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-Chapter 6- Attacked

Sokka awoke the next morning due to the bright sunlight shining over them. He yawned. What happened? he thought to himself. He must have fallen asleep. But then he noticed something. He had his arms wrapped around the still sleeping Krystal, and her head was leaning against his chest. That made Sokka blush deeply.

I still feel like an ass for doing that to Krystal. Why do I have to be such a jerk? And she turned out to be so nice... And I could have been her friend longer if I would have just trusted her, like she said. I guess she was right. Not all Firebenders are bad. And I feel sorry for her. I mean, she was a slave since she was ten! And both of her parents were killed. And all those things I said to her... they probably made the poor girl feel even worse... There was no way Sokka was going to forgive himself for what he'd done.

He noticed Krystal stirr some, and Sokka sat as still as he possibly could, trying not to wake her. Krystal still remained in sleep mode. Sokka stared at the figure sleeping peacefully next to him. He had never noticed how beautiful she really was. Her auburn hair looked so soft and shiny, with little whisps blowing loosly in the warm breeze. Woah... She looks so pretty... He tried to resist the urge to touch her soft cheek, but he couldn't. He then raised his hand, and being as gentle as ever, ran the back of his finger down her cheek. His hand slowly made its way down her neck, and he traced her visible collar bone a few times.

Krystal made a quiet noise, that sounded like a sigh. Thinking he'd just woken her up, Sokka immediately moved his hand back. Krystal began to stirr a little, and her eyes opened. "Sokka?" she asked sleepily.

Sokka couldn't help but smile. "Hey," he said. "Sleep well?"

Krystal smiled, and layed her head back down on Sokka's shoulder, not seeming to care that he still had his arms wrapped around her. "Yeah. You?"

Sokka sighed happily as he remembered he woke up with her in his arms. "Yup..." The two of them continued to sit there quietly, leaning up against the tree, just seceretly enjoying eachother's company.


After a while, they heard a noise, like a rustling in the bushes. "What was that?" Sokka asked, his voice cracking.

"I dunno," Krystal replied as she stood up.

"What are you doing?" Sokka asked as he stood up as well.

"I'm gonna go check it out," Krystal answered. Then they heard the noise again.

"Well, I'm not letting you go alone," Sokka said in his "brave warrior" voice. He and Krystal slowly approached the bush where they heard the noise. The two didn't seem to notice him, but a man was hiding behind a near by tree. He snuck up behind them, grabbed ahold of Krystal, and pulled her behind the tree, as not to be seen. When Sokka heard a shriek, he finally realized what happened. "Krystal?" he wondered, starting to get a little scared.

"Sokka!" she shouted, trying to free herself form the man's tight grip on her.

Sokka looked around the woods. "Krystal? WHERE ARE YOU?" He ran as fast as he could in different directions to look for her, and then he noticed two familiar people trying to fight off a man in a red uniform. "AANG! KATARA! I CAN'T FIND KRYSTAL!" he shouted as he joined in to help them fight off the soldier.

"SOKKA!" Katara shouted as she hugged her brother. "He's trying to kidnap her!"

"Come on guys, enough hugging!" Aang shouted. "Help me fight this guy!" Apparently, Aang didn't need anyone's help, because with a quick swing of his staff, he had knocked the man unconcious. "That was easier than I expected," Aang said happily.

"WHERE'S KRYSTAL?" Sokka asked, starting to worry.

Aang and Katara stared at him. "Why do you care?" Aang asked.

"Yeah!" Katara added. "I thought you didn't like her!"

Sokka just blurted out the first thing that popped into his mind. "Hey, things change when you get stranded in the woods with a girl as pretty as Krys-" He froze when he saw Aang and Katara staring wide-eyed at him. Their expressions then turned to sly grins after a moment. Sokka blushed deeply, but ignored it. "Come on! Where is she?" he wondered, getting anxious and impatient.

"Let's all try and look for her," Aang sugested. "She should be close by..."

The three of them split up, and wandered around the woods for a while, looking for any sign of Krystal.

She can't be too far away... Sokka reassured himself as he kept looking. "Krystal?" he asked, hoping she'd be close enough to hear him.

Suddenly, Sokka froze, and gasped. He'd found Krystal, alright. The young Firebender was laying unconcious on the ground, with a few streaks of blood on her cheek, looking pale and lifeless. "Oh my god..." Sokka muttered to himself as he knelt down beside her. Please don't be dead... He put his hand to her neck, right above her collar bone, to see if there was a pulse. His face lit up when he felt one, even though it was faint. "She's alive!" he thought out loud. He gently scooped her up in his arms and carried her, until he found Aang and Katara. "Guys, I found Krystal!" he shouted excitedly.

He noticed Aang and Katara pop their heads out from behind two different trees. They came running toward him, but stopped and gasped when they laid their eyes on Krystal. "Oh my gosh..." Katara started. "What happened to her?"

"I don't know," Sokka replied. "I just found her laying there on the ground, out cold."

"We should take her to Appa," Aang said. They headed down the path in the woods and looked for the bison.


"Huh? Sokka?" Krystal muttered weakly as she sat up to face him. The two were on Appa's saddle, and they were flying away from the forest. Aang and Katara were on the bison's head, talking about something.

"Krystal!" Sokka shouted as he wrapped his arms around her in a tight hug. "Welcome back!"

"Jeeze, Sokka, you gotta let her breathe sometime," Katara teased as she turned around and looked at them.

Sokka and Krystal pulled away from their hug, and Sokka blushed furociously once he realized what he had done. "How are you feeling?" he asked, trying to ignore the heat on his face.

Krystal layed down and put her hand on her head, wincing in pain. "My head is killing me, but I think I'll live," she replied. "What happened?"

Sokka thought a moment. "Well, that guy tried to kidnap you, and I saw Aang and Katara fighting him. Then we went to look for you, and I found you laying on the ground, unconcious..." He then remembered how worried that made him, to see her lifeless and unconcious body laying on the ground like that, and suddenly felt so relieved and happy to see Krystal laying there next to him. "I'm just glad you weren't killed," he added softly. Krystal looked at him and smiled. Soon after that, she had fallen asleep, as well as Aang and Katara.


Sokka was the only one awake. He sat cross-legged on Appa's saddle, watching the orange, pink, and purple sun slowly fade away into darkness. The only noise around was the soft sound of Krystal breathing. Sokka turned around and watched her, as if he was trying to protect her or something. He continued watching her breathe in and out, in, out...

Sokka sighed. She looks so beautiful when she's asleep. Heck, she's beautiful all the time! I know it's only been a few days, but I think I'm already starting to fall for her...

Sokka scooted a little closer to Krystal. He yawned, and just as he was about to fall asleep, he noiced Krystal suddenly sit bolt upright, breathing deeply and drenched in cold sweat.

"Krystal?" he asked softly, wrapping his arm around her shoulder to comfort her. "What's wrong?" he wondered, sounding concerned.

"I just... had a bad dream," she replied, still struggling to catch her breath.

"Do you wanna tell me about it?" Sokka asked quietly and calmly.

Krystal shuddered. "I-I don't think I want to talk about it..." she replied.

"You'll feel a lot better if you tell me, Krystal," Sokka added softly, almost a whisper. "Now, what happened?"

Krystal sighed. "It was about... the day Zuko killed my mother..." She burried her head in Sokka's shirt as tears trickled down her face.

"It's gonna be ok, Krystal," Sokka reassured her, gently smoothing out her ginger-colored hair with his fingers. "You're here with me now... And I'm gunna make sure nothing like that ever happens to you again. I promise." He held her close to him, as if she would suddenly slip away if he let her go.

Krystal hugged him tighter. "Thanks for being such a good friend, Sokka," she said. Then she pulled away from him, and gave him a soft and quick peck on the cheek. She he smiled at him warmly, then layed back down. Her breathing soon evened out, telling him that she was asleep.

Sokka's face turned bright red with embarrassment as he watched Krystal sleep. That kiss... he thought as he put his hand to his cheek where Krystal kissed him. Did it mean anything? Does Krystal like me the way I like her? That kiss HAD to mean something! Sokka sighed and layed down beside Krystal. Almost without even realizing what he was doing, he put his arm around her waist, pulled her close to him, and burried his face in her hair. Soon after that, he, too, had fallen asleep.

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