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The Spirit Fox, Yoko Kurama was a cunning, infamous thief, who had easily stolen treasures from powerful beings, demon, mortal, and even those of spirit world. As a kitsune, a fox demon, he enjoyed collecting treasures.

So when he heard of the great treasure of the Lord of the Western Lands, the Tenseiga, a blade which could revive souls, forged of the great Inutaisho's fang, he instantly knew he wanted to take it. Such a great treasure...

Some whispered that the lord had gone soft, caring for a human girl, and even losing an arm to his half demon brother! Though these events were long ago, it only meant that he had slowed with age.

With this information, the fox demon believed that he could easily snatch the Tenseiga away.

But what he hadn't counted on was the cunning of the Lord of the Western Lands.

Which was how he found himself in this situation.

"Did you honestly think you could steal from me?" Lord Sesshomaru said dangerously, his voice toneless save for its edge. A large sword was raised towards his throat, a weapon that radiated demonic power. "A brazen, audacious character... or at least, that's what they say, Spirit Fox."

"I don't suppose you'd be willing to spare me." Yoko Kurama rasped, working a seed into his palm. He had to stall this demon lord...

"Do not try and distract me, fox. Use that seed in your palm, and I'll strike you where you stand." The dog demon said in the same tone.

Kurama's eyes widened a fraction. The lord had to be exceptionally perceptive to see such a thing...

"I wouldn't dream of it." He replied calmly, though inwardly, his mind was working frantically.

"The infamous Spirit Fox... you've made quite a name for yourself, stealing from lesser beings. Such a pity that you had to try and steal from me." Sesshomaru said, no trace of pity in his voice.

"I'm flattered you've heard of me." The Spirit Fox smirked, despite how dangerous the situation was.

"Well, it seems your reputation is undeserved. You are a poor excuse for a thief." The lord's lip curled.

Part of the fox demon wanted to bristle in indignation, but he did his best to keep his cool. "Perhaps. Or perhaps I merely underestimated the Lord of the Western Lands." He replied.

"I know what other demons have said. You were a fool to believe rumormongers." Sesshomaru smirked. "You would have done well to know that."

"Indeed." Kurama murmured, wondering what to do next.

For a moment, the two stared at each other. And then, without a word, Sesshomaru lowered his blade, and turned his back on Yoko Kurama.

"What are you doing?" he asked, surprised.

"You're not worth my time. Leave now." The Lord of the Western Lands said dispassionately.

The Spirit Fox looked completely confused, but realized that his life had been spared... somehow.

"And do remember to tell my disbelievers... I have not lost my edge."

Something in that voice told him that the statement was true. Lord Sesshomaru was more powerful than any other demon he'd met before. Without a word, Yoko Kurama fled.

"Why did you let him go, my lord?" Jaken asked, slower but as sycophantic as ever, stepping from the shadows.

"He was a far too crafty demon. Our kind is dwindling, leaving for Demon World. It would be a shame to slay him." Sesshomaru replied, back turned towards his servant.

Of course, there was another reason, but the Lord of the Western Lands would never admit that he could see his little brother, who passed away decades ago, and even himself in that fox demon.

Oh yes, there was much bigger things await Yoko Kurama.

Author's Notes

This strange scene sort of drifted into my mind. Sesshomaru seems a bit strange, but this is over a century after Kagome fell down the well. (Yoko was born 100 years after that incident.)