Summary: One event at Helm's Deep as seen through Legolas's eyes.

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by White Wolf

I stand here now and stare out over the valley that only a few hours ago held the massive army of Saruman. Has it really been only a few hours? It seems like an eternity to me. Guilt will do that to the mind of one who is truly guilty. And there is no doubt that I am guilty.

Estel yelled to me to kill the Uruk-hai, who was carrying a torch and running toward the base of the Deeping Wall. I immediately saw that it was headed for the opening that drained this fortress of Helm's Deep. I did not know what was in the small tunnel, but if a torch was involved, it had to be potentially devastating.

When the Wall blew, flame, stone and bodies flew through the air. More bodies piled up as the foul creatures flooded the opening my negligence created, almost overwhelming us.

I am a warrior and have always been talented with a bow, so why then could I not bring down one lone Uruk-hai running toward me? I have killed countless others from far greater distances, including many in this battle alone. Why then was I not able to kill the one spawn of Saruman that mattered the most?

I have been told that no one blames me. They do not need to. I blame myself enough to more than match what others could possibly heap on me.

I came here to help the people of Rohan. Yet I might as well have been down there with those who sought to destroy us.

I hear Estel approaching. He has come to comfort me. I feel his hand on my shoulder. His very presence beside me eases my heart, so I will listen to the words I know he will say to me.

The End