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"Hey look!" Cagalli Yula Attha said pressing her palms against the window of the PLANTS airplane she was in, and stared out eagerly at the soft, rain washed PLANTS country side. "There is an old steam bath house up on that hill top there." her amber eyes gleaming. "I wonder what it's called."she wondered out loud.

"Relax, Cagalli." Cagalli's friend Milly said with a smile. "It's not Japan." She said patting her shoulder. "Are you sure Milly?" Lacus, there other friend with long pink hair, put on her mock-serious expression on. "I could have sworn I saw Nobunaga in at the door way. I'd know that figure anywhere." Lacus said with a mock smile.

"Oh I know," Milly said, she closed her eyes and gave an exaggerated sigh of rapture. "I see Nobunaga in my dreams every night!" Milly said with a mocking smile as well.

"Funny. Very funny." Cagalli sat back in her seat and held her up hands, half exasperated, half amused. "So I'm a little hung up on the whole, being at the PLANTS and away from Orb for a year. But can you blame me? Can't you feel the excitement in the air?" Cagalli asked with a smile.

"I'm trying not to." Lacus said dryly. And Cagalli muttered "wimp" "This is for school remember." she said placing her arm on Cagalli's shoulder.

"Well the onsen are not what I came here for away." Cagalli said sitting back more to look past Lacus's hair to Milly. Her blond hair ruffled a bit in the back. "So your looking for a boyfriend?" a voice asked and the girls turned to see Fllay Alster leaning on their seats. "Fllay you're here for the boys?" Cagalli asked dryly.

"I know there going to be so hot." Fllay said happily sitting back in her chair between two girls. One with black hair in two pony tails. And the other with blond hair down to her shoulder. Lacus gave them a small smile, to which Fllay glared at her.

"Don't act friendly with coordinator." Fllay snapped as Lacus turned around sadly. Cagalli put her hand on Lacus's shoulder and smiled. "Lacus may I ask why you live in Orb?" Milly asked shyly. "Well that's because I like it at Orb. And it's so very peaceful there. Not like the PLANTS." Lacus said turning to Milly. She nodded and looked past Cagalli and looked out the window as the ground came closer.

"We are now landing in PLANTS. Welcome to PLANTS. Exit to the front of the plane to your left. And have so much fun!" a cheery pre-recorded voice said as the plane landed. "Now kids when we land everyone will have there own partner here in the PLANTS. We don't you kids to get lost. So some of you are mixed with boys or girls of the opposite gender. A pen pal of sorts you could say." Murrue, there teacher said into the mike and began to call out children and there partner.

Cagalli crossed her fingers to get a girl. If you are going to be spending a whole year with someone, it would be better to be girl and girl. "Cagalli Yula Attha!" Murrue called out cutting Cagalli from her thoughts. Cagalli raised her hand and Murrue called out. "Athrun Zala." Cagalli shattered. 'A guy!' she creamed in her head and heard Fllay and her friends snicker.

"Dammit." Cagalli cursed getting out of the plane, he red bag strapped across her chest. "Cagalli your not the only one." Milly mumbled looking at a piece of paper, holding the name of her partner. "So do I." Lacus said happily. "Kira Yamato." Lacus muttered the name again. "What a nice name huh?" Lacus asked pulling her own pink bag over her head. He tiny Haro key chin making a 'cling' noise.

"Tell me why the hell are we doing this again?" questioned a angry Yzak from sitting on the bus for two hours from there dorms to pick up kids from Orb. "Oh come on Yzak it will be fun." Dearka said poking his arm out of fun. "What about you?" Yzak asked looking at Athrun who was talking to Kira. "Well I got a girl so I am going to have fun." Dearka muttered looking at the name on the paper he was given.

Athrun looked down at his as well. "Cagalli Yula Attha." he read out loud. "Now boys be nice to your pals." Andy said as the boy left the bus. Athrun, Kira, Dearka, and Yzak made there way off the bus and saw girls from PLANTS talking to girls from Orb. And guys from PLANTS talking to talking from Orb. Yzak was a bit ticked off, but Athrun smiled so did Kira. They liked the peace.

Athrun stood for a moment and saw six girls just standing by the wall. The blond, pink, and burnet haired girls seemed to be fighting with a red head. Well mostly the blond and the red head who where going at it.

"Come on Attha have fun." the red head said pushing the blond a bit. The blond smiled and crumbled a paper and threw it at the red head. It smacked her square in the face. Athrun smiled at how childish they as blond stuck her tong at the red head.

"Fine! Screw you Cagalli Yula Attha! Later!" Fllay yelled storming off with a huff, as did her friends. "Ha! Cagalli wins again!" Cagalli said happily placing her hands on her hips. Milly had a playful smile on her lips, and so did Lacus as they went and tickled Cagalli. Cagalli who couldn't stop laughing was buckling down in laughter.

Athrun watched as the burnet and pick haired girl started to tickle the blond. Athrun smiled brighter seeing how free they where."So I'm guessing that is Cagalli?" Dearka asked coming from behind Athrun who heard the red head scream. Athrun nodded and both of them started walking toward Cagalli who was fighting off the other two girls.

"Umm, Cagalli Yula Attha?" Athrun asked tapping the girl's shoulder from behind. Cagalli turned and Athrun looked deep into her amber eyes for at least a minute. A smile never left his lips.

"You wouldn't happen to be Athrun Zala, would you?" Cagalli asked moving back a bit toward Lacus and Milly. "Hey don't worry. I don't bite." Athrun said holding his hand out to Cagalli. Cagalli looked at it for a moment and looked toward Lacus and Milly, who only nodded. So Cagalli slowly took his hand.

Athrun smiled as she took his hand. "Come on. I'll find your partners too." Athrun said looking at the other girls. "By any chance would any of you lovely girls be Mirailla Haww?" Dearka asked popping from behind Athrun again. The burnet raised her hand. Dearka smiled at her and turned away from her, making her blink. "Hey Kira. I found mine first!" Dearka called to a burnet who turned when his name got called. "Dang." Kira said walking over to the small group.

"Umm, do you guys know where Lacus Clyne is?" Kira asked to the girls. He figured that because they where from the same class they should know her. "My name is Lacus." the pink haired girl stepped forward and held her hand out. "Kira Yamato." Kira said taking her hand with a bit of a blush.

As the groups made there way back to the bus they boarded. Athrun sat next to Cagalli. Cagalli seemed a bit scared because she didn't let go of his hand. Lacus sat across from Cagalli in the ale seats. And Kira sat across from Athrun on the inside. Milly sat in the ale seat next to Dearka. Yzak and a kid named Sai sat across from them. Milly knew Sai so she talked with him most of the ride.

After an hour Cagalli had changed seats with Kira and sat next to Lacus. They had fallen asleep with there heads leaning against each other. Athrun and Kira smiled at the girls. Milly and Sai had moved to sit next to each other as well. Dearka looked interested in there conversation but half way through they changed the language they where speaking, into one that Yzak or Dearka could understand.

"Pu teg Cagalli!" Milly said the one time shaking Cagalli. "hmmm." Cagalli mumbled and rubbed her eyes. "Kisa-no tema ni?" Milly asked her happily. Cagalli's eyes lit up. "Koso-me. Te-me ai duo." Cagalli said happily back. Milly nodded and Athrun and Kira looked at each other confused. By now Lacus woke up and joined in. "Kimi do. Ne-san!" She said happily jumping a bit. To that Cagalli, Milly, and Sai laughed out loud.

"Naema!" Fllay shouted standing a bit from the back off the bus. "Kisa-no Baka!" Cagalli yelled back and Fllay sat down with another huff. Sai, Milly, and Lacus laughed this time as everyone else looked confused.

"What was that about?" Athrun asked as Cagalli moved back to her seat. "Kso- so ne tame." Cagalli said looking at him. Athrun blinked a few times. "Oh I'm sorry. Force of habit." Cagalli said with a smile rubbing her next. "It's our own language." Lacus said as Kira sat down after getting some snakes. There was still a half an hour to go on the bus ride. "So what did you say to Fllay?" Lacus asked Athrun's question. "I told her to shut up stupid." Cagalli said with a laugh. "Could you teach us how to use it?" Kira asked looking at the girls. "Questo me-ma?" Cagalli asked to Lacus who looked like she was thinking. "Ne-ma san." Lacus said with a smile. Milly smiled them and nodded. "Okay we will teach you." Cagalli said looking at both boys light up.

After the rest of the ride Athrun and Kira had only learned I and how to say hello. "Ki-ma. Funsake." Athrun and Kira muttered together finally getting them. Cagalli nodded. "Well there is a lot of things I can learn from you." Athrun said with a smile. Cagalli turned to the window. "Are we here?" she asked looking at the giant school ahead of her. "Yeah." Athrun said smiling at the school.

"Go-so nekton." Cagalli said turning to Milly. Who laughed. "Hey no fare, we still don't know those words yet." Kira said in protest. Lacus smiled at them she looked out the window. "A neto guiro." Lacus muttered. "A neto guiro." Cagalli muttered after Lacus and smiled at her. Lacus smiled and they both nodded.

After a few minutes they got off the bus and lead to the dorm rooms. For the girl and boy groups, it didn't matter. They still stayed in the same dorm. "Cagalli and Me call this room!" Lacus said happily running in a giant room that had 3 beds in it. "Milly nook- neto." Lacus called out as Milly ran in the room. Athrun and Kira shared a room and so did Yzak and Dearka. Sai was in another dorm room.

Cagalli was first to shower in the morning, first to leave, and first to get lost. And she was just sight seeing. She didn’t want to wake anyone so she left herself and with out her “pen pal.” Cagalli looked around and it seemed that everyone had there buddy though. Cagalli walked through the busy streets of the school’s full ground. The place was actually a town, turned school. There where shops run by students as grades among other things.

Cagalli glanced at her watch and saw it was 10:30. ‘Great that means there looking for me.’ Cagalli said looking for a exit sign but found something better. A park. “A nice park. Surely someone will find me here.” Cagalli said to her self. Not paying attention crossing the street she almost got run over 3 times.

"Dammit all." Cagalli cursed finally getting the grass. She wiped off her sweat. 'For being able to control the weather it sure is hot.' Cagalli thought looking for a shady place.

"Where is Cagalli?" Athrun frantically asked after running through the dorms three times. "I think she went out sight seeing." Lacus said as she was writing down the words and the meanings for Athrun and Kira to study. "Dammit. I was suppose to go with her." Athrun cursed and ran out the door to find Cagalli. Lacus smiled as she sensed something between Cagalli and Athrun already. Well with Athrun at least.

Athrun ran around looking for Cagalli. It was 10:40 and he looked in ever place her could of. Suddenly he crossed the street and saw the park. He seconded guessed him self and entered looking for Cagalli. And he found her. She stood under a cherry tree smiling toward the sky.

"You aren't suppose to run off." Athrun said trying to sound mad but he sounded more annoyed. "Sorry." She said with a kid smile. "Next time ask me Cagalli. That's what I'm here for." Athrun said placing a hand on her shoulder. "What do you here for. Do you think I was lost?" Cagalli asked leaning back on the tree. Athrun shook his head. "No but I was worried about you for nothing then." he said with smile as both of them walked back toward to the dorms.

"Nice chat?" Lacus asked as Cagalli walked in. Cagalli scowled. "Beanto." Cagalli muttered and sat down on the couch. Kira was reading over the words Lacus came up with. "An-to mo pea." Kira muttered. Milly gasped as she entered the room. Lacus and Cagalli turned red as they heard this. "What?" Kira asked turning toward them. "What is An- to mo pea?" Kira asked. Milly flushed a bit as she heard the word again. Lacus turned a light purple, very dark red. Cagalli looked away with sick face and her cheeks flaming. "Kira, that means-" Cagalli started and whispered the rest in his ear. Kira went from his normal color to white, then red, and then a dark purple. "My god why did you write that down!" Kira yelled throwing the paper down in disgust. "You said it wrong not her!" Milly said picking up the paper and reading it.

While Athrun at the door looked puzzled.

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