Pelennor - A Teen Titans/Kim Possible Crossover Fanscript – Fanfic Adaptation - Part 1



Reminder: This fic is rated M - ie, the equivalent of the R rating.


A pile of rubble stood on the lot that once held Kim Possible's house.


In the streets of downtown Middleton, henchmen of Dr. Drakken – all carrying their standard double-sided energy lances - and many, many copies of the – clearly upgraded - Bebe-bots patrolled the streets.


In Jump City, Titans Tower was a pile of rubble. Among this pile of rubble was the burnt-to-crispy corpse of one much-larger-than normal-caterpillar.

In the streets of the city, Slade-Bots patrolled everywhere like clockwork.

My name is Kim.


In the structure known as The Cage, Kim Possible was huddled with Shego.

Kim Possible.

Along with them in were Ron Stoppable - and his pet naked mole rat, Rufus; and the Teen Titans – Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg.

That's my best friend, Ron - and the Teen Titans there alongside him.


In Go City, the Go Tower was a pile of rubble.

In the streets of the city, many giant Condors and Flamingoes of Doom patrolled the streets – along with some Killer Ostriches and Emus.

Just a few months ago, the Titans were superheroes in their city. I was your average cheerleader whose hobby just happened to be saving the world a lot.


In Steel City, the Tower for the Titans East branch was also a pile of rubble.

In the streets, many HIVE-Bots patrolled the city.


Kim looked around The Cage – though, it didn't do anything. She knew what was there.

Then one day, Ron and I went to stop my main foe Dr. Drakken and his sidekick, Shego, who was my archenemy at the time - me more than a little pissed off due to the fact that earlier that day, I'd been dumped by my boyfriend Dave for my rival on the cheer squad, Bonnie.

But then he had to show up. Slade... He took Shego away from me during the middle of possibly the best brawl the two of us had ever been in together.

Kim looked over at the Titans again. She hadn't noticed it before, but Starfire's eyes looked glazed over.

That was also the day I met the Titans. They'd been chasing Slade for 4 years. As I soon found out, Slade's best talent is the ability to make anyone suffer. He tried to get Shego to be his new apprentice, seeing as she was already evil when he picked her away from me. But Shego only went along with it for a bit - until Slade made the mistake of kidnapping and holding hostage not only my two brothers, Jim & Tim, but her four brothers from Team Go - the superhero team Shego used to be a part of before turning evil, battling the villain Aviarius in Go City - everyone at my high school who was going to Prom the night of the day all this unfolded, and the stone statue that was actually Beast Boy's...ex-girlfriend Terra, who had become an earlier apprentice of Slade's, but sacrificed herself to save the Titans from him, using so much of her geomancer power to do so she turned herself to stone.

When Shego was sent after me to finish our fight, she couldn't do it. Her former superhero self came back, and she quickly teamed up with the Titans and I. Together, we rescued our brothers and stopped Slade - and Shego and I also realised that we shared a lot more than enemies' hatred: We shared feelings for each other that we'd both denied. But something Slade had done brought them out into the open - and we've stood by each other through everything ever since then.

A few months after that, one of the Titans' other old foes, Warp, appeared in Middleton. Naturally, Team Possible - which consisted of me, Shego, and Ron - went after him. Something happened, and we all fell through the time portal Warp had opened, ending up in the year 3000. We met some cool people, and saw some awesome stuff - but it turned out to all be a ruse, set up by Slade to get us out of the way while he worked his plan.

Kim looked at the three huge monitors surrounding The Cage – one showing Jump City, one showing Middleton, and one showing Go City. Flames could be seen rising in at least one part of each city.

He teamed with Dr. Drakken, Aviarius, and Brother Blood - who was Cyborg's archenemy in Steel City in the East, kept at bay by the Titans East branch. Together, they destroyed and razed all the cities, capturing my family and Ron's family, Team Go, all my other allies, and all of the Titans' allies as well. They also got every single villain either of us – Team Possible or the Titans - had ever fought to cooperate with them - all while we were in the future, trying to figure out just how in the hell to get back home to our time. We eventually were able to find a way to come back home – but we returned to the worst welcome home party - ever. Slade had found a new apprentice: Wade. The ten-year old computer genius who ran my website and helped me stop the bad guys on my missions. Whatever Slade said to him, it worked. He's not a 10-year old anymore. He's become a killing machine. When we returned from the future, we returned inside this place: The Cage. It was designed by Wade – and as such, since he knew all of us, it's got every type of escape deterrent imaginable, including a few special ones that have been individually tailored to counter the abilities and powers that every single one of us in this thing has. Raven tries to use her dark energy; it blocks it with the dark energy shielding Warp acquired from the future. Aviarius took Shego's green energy, and The Cage blocks Starfire's starbolts and Cyborg's sonic cannon. It's the first trap that Shego, the Titans, nor I have been able to escape.

But Slade and his little team-up didn't stop there, though. No, they went further.

The memory of that day came flooding into Kim's mind for the 1,000th time:


Bonnie - wearing a Slade apprentice suit - and Wade appeared outside The Cage. Wade had something on his belt, but what it was wasn't clear.

Behind them, were Team Go - Hego, Mego, and Wego 1 & Wego 2 - and every single member of the Possible family – including Grandma Possible, Slim Possible, and Joss Possible. All of the captives were leaning over; their heads in chopping blocks - guillotine blades gleaming above them.

In The Cage, Kim & Shego's eyes went wide at the sight.

Wade motioned at Bonnie, telling her to pull the latch that released all the guillotine blades at once. Bonnie looked at the row of people lined up for execution - and shook her head. She went over to Wade and argued with him about something. Wade seemed to understand, nodding at her. Bonnie started to walk away, disgustedly shaking her head. But a second later, she lurched forward. In The Cage, Starfire screamed at what'd she just seen:

Wade had driven a sword through Bonnie's chest.

He took it out of her and dried the blood off of it. Bonnie spit up blood, then slumped to the ground. Blood poured out of the wound in her chest, pooling around her body. Wade returned to the captives. He took rocks from nearby and stacked them, using them to reach the lever of the execution machine. Jim and Tim Possible looked at Team Go, then at each other.

"Hicca-bicca boo?" asked Jim, sadly.

Tim looked just as sad. "Hoo-"

SCHING! Kim and Shego bawled into each others' arms. The Titans were horrified. Ron and Rufus just tried not to puke.


Kim closed her eyes in an attempt to wash the memory away.

Ron's family was killed the next day - even his cousin Shawn. The bastards also used some technology Warp acquired for them in the future to obliterate Starfire's home planet of Tameran. We watched Wade kill his own parents, too. And every day since then, a new body of someone we knew is paraded out for us to see. I stopped throwing up two weeks in. But yet, despite all this, The Cage has bathrooms and bedrooms – though they're like jail cells. We also get good food and water - hell, there's even a washer and dryer in here. It'd be a decent 1-star hotel - if the TV had HBO and we could fucking leave...

And they don't torture us - physically. Course, they kinda don't need to. The Cage is the worst torture one could think of. You see, they don't want us to die - well, take that back, of course they want us to die - but they all know death is too good a fate for us at the present time. We've all beaten Slade, Aviarius, Brother Blood, and Dr. Drakken at some point. So now they're making us suffer. We're meant to sit here, trapped, wanting to starve to death but not being allowed to; to just sit here and watch the monitors as more of the world is taken over. We're meant to just sit here, trapped, until we do go insane and kill each other, or die naturally. We've lost everybody who ever helped us out. We're the only ones left who care about each other now.

Kim looked at Shego.

My name is Kim. My friends and I have seen terrible things. And when we finally find a way to escape from The Cage, those who committed them…will have many regrets.