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Snape is not in the inner circle of death eaters

30.7.1982 (one day before Harry's 2nd birthday)

Potters Home-outside 1:00pm

A young, innocent, depressed, boy sat in a garden in the back of his small house that he lived in with his parents, well if you could still call them that. Nearly to years ago Lily and James Potter where blessed with a child. They named him Harry James Potter. Now, it was quite obvious that Harry was... different to but it vaguely. When young Harry was born his eyes were like cold, black pieces' of burning coal. His short hair was especially unique for neither his father nor mother had blond hair. If anyone where to see the child they would have never guessed that he was a potter. His father was slightly upset but held it back when they had a second son almost a year latter

James Evan Potter was his name or Prongs Jr as everyone gotten to call him after Sirius commented one how they looked so alike. Only his eyes were vivid emerald green. After he was born things began to change for the year old Harry. Shortly after Prongs Jr was born Albus Dumbledore told Lily and James the prophesy about Prongs Jr. It stated that Prongs Jr was to bring down the dark side.

Shortly after everyone began to pay more and more attention to Prongs Jr, Harry's parents began to slowly forget him. Even over the past Christmas they forgot about his presents and spent the whole time with Prongs Jr. Harry was very angry. His parents had promised him to treat him the same after James was born. No they broke a simple promise! Gah! He hated being second class. He wanted to be the one they played with but no they said that Prongs Jr needed protection.

Hogwarts- Order of the Phoenix meeting. 9:00 PM

"It is agreed, Harry will be put into the muggle orphanage tomorrow. I already gave his papers to the warden, don't worry James it's for the best, and remember we have to stay on task of keeping A Prongs Jr. safe." Albus Dumbledore said concluding the meeting. James nodded as he left, tomorrow was going to be a long day.

31.7.1982 (Harry's Birthday)

Potters Home- 10:00 Am

'Bang'! Young Harry woke to the sound of loud cursing. His black eyes flew open as he sat up in bed. "Dad" Harry saw his father next to a single trunk that he guessed his father had dropped on his foot. "Ummm Harry go back to sleep okay." James said as he picked up the trunk and walked out of his room. After hearing the front door bang he slowly got out of bed and ran down the stairs where his mother was cradling his younger brother. "Harry what are you doing awake!" His mother said slowly starting to fidget.

"Daddy hit his toe and wakes me up." Harry said worried now that his mother was now walking out of the house. He followed her to there car where his father was waiting in the front seat. "Mommy, Daddy is this my birthday present!" Harry said happily as for the whole day they did nothing or say anything about celebrating. He looked back to his parents who were frowning. His father finally spoke, "Uh...Today's your um birthday?" James then smiled "I mean of course this is your birthday present but uh it's a muggle place so no magic allowed." Harry smiled happily and ran into the back of the car.

An hour later the Potters pulled up to an old run down building with a barded wired fence surrounding it. James grabbed Harry's trunk in one hand and picked Harry up in the other. "Daddy what kind of place is this?" Harry asked quite disgusted at the muggle place. James stared down at the child in his arms "Harry listen to me. You know we must protect your brother and...and we can't have y-you. That's why your going to get a knew mommy and daddy." Harry stared at his father as He rang the door bell. His anger grew "I Hate You. I Hate Mom. I And Repeat I HATE James." Harry screamed angrily. James looked down at Harry. "Obliviate."

Voldemort sat watching curiously from behind the bush as they young child he identified as a Potter although he couldn't exactly see his face, screamed. He watch in horror as it reminded him of himself when he was younger and hated his parents. This was the same orphaned that he stayed at for the first seventeen years of his life. He looked back just in time to see the Potters car drive away. He slowly walked up to the door and drew a dark, slender piece of wood and taped the door. He heard a faint clicking sound and opened the door to the hated childhood of his. He slowly walked up the stairs to where the Bed rooms were. He smiled evilly as he walked into the warden's room. "Avada Kerdavra."

Ten doors later and thirty killing cures Voldemort stopped at the last door, his old bed room. He grinned. Now things were different, now he was in control. He laughed as he blew the door down. He walked over to the bed where a young boy covered by his sheets slept. He pointed his wand at the boy. "Avada Kedavra" He smiled. However his satisfactory only lasted for a moment. For a faint black aura surrounded the figure in the bed and sent his spell back at him. Luckily he dove just in time sending it right past his ear. He stared incredulously at the bed.

The Dark lord slowly lifted the sheets off the boys face. The little child looked up at him with wide startled black eyes and began to cry. If he hadn't blocked the rebounded spell in time, he would very probably be dead by now. He couldn't believe it, when he noticed that the only thing that showed the boy was hit was a small lightning shaped scar on his forehead.

Up until now no one had ever survived the Killing Curse. This child had to possess incredible magic powers. While Voldemort was eying the screaming child he pondered what he should do now. The best would be probably to try it again with another curse. But should he really take the risk? Who could say what would happen then?

He reached out with his arms and lifted the blond- haired child, who promptly stopped crying. He noticed immediately the child's eyes. They reminded him of a younger form of him so many years ago. Full of anger and hatred. Such a small thing yet so much power. Instantly a very old picture popped into his mind. At the thought he nearly dropped the child. Salazar Syltherin. His great something grandfather. Even his blond hair looked more or less silvery. Just like his before his transformation.

The child wriggled in his arms and reached with his tiny hands. Voldemort hugged the struggling child to himself and in this moment he made his decision. He would raise the child as his own. His name would be Acebus Malum Vinco (Means-Dark Evil Master). He would be his heir. Yes he was going to be twice the strength of himself. He would be needed on his side.

"Who are you?" His head snapped back to the child. "Listen child you will not be speak to me unless spoken to and I ask the questions. That will be you last warning" the dark lord replied in a nasty tone, making Acebus shrink in fear. "To answer your question though I am Lord Voldemort. I will be taking you in from this evil muggle place. The boy nodded slowly. "Any questions?" The boy nodded his head eagerly. The Dark lord groan this boy showed too much emotion. "Very well make it quick" the dark lord growled.

"What are muges?" the young boy asked eagerly. The dark lord looked back down color draining from his face. This was that potter. Now he remembered how James oblivated him. A smile crept onto the face of the dark lord. Perfect this boy would know nothing of the light and dark. "Muggles" He said bitterly "are evil beings that know nothing of magical word of pure blood witches and wizards". The Dark lord saw the excited look on the boys face. "So you mean there is real magic?" The boy said nearly jumping out of the dark lord's arms. "Yes child. I will explain more to you latter when you are older." The Dark lord smiled to himself. "One more thing mister Voldemort since you will be housing me..."Can I call you father?" This time the dark lord dropped Acebus on his bed. Acebus frowned and sniffled out the tears.

Father that name was so... so unreal to him. He never could call anyone father. He never had a father. This child would though. Getting back to his normal self he cursed the brat for making him actually scared an emotion he had rarely had. Voldemort sighed as he looked at the child his mind was so weak. He gently picked up the silvery haired child and nodded. The young one's face light up and grinned. Then he slowly frowned as he looked up into the dark lord's face. "You don't look me." he said. Voldemort stared at the child for along time. It had been years since he reviled his true form to anyone. Well he did have to gain the brats trust...Red silted eyes began to turn black and his long dark hair turned silvery blond. "See child" The young boy nodded before dozing off in his arms.

Voldemort smirked before changing back into his transformed face. He still couldn't believe that this baby had actually managed to survive his Killing Curse and on top of that had nearly killed him as well. However, he soon banished this extraordinary and hard to understand event out of his thoughts. He nodded satisfied. Today had been a very successful day for him.

31 .7.1982

Dark lords manor 11:45pm

The dark lord appeared in his throne room with the now indivisible Acebus sleeping soundly in his arms. Lucius looked up from the death eater reports in his hands. He quickly walked over and kissed the hem of his lord's robe. "My Lordship your presence honors me greatly." The Dark lord grin to himself. "Raise my faithful death eater. Bring me the softest, expensive fabric you can find quickly." Lucius nodded and ran out the door.

"Foolish one could have just portkeyed" Voldemort muttered under his breath. "My Lord, Lucius said from the door and quickly walked up to the dark lord and handed him the fine blanket."You may leave now Lucius but first warn the other death eaters that if I am disturbed unless I called on them, they will suffer." Lucius nodded and turn to leave. "One more thing never forget to bow to me when you come in and Knock!" Voldemort smiled "CRUCIO".

Voldemort quickly undid the invisibility spell. He stood up slowly and conjured a small throne to the left of his. Yes that would be Acebus'. His son would sit beside him and rule. No one else would ever sit in that throne. However he would not spoil his child he promised himself that, he would raise him to be the fit as his heir. He would be the most powerful wizard of but to do that he would need some assistance.

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