"You think that is the place?" said Louie sarcastically, trying not to laugh at his own poor joke

The rest of the group just gave him a glancing look of disgust before pushing past him towards the temple. The area around them was clear and grassed and the sun shone down on them brightly giving the feeling of warmth and welcoming. Genie looked around cautiously as they came to the main door of the temple. When they arrived they found several packs, some left open, and tools scattered about as if they had been abandoned in a hurry or the people using them had just disappeared. Merill immediately set to work examining the door for traps and a way to open it. Louie placed the big pack he had been carrying down and sat beside it whilst Genie and Melissa stood watch for the creatures that had pursued them earlier, ignoring the magician's complaints about having to carry the equipment.

"I can't work this thing out" Merill called out in frustration after having played around with the door for a few minutes and borrowing a few of the abandoned tools "From what I can tell it needs a key that goes in that slot over there"

She pointed to the small gap in the statue of a strange creature. It appeared there was a space in the eye socket where something could be inserted. The same creature was on the other side of the door too, that one with both eyes inserted. They appeared to be crystals or gems of some sort, rigged so that if anyone tried to remove them a trap would be sprung. It was the only reason Merill had left them as they were for the time being. Louie stood up, curious to see what was going on.

"What's the matter Merill? Can't open the door?" said Louie mockingly

"I would love to see you try magician" she replied angrily, glaring after Louie as he approached the statue

As he looked into the remaining eye of the right hand statue he felt a strange wave of recognition pass over him. He felt as though he knew the faint glow and magical warmth that it emitted. That was it! He pulled out the small glowing gem from his pocket and grinned. Melissa looked at him in disbelief and cried

"You actually went and bought that piece of junk? Why Louie? Why?" she said sounding both confused and frustrated

"Lets find out shall we" replied Louie grinning cheekily

With that he spun back round and jammed the crystal into the socket of the statue. A low grinding sound could be heard a few seconds later and Louie started celebrating when all suddenly went quiet.

"Good work Louie. Any more bright ideas?" said Merill angrily

Louie's face dropped as the sound halted and he started back towards the pack on the floor. Just as he was taking his first few steps the sound started again and the muffled sound of something crumbling could be heard from inside the temple. This time the doors slowly rumbled open as dust fell to the floor, clearly indicating they had not been opened in some time. The sound echoed along the long, dimly lit passageway concealed behind. Louie excitedly rushed inside and started doing some sort of victory dance as the others stood staring in amazement at both the magician's extreme recklessness and the fact he had done something worthwhile for a change. Genie had been thinking about the dust from the doorway and the packs outside in the meantime. If there was dust that meant the others who had been here had not made it inside, or at least not through the door. If that was the case then where were they?

"If he says one word I will kill him myself" Merill grumbled under her breath as they advanced into the passage after Louie, Merill leading and looking for traps, Genie and Melissa stood close behind her in case of trouble.