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Title: Road Trip
Disclaimer: I don't own anything except the kids so don't sue!
Summary: It's been ten years since Amy lost her baby. Susie and Jonesy are married and have two children Zach (9) and Aaron (5). How has everyone's lives changed since the miscarriage?

"By the power invested in me and the state of Victoria I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."
Susie kept her eyes on the TV as she watched the video of her and Jonesy's wedding day.
"Wow you really did look beautiful." Jonesy commented as he came up behind Susie and gave her a kiss on the forehead.
"Hmmm." Susie replied. "I wasn't fat back then." she laughed.
"And you're not fat now. How many times do I have to tell you this?"
"Well it's true. Having two kids' makes you put on weight. Not to mention the fact that I'm pregnant with two more."
"Only one of them is ours remember." Jonesy sat beside Susie on the couch and patted her stomach.
"I know. But that doesn't change the fact that I'm twice as big as I should be." Susie laughed.
"But you are still 100 gorgeous."
"Aww thanks…" Susie smiled. "So what time are you picking the boys up from school?"
"In about an hour."
"Really?" Susie smirked. "Well it just so happens that an hour is plenty of time for a trip to the bedroom."
"Why would we want to…ohhh." Jonesy smirked. "Wait wont that hurt the babies?"
"No. it's a known fact that women get so much hornier when they are pregnant." Susie smiled.
"But are you sure it's a good idea?"
"Just shut up an make love to me would you." Susie pulled Jonesy in for a passionate kiss. Jonesy stood up and was helping Susie off the couch when she suddenly screamed out in pain.
"Ohhh god." She cried.
"What is it?"
"Oh god." Susie cried again.
"What's wrong?"
"I think…it's time." Susie cried, grabbing hold of her stomach.
"Already but we were just about to…"
"Forget about that Jonesy just get me to the hospital!" Susie screamed.
"Alright." Jonesy ran around the house like a mad man phoning an ambulance and packing a bag for Susie.
"Have you called Alex?"
"Yes. He and Amy are on their way to the hospital now. Come on let's get you into the car." Jonesy helped Susie out of the house and into the car, then drove towards the hospital.

Amy stood outside the delivery room four hours later, pacing the floor. Alex was sitting on a chair, watching her walk back and forth.
"Amy would you sit down. You're going to wear a grove in the floor." He commented.
"I'm sorry." Amy sighed. "I'm just so nervous. I can't stop thinking about what could go wrong. They've been in there for hours."
"Amy listen to me." Alex stood and put his arm around her. "Nothing is going to go wrong. Both Susie and the babies are perfectly healthy. You heard what the doctor said."
"I know. But I can't help but wonder what if something does go wrong? What if something happens to our baby? Or Susie's baby…or Susie? I could never forgive myself is she got hurt because of this." Alex stood up and grabbed hold of Amy to stop her pacing.
"Relax Amy. Everything is going to be fine. You'll see."
"I hope so." Amy breathed a deep sigh and held onto Alex.

Three hours later Amy was still pacing when the doctor walked out of the room.
"Mr and Mr Kirby?" he asked.
"Yes?" Amy rushed over to him. "What's happened? Is everything okay?"
"Everything is just fine."
"Can we see our baby?"
"The nurse is just getting him cleaned up now."
"Oh Alex I can't believe it. We've got a baby boy." Amy cried.
"I know."
"You can come in now." A nurse stuck her head through the door. Amy and Alex walked into the room slowly.
"Hey guys." Jonesy beamed at them. "Congratulations."
"You too mate." Alex smiled back and he and Amy walked to where the nurse was waiting.
"Mum, Dad…meet your new baby boy." The nurse handed him to Amy and she started crying.
"I can't believe it." Alex cried. Amy just stood there in silence, holding the baby in her arms.
"Look at him Alex." A tear rolled down Amy's cheek.

"Hey." Jonesy walked up to where Alex was standing near the nursery, looking in at the babies. Amy was sitting on a chair, holding her baby close.
"He's beautiful isn't he?" Alex commented. "Though his ears are a little big."
"He takes after his dad." Jonesy laughed. "I bet you're proud."
"I am. I can't believe it's finally happened." He turned to face Jonesy. "How's Susie doing?"
"She's fine. She's sleeping peacefully."
"And your baby?"
"Perfectly healthy little girl."
"I'm so happy for you. I can't believe it. After everything that has happened we finally made it."
"Yeah. It's a miracle. Who'd have thought this time last year we would be standing where we are now." Jonesy smirked.
"Yeah it is a miracle. If it weren't for you and Susie, we wouldn't have our little boy."
"Well actually the doctor said that if Susie hadn't have been pregnant when your embryo was implanted, her body wouldn't have been able to produce enough hormones for your baby to survive. So really its little Abby that saved his life." Jonesy commented.
"You decided on a name then?"
"Yeah. Abigail Joanna Jones. What about you? You guys got a name for your little boy?"
"Not yet. I think Amy needs a little time to get used to being a mum before we decide on a name." Alex laughed.
"Well I'd better get back to Susie."
"Yeah. I'll let Amy know you decided on a name.'
"Yeah. Catch ya." Jonesy walked off and Alex walked into the nursery to be with Amy.
"Hey." He smiled and kissed her head.
"Hey." She replied and she looked up at him.
"So they decided on a name for their baby." He said.
"Yeah and?"
"Abigail Joanna."
"Cute. I think this little one needs a name though." Amy smiled.
"What did you have in mind?"
"Andrew Thomas Kirby."
"I love it." Alex beamed at Amy, and then he looked down at the baby in he arms. "Hello little Andy." Alex smiled and the baby grabbed hold of his finger.

"Where is she? Can I see her?" five year old Aaron Jones cried excitedly as Jonesy walked them through the hospital.
"Calm down Aaron you'll see her in a second." Jonesy laughed. "You're really excited aren't you?"
"I've never had a baby sister before…I wonder what she looks like?"
"Her face is going to be all crumpled and wrinkly." Seven year old Zachary Jones replied.
"How do you know? She could be really cute and cuddly. Joanne from school just had a baby sister and she says she's really cute."
"Well you were all wrinkly and gross when Mummy brought you home." Zach poked his tongue out.
"Boys please be quiet. We're in a hospital and there are lots of sleeping babies around."
"Sorry Daddy." Zach and Aaron lowered their heads.
"Here she is."
"Mummy!" Zach and Aaron cried as they ran towards where Susie was lying in the hospital bed.
"Hey boys. Shh. Abby's sleeping." Susie put her finger to her lips.
"Can I see her now?" Aaron whispered.
"Of course you can. Come up here and sit on the bed next to me." Susie smiled as Aaron clambered up onto the bed.
"Hey." Jonesy gave Susie a gentle kiss on the head.
"Hey." She replied. Jonesy then carefully picked Abby up out of the bassinette she was in and placed her in Susie's lap.
"Wow…she's tiny." Aaron giggled.
"Aaron, meet your new baby sister Abigail Joanna Jones."
"Eew she's all wrinkly." Aaron screwed up his face.
"I told you she would be." Zach replied smugly from his position at the door.
"Don't you want to come and see your baby sister?" Susie asked.
"Why not?"
"Dunno." Zach replied.
"Come on Zach." Jonesy walked over to him. "Come and meet your baby sister."
"I don't want to."
"Why's that?"
"Cos she's a girl."
"Come on." Jonesy picked Zach up.
"No. put me down!" Zach cried.
"Shh, we're in a hospital." Jonesy placed Zach down on the bed next to Susie.
"Isn't she beautiful?" Susie asked as she put her arm around Zach.
"She's ugly." Zach screwed up his face at her.
"Well I happen to think she's the most beautiful baby girl I've ever seen." Jonesy smirked.
"You mustn't have seen very many then." Zach replied.
"You'll learn to love her eventually." Susie smiled. "Just like you learned to love Aaron."
"I don't love Aaron. He's my brother…that's gross." Zach poked his tongue out.
"Okay boys I think it's time we headed back home. Mummy needs to get some rest."
"Cant we stay a little longer?" Aaron asked, gently stroking Abigail's forehead.
"Mummy needs her rest. She'll be coming home in a few days and you can spend as much time with Abby then as you want." Jonesy laughed.
"Give Mummy a kiss."
Both the boys leaned up and kissed Susie on the cheek.
"Bye Mummy." They said in unison.
"I'll be back later."
"Okay. Bye. I love you." Susie and Jonesy kissed and then Jonesy led the boys out of the hospital.

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