipped off the chain and onto Roy's right hand. He pocketed the chain before grabbing Riza's left hand with his. The engagement ring slid smoothly onto Riza's ring finger.

"Well, you can finally wear it on your finger now," Roy said grinning.

"You already asked her!" Maes screamed as he ran and grabbed Roy's shirt collar. He roughly started shaking him as he continued his rant. "I didn't get to take any pictures."

"That was the point. I didn't want anyone around for when I did it."

"He was quite romantic about it," Riza commented. "You should have seen where he took me. The field of flowers was really beautiful in the moonlight, especially with the pond."

"Though you almost crushed all my hopes with that trick you pulled."

"Payback for all those bragging and womanizing comments you made in the office. Be happy that I love you enough not to pull out my high-powered rifle on you."

"She's got you there, sir," Havoc said. "I'm surprised that you're still alive after all that you put her through."

"Shut up, Havoc," Roy said. "I know what I've done, and I'm going to make up for it for the rest of my life."

"Believe me," Riza began with an edge to her voice. "He will."

"Umm…I love you."

"I love you, too, but that's not going to keep me from taking you to the outdoor shooting range. I need to train you not to flirt anymore, need to get rid of that playboy attitude. Unless you want the shortcut, I'd be somewhat willing to shoot off Mr. Happy for you."

"No, no, I'll go through the training."

"Best of luck," Al said smiling. "I've spent a lot of time with the lieutenant in the ranges while Brother gave his report. It's always empty when we go there."

"And there's a good reason for that," Zeller spoke up.

"Everyone be quite!" Maes bellowed, silencing everybody while he still shook Roy. "I'm trying to get some answers here. I don't need to know how terrifying Riza is. I've already experienced first-hand her gun wrath."

"What do you want to know, Maes?" Roy asked as he tried to loosen Maes's grip on his collar.


"When, what?"

"When did you ask her?"

"That's only for me and her to know."

"Tell me!"


"Because this is the first time you have ever been able to keep a secret from me, and throw in the fact it involves Riza. So tell me everything. When did you start dating? That fake date was suppose to be the first one. Don't tell me you've been keeping this from me for years. Oh god, when did you confess your love?"

"I can tell you that," Havoc jumped in. "He admitted that the night the pipes busted. We kept haggling him until he finally caved in the next morning. At least that's what he told us."

"But when did Roy and Riza start dating?" Maes questioned Havoc. "Surely they would have gone out a couple of times before either of them admitted their love."

"Actually, I would like to know that answer as well. So Chief, when was the first date?"

"I'm not telling any of you," Roy answered.

"Come on," both Maes and Havoc whined.



"Why should I tell you something this personal?"

"Because your romantic status has always been public knowledge," Maes answered. "So why change things now."

"You always brag about it," Havoc added.

"This time is different," a voice replied. Maes and Havoc soon found a sharp pain coursing through one of their ears each. Riza had yanked their ears when she noticed how bad Roy was handling the situation. While Roy had been dealing with Maes, she had been whisked away by Glacier and the female population present. Her grandfather was the only male crowding her. Most wanted to see the ring. Others were asking her questions, most of which Riza didn't give an answer, while the rest were congratulating her. "Especially since I'm the woman involved."

"Ow, Riza, that hurts!" Maes complained.

"Ouch, not so hard!" Havoc pleaded.

"Now both of you give it a rest," Riza said shoving them each into a chair. "Unlike Roy, I keep things in my life private. So what we do is our business. If anyone wants to say otherwise, you know what will happen."

"Right," Roy piped in.

"Shut up, Roy."

"Yes, Dear."

"Now let's get the rest of the presents open. It's getting way past Elicia's bedtime."

"It's only because of all that sugar from the cake that she's still awake," Glacier commented with a bouncing Elicia next to her. "We've got at least another hour in her."

"Alright," Maes grumbled. "I can always interrogate Roy tomorrow."

Maes had just grabbed a present from the pile instead of asking or contemplating which one was next. He was put off by the fact that neither Roy nor Riza would give out anything on their relationship. 'Come on. I've been waiting years for this, so had everyone else for that matter. The least they could do is give us something to chew on.' Maes grudgingly thought as he ripped the wrapping paper off. The present revealed to be a paperweight in the shape of a camera, which had been a gift from Ross. Under the paperweight was an envelope, which upon opening was a certificate for a year's supply of film. That had been from Brosh. Maes happily thanked them for his presents, though Brosh was on the receiving end of many glares for his gift.

"Where's my baby?" a woman's voice shouted just as Maes was reaching for the next box. The crowd departed to reveal the owner. Maes immediately stood at the sight. He already knew who that person was by the sound of her voice. "There he is!"

"Mama Mustang," Maes jovially shouted as the dark-haired beauty lunged at him. Three other women soon joined the first woman in the hugging. At the sound of Roy's last name, the others quickly looked to him only to find the space he was standing in was empty. "And my big sisters are here, too."

"Now we couldn't miss our little brother's birthday," one said.

"But how did you know my party was here? I doubt Roy would have told you let alone willingly call any of you."

"After your phone call a few days ago about Roy finally finding true love, the four of us hopped on the first train out here," Mama Mustang answered. "Originally we came to have a talk with Roy but along the way we came across a soldier who told us of your party. He brought us here."

"More like we dragged him here," one of the sisters said as she pointed to the poor soldier that was laying unconscious at the edge of the field.

"That means, YOU FORGOT MY BIRTHDAY!" Maes wailed.

"I believe you forgot it as well," Glacier pointed out.

"Oh yeah, forgot about that. Well, I'll let my loving Mama Mustang and sisters off this time."

"Now where's my flame baby?" Mama Mustang asked looking for her real son.

"Don't know. He was here a second ago."

"Wahhh!!" a voice resounded through party before a tangle of arms and legs came tumbling out from under the presents' table. Roy laid there sprawled on the ground ensnared by all three of his sisters. Ed had taken this time to burst out laughing at Roy's predicament. This week was just full of frustrated times for Roy. "Would you three demons let me go!"

"My baby boy!" Mama Mustang screamed as she jumped into the pile of flesh.

"Mother!" Roy embarrassedly groaned.

"Now tell me about this girl you're head over hills with."

"Get off me! All of you!"

"Tell me about your girlfriend first."

"Oh, but Mama, she's not his girlfriend anymore," Maes stated.

"What did you do this time, Roy?" Mama Mustang complained. "Don't tell me she was another one of those one-night stands."

"No!" Roy exclaimed. "Of course not. I would never do that to Riza."

"Did another man take her away from you? Because if that's the case, then he'll feel the wrath of Mama Mustang."

"And the Mustang sisters," the three chirped.

"No, that would never happen," Maes laughed as he helped the women to their feet. Havoc gave a hand to Roy, which was greatly appreciated. "Everyone's too afraid to ever court Riza. I was just saying that she wasn't his girlfriend anymore but rather his fiancée."

"Fiancée!" the four women screamed.

"How long have you been hiding out on us, Baby Brother?" one sister asked.

"It's bad enough that we have to get details about your love life from Little Brother," another said. "You should call home more than once a year."

"It's about time," the last sister said. "I'm tired of hearing how much a playboy my baby brother is."

"Are you that ashamed of your family to not introduce us to her?" Mama Mustang fretted.

"Pretty much," Roy grumbled out as he dusted himself off.

"What was that?"

"Of course not," Roy covered. "I tried to call you this week to tell you about Riza."

"Liar!" Maes whispered.

"They don't need to know that," Roy hissed back.

"It could have been after Maes's call then," Mama Mustang said thoughtfully. "We would have been on the train."


"That still doesn't mean that I believe you. After all, your father could have answered it and then relayed it to us. He did know which hotels we were staying at during the three day trip."

"Hah, she caught you," Maes said.

"At least I know where Father is," Roy said. "I was wondering why he didn't come to my rescue like he usually does when they gang up on me."

"So where is my daughter-in-law-to-be?" Mama Mustang piped up.

"Yes, where is our new sister?" one sister said.

"Over there," Maes said as he pointed to Riza.

"Welcome to the family!" the Mustang women shouted as they lunged for her.


"Sorry, Maria," Riza apologized. At the sight of danger, better know as Roy's family flying at her, she sidestepped to avoid them. It was just bad luck that Second Lieutenant Ross was standing behind her. Ross ended up being tackled instead. "I forgot you were standing behind me."

"It's alright," Ross said detangling her body from the other women. "I guess it's better I get hurt then you shooting your future in-laws."

"Maybe I should have warned them about you first, Riza," Maes said sheepishly scratching the back of his neck. "Mama?"

"Yes, Sweetheart?"

"I forgot to tell you that Riza is in the military, too. And that she's also our most feared sharpshooter. So her first instinct is to attack…actually second instinct. The first being to protect Roy."


"If she's that strong, that means Baby Brother can't get away with any of his antics," a Mustang sister commented.

"She pretty much has him wrapped around her finger," Maes stated.

"She's perfect for him then."

The Mustangs had calm themselves down enough so that Riza wouldn't be tempted to pull out her gun. She may have been wearing a dress, but that didn't mean that she was unarmed. With them being related to her future husband, she had to be more alert than ever. And it didn't look like Roy was going to stop her if they decided to go back to hyperactive mode. During this time, Maes and the others had decided to start opening the rest of the presents. It was getting really late for Elicia to be up. And from the moment that Roy's family had come onto the scene, Fuhrer and his entourage had been sitting off to the side with General Grumman eating the remaining cake and exchanging pleasantries.

"Look, I got a new camera," Maes shouted as there were many groans in the background. "It's the newest model. There's even a timer on."

"What?" Havoc questioned when there were many death glares sent to him from his fellow officers. "I couldn't think of anything else to give him."

"Why didn't you just chip in some money with the rest of us?" Breda scolded.

"Don't know," Havoc shrugged.


"Oh, I even got one from Black Hayate," Maes cheered. Everyone turned his or her attention to that gift. It had to be the most extraordinary thing since most knew that Black Hayate was a dog. Maes held up a sheet of paper that had several colorful blobs and paw prints. "He drew me a picture."

"You can use that picture frame I gave you for it," Second Lieutenant Aerin said.

"But I want to use that one for my picture of Elicia in her pink sundress."

"Then use the frame I gave you," Sergeant Alice said.

"That's one for my picture of Glacier,"

"Find my present and use that one," Zeller instantly said.

"Did all of you buy me picture frames?"

"Most of us probably did," Fuery stated.

"Goody. I ran out of them."

"No surprise there," Havoc puffed out.

"So what's next?"

"I believe that it's time for Roy's and my present," Riza said giving Maes a rectangular box.

"Oh, I wonder what it is," Maes said as he basically ripped the box to pieces. "You got me photo albums."

"Open the top one."

Maes followed her instructions by lifting the pale brown cover of the top album. There was a little inscription on the top page that he read aloud. When he turned to the next page, his eyes widened before he started chuckling. There on the first photo page were several pictures from the day that the military had gone out of whack and chaos ensued. Three pictures had been arranged in a sort of zigzag so that there was some space next to each one; there had been a short description of what was going on in that picture in that space. The first one was of Roy running. Maes had apparently thought to take it while he was running for his life that day. The middle one was of when Roy had collided with Riza and the two of them ended up on the ground, their lips locked together. The last was from after the fire had died down and Maes had climbed back up the stairs. Roy had his head resting on Riza's chest while she was just staring at the ceiling.

"How did you get these pictures?" Maes exclaimed. "I thought Riza blew this camera to smithereens that day."

"I did, I just had Edward transmute it back. Although I did leave out the ones from before the first picture. You know the ones I'm talking about."

"Aw, and those were perfect blackmail pictures."

"I know. I've made sure those pictures will never be seen ever again."

"Which I wish she didn't," Roy mumbled under his breath. "Those were some good shots."

"Shut up, Roy."

"Yes, Dear."

"My, I've never seen my baby so submissive," Mama Mustang commented. "He's always been very assertive."

"That's Riza for you," Maes said. "You can't help but take orders from her."

"Shall we go through the rest of the album," Glacier said. "The sugar in Elicia should be wearing off soon."


They flipped through the album smiling and laughing. The next batch of pictures had been those of Roy and Riza sharing the bed in the infirmary. Roy's family had immediately awed at that scene. Most of the other soldiers were either present or already had seen a copy of it, so there wasn't much reaction from them. From there on, it was nothing but laughter. The guys had thought that it would be funny to take pictures of them getting ready for the fake date, most of Breda and Havoc crossdressing. Fuery had come across them and shown them to Riza. She had put them to good use by adding them to album. Everyone there was laughing at Breda and Havoc. Some were even pointing their finger at them. The humiliated men were bright red with embarrassment.

"What prompted you to actually take pictures of this?" Roy asked laughing. "It's easy blackmail."

"Falman!" Breda and Havoc shouted.

"I couldn't help myself," Falman began. "Temptation overtook me. I was wondering where that roll of film went."

"I didn't know that you knew how to use a bra, Havoc," Maes stated. "There hasn't been that many women in your life. I didn't think you had that much experience."

"I have plenty of experience," Havoc yelled.

"I bet he buys them due to that fetish of his," someone whispered.

"I do not!"

"We believe you," Roy said.

"Mama, tell them to stop picking on me."

"Now, now, children, that's enough fun," Mama Mustang scolded.

"Thank you."

"Sure thing, baby. Now are you still smoking those cigarettes? They're bad for you. Do I have to wash out you mouth again?"

"Of course not, Mama. I stopped a long time ago."

"Don't lie to me, boy. Don't think that I won't frisk you in front of all these people."

"Mama," Havoc whined. His commanding officer's mother was embarrassing him in front of potential girlfriends. In addition, he didn't want to give his so-called friends anything else they could make fun of him with. They had enough dirt on him to fill the country. "Can we just back to the presents?"

"Fine. I'll lecture you later."

Everyone went back to looking at the pictures. Even though the date was faked, the pictures that were taken between Maes, Havoc, and Al of it were quite romantic and beautiful. Maes had found his mouth agape, as he was shell-shocked at the appearance of the park scene. Yes, the pictures of Roy and Riza were lovely, but the one of him and Fuery sent his face paling. Everyone else that hadn't been there were silent and were sending questionable looks at Maes and Fuery. Glacier was surprisingly not shocked at this picture.

"Daddy?" Elicia asked.

"Yes?" Maes answered when he gained enough composure to. He couldn't believe that they had put that picture in there. Roy, yes, but not Riza. Now he was wondering what his wife thought about all of this. Hopefully she wouldn't be thinking that her husband was sharing a closet with Havoc. "What is it, Angel?"

"Is Uncle Kain a better kisser than Mommy?"

At that, everyone promptly fell over laughing. Go figure it would be something that Elicia asked that would break the silence between everyone. Maes fiercely denied it, with no offence to Fuery, while Roy explained to everyone about that particular incident. From there on out, there was nothing but laughter, especially at the picture of the three tied to the flagpole. The rest of the album contained other little funny moment from when they decorated the area. There were several blank pages that were most likely for the pictures that were taken at the party.

"And that is the end," Maes proclaimed as he closed the album.

"That was a great book of memories," Glacier stated from her position beside him. Elicia had found her home in Riza's arms as she was half asleep by now. Most of the people were discreetly yawning since the party had lasted longer than expected. Winry had actually fallen asleep leaning on a slightly pink Ed. "We'll have to make more memories like it."

"Hey!" Maes suddenly exclaimed.

"What?" Roy asked.

"I just remembered. Riza said that these albums were my second to last present. But there aren't anymore boxes on the table."

"I believe Glacier has it," Riza said with a grin. "You'll get it when we get back to headquarters."

"We should get going," Roy said. "It's pass some of our bedtimes."

"I'm sleeping with Auntie Riza and Uncle Roy tonight," Elicia said sleepily. She was rubbing her eyes, trying to stay awake a little longer. In the end, she just laid her head down Riza's shoulder and began to drift off into dreamland. "Mommy said…that…she was…going to…play…with Daddy…tonight. Don't…want to…bother…"

Maes and Glacier were flushed with color. They did expect her to say something like that. Everyone that were awake were sending them sly glances or smirking at them. It was easy to see the underlying message in Elicia's innocent comment, even if she didn't. Maes tried to cover his embarrassment by coughing and turning his face away from the stares. Glacier decided now was a good enough time to sort the presents.

"Well, I know you'll be enjoying yourself tonight, Maes," Roy said, silently laughing at the darkened blush on their faces.

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