My world is gone.

My people are gone.

We were a proud race.

Our allies and trade partners didn't think we knew what they said of us. They said that we were primal, savage, only just barely able to claim civility. They were surprised that a race that was so given towards their more basic natures could have accomplished so much in the way of science and society. But we knew what they said of us. We simply didn't care. If they recognized how willing we were to erupt into violence if it was needed for us to do so, then they were unlikely to betray us out of fear of our retribution.

Now I am all that is left.

I have been running so long that it is difficult to remember a time when I was one of the 'civilized'. Meals had been whenever there was time and made of whatever had been available. Sleep had come when there had been a few moments of relative safety. I had cut myself off from others to prevent innocents from being targeted by the Wraith. After seven years, had been nothing of the civilized, modern Setitian soldier left. All that had remained was the creature that our allies had whispered about behind closed doors, a Setitian male who wore his humanity as a thin shroud over something far more dangerous.

These people, these men and women from Earth, they had never heard of Setita before they had brought me here. I had taken Sheppard and Teyla hostage because I had been loath to kill them when they had offered no direct threat to me. I had needed to get through the Ring of the Ancients, to move on to the next world before more Wraith came for me. I had not dared to think that they could mean my salvation.

Their doctor had removed the tracking device when two others before him had proven unable to do so. I was free from the Wraith and their pursuits.

Although they kept me under guard after my capture of two of their own, they gave me a secure place to rest, their doctors offered me further care to treat malnutrition and weariness brought on by years of running and they offered to share their food with me. All without demanding anything in return.

They attempted to return me to my people, only to find that my people are no more. Now Sheppard offers me a place here among them. He offers me a chance to claim my revenge against those who destroyed my world. He offers me a place amongst these men and woman who face the Wraith bravely.

And there is Teyla.

She is proud, fierce and strong. Even when I had my weapon leveled at her head, she had shown no fear. She holds herself tall, though she is so much smaller than I. She faces her enemies without hesitation and fights with the spirit of a warrior. She reminds me of the women from my own world. She could be Setitian, even though I know she is not. With this woman, someone from this galaxy rather than one from so far away, I would not have to be completely alone.

Sheppard was late. I had come here to watch Teyla and he spar, to see what they might have to share with me in such things. She offered to train with me as she waited for him to arrive, so I accepted. She proved cunning and graceful. I tried to take her, but she countered my every move. It wasn't until Sheppard arrived that she allowed her attention to waiver. He questioned my being here, though not in so many words. I took the opening her distraction provided. Two moves to disarm her. One smooth sweep of my weapon to bring her to the floor. I had readied my staff to strike, only to have Sheppard's hand wrap around it.

"What the Hell do you think you're doing?"

I looked into the eyes of the man who offered me a place here as we both stood. There was anger at my actions, overridden only by the concern he felt for the woman I had pinned to the floor. I had seen that look before, in the eyes of my friends and in the other men of my family. They wore it when their wives and their daughters were disrespected or threatened.

I looked down at Teyla to gauge her response. Her eyes were not on me. They had flicked to Sheppard, softening somewhat for just a moment before she schooled herself back to her usual, calm demeanor.

I turned my eyes back to Sheppard, squashing the feeling of regret that tried to settle within me. "I wouldn't have hurt her."

Teyla rose to her feet as he moved to place himself between us. "It sure as Hell looked like you were going to." He was willing to challenge me; in spite of knowing I could easily kill him.

I claimed my things and tossed them over my shoulder, sparing Teyla one last glance as she assured him that she was unharmed. I said no more as I walked past them, my guards in my wake.

Certainly, I could have challenged his claim to her. I knew that I would win did I do so. However, I had seen the recognition in her eyes as she looked at him, seen the subtle hints in her posture as she faced him. The ties that bound them were already firmly in place, even though I doubted either of them would have admitted it to themselves, much less to one another.

A Setitian male understands women more than he lets on. We know full well that it does little good to fight another of his mate. If she is truly bound to him, she will not forget him simply because he has died at your hands. You might possess her body, but you will never possess her heart. She will always harbor him there, clinging to his memory. I knew that Teyla would have always held on to Sheppard, no matter how well I may have cared for her. The bonds between them have been there for a long time, far longer than I have known her.

I left them in the training room to work matters out on their own. No matter how much they may fight or argue, no matter how much they may try to deny their feelings, they will still have one another.

And I am still alone.