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Summary: In this first story, Legolas receives a reward from an unexpected source.

A/N: This is the first in a series of drabbles. The first five that appear were written for the Mellon Chronicles Teitho Contest: Drabbles. One of the rules for that contest let us write drabbles up to 300 words each. All of my drabbles are exactly 300 words long. After the original five drabbles, I will most likely add new ones from time to time. I hope you all enjoy my "Small Tales".


by White Wolf

Legolas sat leaning against a tree on the bank of the Forest River near his father's palace stronghold. His eyes were closed, as the dappled sunlight filtered through the branches overhead onto his upturned face. A light breeze played with his long, blond hair.

He was not asleep, but his mind was far away. Still he did not fail to hear the small cry of pain that accompanied a soft plop near his right leg. Opening his eyes, he looked down and saw a tiny bird that had evidently fallen out of its nest.

Legolas reached out and gently picked the little bird up and held it in his cupped hands. He examined the bird and found that despite its long fall, it had not sustained any lasting physical damage.

Smiling, the elf stroked along the creature's back with his forefinger, offering soothing words of comfort until the tiny racing heart slowed to its normal rhythm.

Legolas knew that it would now be safe to return the little bird to its nest. Making sure it was secure in his left hand, the elf climbed up into the tree, immediately spotting the nest. He arrived just after the mother bird, a red-tailed hawk, had appeared and begun her cries of despair at the absence of her newborn offspring.

Placing the tiny bird in the nest, Legolas said, "Here is your little one."

Legolas climbed down and sat back in his original place against the tree trunk.

He soon dozed off, and when he awoke, he saw the female hawk sitting near him on the ground. In her beak was a dead mouse. She walked boldly over to him and dropped the mouse in his lap and then flew up into the tree.

Legolas's musical laughter rang out through the nearby forest.

The End