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Summary- On their journey to the North Pole, Aang, Katara, and Sokka stop at an island for supplies, as usual. Then, Zuko's men find them, and attack them. What else is new. Anyway, a girl spots them, and helps the kids fight them away. Aang and Katara are so happy she helped them out, but Sokka, on the other hand, doesn't trust her at all... considering she's a Firebender. But one day, she and Sokka get lost in the middle of a forest. He then discovers she's had a really rough life and then things start to... change. But the real question here is... can they really trust her? Or is she just after the Avatar? Read on! And then review! But NO FLAMES! I won't accept flames or rude critisizm. And if you don't like my story, then you can go jump off a bridge. I tried. Hey, it's MY story, not yours. But if you DO like it, then THANKS:)

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A fourteen year old girl was looking out at the ocean, from her current standing position on the ship. The light of the moon always seemed to make the water sparkle brilliantly. She loved the times when her master would let her do this- which wasn't very often. She sighed.

The young teenager had about had it. She hated life on that horrid ship, with that evil master... All she wanted was everything to be back to normal. She wanted this war to end, so the nations would live together in peace.

Ahead, she could see an island. It looked so beautiful. I'd love to live on an island like that... Anything would be better than living on this piece of junk... She suddenly thought up an idea.

The girl jumped into the water and swam, as hard and as fast as she possibly could. Although it was freezing cold, she kept on swimming. The ship seemed to be going somewhat slow, much slower than it's usual speed, so she figured she would probably make it to the next island before it. Hey, it might not even be going to that island anyway. Let's only hope...


After about two tiring hours, she finally made it to shore. The sun was starting to rise, and the twilight made the palm trees on the island look so beautiful.

Exhausted and soaked, she stepped of the water and onto the warm sand. She looked behind her to find that the ship was still in the water. Good. It felt great to finally be on land again, after what seemed like forever at sea...


-Chapter 1- Landing

"Ok, guys," Aang said happily, "I think we can stop at this next island over there." The three of them were riding on Appa, making their way to the next piece of land they saw, so they could get some more supplies.

"It's about time!" Sokka shouted impatiently. "I'm hungry!"

Katara sighed. "You're always hungry!" she snapped. "Can't you think of anything besides food?"

Sokka groaned. "I haven't eaten all day!" he complained. "And we're completely out of food!"

"But it's still morning," Katara pointed out, motioning towards the sky above them. The sun was shining brightly, and there wasn't a cloud in sight.

"Whatever," Sokka muttered to himself. He tends to get really cranky when he's hungry.

"We're here!" Aang exclaimed as the flying bison landed. One-by-one, they all slid off Appa's back, and onto the sandy beach.

"Wow, this place looks so nice!" Katara cried happily. Palm trees were scattered around here and there, and there was a rather small village that consisted of a neighborhood and a market place. And behind the village stood a thick forest, that seemed almost endless.

"Yeah, just beautiful..." Sokka said sarcastically. "Now, are we going to get some more stuff or what?"

"First, I think we should make camp," Katara mentioned as she unloaded a few items from Appa's back.

Sokka groaned. "What for? We can always do that when we get back! I'm hungry!"

Katara rolled her eyes and sighed. "Then YOU go get the supplies!" she barked, aggressively shoving the bag of money into her brother's chest, practically knocking him over. "I'm staying here and unpacking everything." Aparently, Katara was pretty hungry, too.

"Fine," Sokka muttered as he headed in the direction of the market place.

"Um," Aang started, "...I think I'd better go with him. Ya know, just to make sure he doesn't eat all the food. You know how he is." He and Katara snickered.

"Good idea," she said.

"I'll see you later, Katara," Aang said happily as he followed Sokka into the village.

Katara watched Aang leave, until he was completely out of sight. "Bye," she said, although it wasn't nearly loud enough for him to hear. She continued unpacking all of their belongings.


"According to the map, Prince Zuko sir, the Avatar is currently on this island," mentioned a Fire Nation soldier, motioning toward the island ahead of them.

"Excellent," the prince said. "Now, where is my servant?" he asked angrilly.

Suddenly, a guard came bursting through the door. "Zuko, sir! The servant girl... she... she-" He seemed to be out of breath from running.

"She what?" Zuko asked sternly.

"She's gone!"

"WHAT?" Prince Zuko shouted in rage. "But- THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE!" he spat.

"I looked in her chamber, and she wasn't there-"

"Search the entire ship!" Zuko commanded. "She couldn't have possibly escaped!"


"Let's see here..." Sokka muttered to himself as he and Aang were buying some food at the market place. "We'll need one of these... Some of these... And six if those..." As he was picking up random assortments of food, he was handing them to Aang, who was, from the looks of it, beginning to struggle. "Sokka," he sputtered, carrying the big heap of fruits and vegatables that Sokka was making him hold, "I don't think I can hold any more..."

"Not now, Aang! I'm trying to buy food here... Now where was I... Oh, one of these..."

"Sokka, I...mean...it!" Aang shouted, staggering just to keep up with his friend. "I... can't... hold... any... more..."

Sokka looked behind him at the struggling Aang. And it looked like he was on the verge of dropping all of their food. "Huh? Oh, fine, I'll hold some of it." To Aang's relief, Sokka then took some of the food out of Aangs arms, holding it himself. "Think this is enough for tonight?" he asked, being his normal, sarcastic self.

"Are you kidding me?" Aang started. "This is enough to keep Appa fed for a week!" He was exagerating, though, of course.


Katara was sitting cross-legged on the sand, staring out into the blue-green colored ocean. She had already gotten everything unpacked and organized, and what needed to be done was finished.

"What is taking them?" she asked, to really no one in particular. "They'd normally be back by now..." She sighed. I think I should go check up on them... No, maybe I shouldn't... Knowing Sokka, they're probably just getting more food than usual.

Then something interrupted her thoughts. "We're back!" someone shouted. Startled, Katara turned around to see Aang and Sokka carrying a bunch of food.

"Having a party, or something?" Katara asked sarcastically. "It looks like you bought the entire market place!"

"Hey, I'm hungry," Sokka replied as he and Aang put the food away. But as he looked out at the ocean, he froze.

"What's wrong, Sokka?" Katara asked.

"Fire Nation ship!" Aang shouted, pointing out towards the ocean.

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