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-The reason Ace was talking about the "tour" is because one he was brought up expected to act a lot older than he is. But I would never make a seven year old have sex in my story.

-READ- Ace is powerful but not nearly as powerful as Voldemort or Dumbledore YET. He is however way ahead of his age level.

-Dumbledore put Harry there because he thought there was a new owner whom was nicer. Dumbledore may be foolish but he is powerful.

-read-Pettigrew is not in the order but nobody knows he is a Deatheater. Snape doesn't know because they do different work.

-Also in the last Chapter i wrote "Moody, Lupin, Sirius, Kingsley, Auther and about forty others where killed. than later i wrote "Also we must find that child he is extremely powerful and could completely tip the scales when he gets older." Auror Shackebolt reported to Albus. opps Kingsley shackebolt is dead.

9.1.1889 (Harry is now 9)

Voldemorts manor/ Courtyard…7:00am

"Dam it, Ace won't you let us get one goal" a young black haired girl yelled from across the mini field to the young boy handsome boy who was smirking in a flattering way on his custom broom, the lighting bolt.

"Sorry ladies but I am the man and men are much better" Ace said in an arrogant tone to both the girls.

Two years ago when Ace protected Blasie and Tara from the raid he asked his father not to obliveate them for he liked them and more importantly wanted to get one or both in bed. Oh and Ace did get to be with them for a price. The training he used to have looked like child's play compare to what he did now.

He trained ten times harder and longer. From the usual five hours four days a week was now nine hours of intense training six days a week. His father added more things for his teacher to teach including: Care of Magical creatures, Muggle studies (why he had to do that he had no clue), Theories on every single spell he knew, cultural studies, morphing and what his father called leadership skills.

It was worth it though. It was nice to talk to someone other then his father and play games with. The two girls were even allowed to go to lessons with him. They could not yet perform the same spell as Ace; they were still learning beginner spells.

Over the two years they began getting closer and now where not scene without each other. The girls even had rooms at the manor in which they stayed at (now he had to get them in his room to sleep). He had even made the inner circle death eater (With exception of their parents) bow to them. This caused Terrence, Bellatrix, and Rudolph to beam with pride at their daughters. Of course he gave them mask nearly identical to his except there eyes did not glow red.

"Ow" Ace laughed at the two girls who were sitting on his muscular stomach. They both laughed at him. He grinned, something he only did in front of them and his father and one other person. "You to think that's funny? Well then…" He flipped them gently on the grass and began tickling his two friends. "St op" They both chocked out. Ace stopped but held on to both of them. "What do I get if I stop?"

"Well Master Vinco what ever you want…But first you have to get off us." Tara said smirking along with Blasie. "Very well mi'ladies" He said with knowing quite well what he was going to get.

After a quick snog with both girls they got up put there mask on and began walking to breakfast. "Wochter Master Ace" Ace groaned and turned around to face his mentor and friend Tonks who decided to stay with the death eaters but not get the mark because she was still in hogwart starting her thrid year.

"Fuck off Tonks, it's Monday morning and I'm hungry" Ace said . "Well master Ace" she said with a slight drawl on master. "First your father said today you can have the day off since you have been working so hard. Second you're always hungry" She said happily. Ace just grunted and then with a jab from each girl invited Tonks to come eat with them, muttering about how the girls were going to beg her to go into diagon ally with them because since the accent they where not allowed to go without a adult or Ace and Ace hated going.

"Oh Ace." His two friends said in a sing song voice, there face's full of mischief. He groaned "Yes?" This would not be good.

"Well since Tonks said we could go shopping"-Tara

"We deiced since you are our master"-Blasie

"And you have not gotten out of this coop for a long time"-Tara

"You would come with us!"-Blasie said finishing.

By this time Ace was grinding his teeth together. Tonks was laughing her head off at his and the two girls had puppy dog eyes. He smirked well if I am there master then… "Very well I will accompany you after I eat." He said and swearing that Tonks had something to do with having his father letting him off for the day just so she could drag him around for shopping.

Hogwarts-Order of the Phoenix Meeting


Albus Dumbledore sighed in annoyance. There only seemed to be bad news these days. Snape had reported a new inner circle death eater who never had to go through the rest of the rankings. The inner circle began attacking more frequently and violently. Worst of all there were no sightings of Tonks or the young boy who attacked with the death eaters.

The only thing that kept him going was Prongs Jr, who had just shown signs of magic. For the longest time they had thought he was a squib but of course the savior of the wizderding world was obviously just holding back his powers. Well that's the story he told.

"Well is that all?" Albus said looking around to the new faces of his order since most of the old ones where now dead. "Right then, Yulia and Kronk will keep an eye on Diagon ally. Weasleys you two will go home to your family and I want the rest of you to check each of the student's trunks when they get here. If you find any dark items, spell books, or any type of illegal substance inform me immediately and I will take it to the board of governors so they can remove that child. All professors are reminded that any student practicing dark arts is to be expelled immediately, also if that person looks dark or will become dark he or she is to be watched carefully and if they are seen doing anything remotely bad expel them. This meeting is now dismissed."

Voldemorts manor – Entry hall


"Ace will you hurry up, cant you just figure out what to wear?" Tara said getting extremely frustrated from waiting for Ace. She didn't have to wait long for at that moment a long dirty blonde, muscular teen came out. She gasped he looked like he was at least fifteen, his exotic green eyes flashed in the light, and his chin was sharp with a five o'clock shadow. He wore a plain tight white tank top that showed of his now enhanced muscles, you could also see the tight abs he had along with chest muscles something any girl would die for. He wore long army pants that looked greet with his black dragon hide boots (She had a feeling his weapons where now invisible). So basically he looked like the kind of guy that could get laid by any girl he wanted.

"What is it love?"He purred in his now husky voice that sent shivers down the young girl's neck. "Right uh let's go. Now." She stuttered causing him to laugh that sounded more like a bark. He than grin showing of his now pointy canines.

They slowly descended the stairs to where Blasie and Tonks where waiting. The two of them dropped there jaws and began to drool. Ace calmly walked over to the two and simply said "Flies ladies Flies." Both of the girl imedidetly shut there mouths. "So ladies will you be staring at me all day or will we be going" he said will a slight growl. Tonks who had just snapped out of her long trance nearly shouted "No way nice try though".

She then smirked "well if you want to play that dirty lets play". She quickly transformed into a fourteen year old girl with a large chest and a firm ass. She waved her wand around he once turning he pants to a way to short leather skirt and her normal blue shirt was now a tube top with the words "Got Wood" on it. Her long blonde hair went well with her brown eyes.

Ace growled at instance (something they discovered during his morphing he would act the way he looked. For ex. His voice would change or if he turned into and old man his hearing would be worse.) Her new body was making his now older body get hard. Out of the corner of his eye he could see the other two girls laughing on the floor and crying. It was then Tonks began grinding against him. They found his weakness it was plainly hot young women.

He ground when suddenly the body stopped grinding on him. He looked up a glared.

He growled playfully "Let's just go". They each put on a navy blue cloak with a big claw going on the back. These cloaks told other death eaters that they were also deatheaters so if ever they were in a raid by accident the other death eater would not harm them. "Leaky Cauldron, London."

Leaky Cauldron -bar


Once at the pub Ace quickly helped the three girls up from the floor since they could not yet land standing up like him. Though he doubted Tonks would ever be able to. "You know we will get you later" Tara hissed in his year. Soon later after stealing five bottles of fire whiskey, they found themselves slightly drunk from drinking two of them of them.

After a few minutes of trying to regain composure, two young nine year old girlss with cold glares surrounded the cold faced fifteen year old boy and girl in the courtyard to diagon ally. After Tonks tapped the bricks the quartet began to walk the packed streets, after all for most kids tomorrow they started school.

"Alright first we will go into the bank, and then you girls go wild while I do some stuff okay." Ace said as they headed to the big white building. It was then a fifteen year old boy black haired boy approached them.

"You know I got some good wood in the shed out back if you need some." He said to Tonks obviously reading her shirt or more or less where the works where printed. Tonks gasped and was about to say something but Ace beat her two it.

"Really well Miss I am quite sorry but she only swings to the male side not the other." He said coolly already knowing that this boy was Marcus Flint. He looked a lot like his father who was a second class death eater.

Flint snarled "I am a man for your information you filthy rag as for that I can have any bitch I want. I will take all of them. My father is a deatheater" Okay that went to far insulting HIS bitches which only HE could call them and insulting him was way too much.

His eyes turned crimson red like his fathers and his hair black. "First of all" He said in a deadly low voice pushing Flint into a side ally so not do attract attention. "NEVER call these girls bitches, second NEVER use your fathers name to protect you own Marcus it is a disgrace to the Flint family and you do not disserve it. Third NEVER insult Acebus Malum Vinco heir of the throne to Darkness." Ace said full fledged angry and prepared to kill everyone who stood in his way. If Marcus was scared when his eyes turned red he was now sobbing on the floor and completely lost all too any control of his bladder and was covered in throw up.

"Ace its okay let him go he has enough…" Blasie said tears streaming down her face, but was sharply cut off. "No it's not okay he does not deserve to be in the presence of you or me." Ace said sharply then turning back to the fool. He grabbed a dagger from his boot and a bottle of thick green liquid. "Do you know what this is? Its part of a basilisk's heart, they are extremely rare and powerful. You see one drop of this burns your flesh leaving an eternal scar." He said letting one drop of it slowly splash on his dagger. He then slowly traced a long deep line from the left side of the boy's forehead to the right side of Marcus' chin.

The screams of the boy were nearly ear splitting if it had not been for the silencing charm Ace cast. "This will remind you of who you are and you talk to. If you speak of me to anyone even your father I will have your head on a plaque in my sleeping quarters" with those final words the young man scared passed out.

Once again they made their way to the bank this time without any trouble. After approaching an empty counter he looked down at the old goblin. "What can I do for you today?" asked the happy goblin. Ace sneered.

"Right then, I will give you each 20,000 thousand to start with and then later in about two hours we will met in the pub Donkey Legs it's on the third block of Knockturn." Ace said scowling. The girls smiled innocently as he handed out the bags of money. Ace growled and stormed off in the direction of Knockturn.

Ace pulled up his hood as he stepped down into Knockturn ally. He quickly maneuvered himself through the people and stopped once he got to his destination and read the sign "Zambini's Wands".

He grinned today he would get his first wand. He stepped into the large dark shop and walked up to the desk were Terrence was helping a child count his money. Ace waited silently in the shadows until the street rat left.

"Terrence" Terrence jumped and spun around wand in hand pointing it at what appeared to be nothing. Ace stepped out from behind him. "Well Terrence I want a wand one legal and the other well… customized." Terrence once again spun around this time to face the young lord. Ace smirked "skip the bowing I just want some wands." Terrence nodded before grabbing some legal wands.

Forty three wands later Ace finally found the right one. 12 and a half inches yew, unicorn hair and phoenix tail feather. "Right then lord Ace, now to find you another wand. Just got to look threw another hundred for you."

"No I already no which one." Ace said walking to the back of the store with Terrence not far behind. Ace climbed up the ladder to the top self and grabbed a dark velvet green box that was covered in blood. "Lord Ace, that one is no good. I didn't make it; I found it in the house of lord Grindezwald. The man was murder and never got to finish it, pity it would have been powerful…. The tip of the wand was never added so there is only a simple charm keeping the substance in." Terrence explained from the bottom of the ladder.

Ace snorted "which is why you will be finishing it. Don't think of it as work, more of an honor." Ace opened the box and looked down at the amazing wand that shone before him. It was perfect… It looked like it was made of glass and a green and silver liquid swirling around in it. Ace picked it up; it was so smooth compare to the other wands and was near weightless. It made a cool sensation pass over him like when he killed.

"Yes it's perfect. One of a kind… What's in it?" Ace asked mesmerized by its beauty. "Its outside is made of a dark phoenix talons, the inside contains basilisk poison, a fire phoenix tear, a pixies wing, and a drop of lord Grindezwalds blood." Terrence answered flatly.

"Blood eh…?" Ace asked Terrence who just bowed his head. Ace took out his dagger and sliced his arm letting five small drops of blood sizzle in the wand. The color black was added to the mix. Ace smirked and climbed down the latter and handed it to Terrence. "I want it done by tonight give it to me at the meeting. By the way I wanted to try a new spell out. Dementus!" A dark blue beam shot out of the tip of his legal wand and hit Terrence in the head. Terrence fell down screaming. The effects where like a deamentors only the difference was it could not give the kiss.

About an hour latter and going to another fifteen stores in knockturn Ace now had some deadly err legal items including a baby basilisk that could not yet kill or freeze people. Flashback.

(Right after the diagon battle) "What is it you called me in your room for, Ace." Ace grinned and turned to his father. He pointed his hand to the ground "Serpentsortia"

A large snake appeared and began to hiss.

"Worthlesss humansss die." Ace laughed "I'm ssorry to disssturb you kind ssnake." Voldemort stood stunted. How was it possible for Ace to be a snake child like him? It was impossible, he himself learned it at the same age but he was the direct heir of Slythern. "Well done my son you are the only person besides me to be able to do that." Voldemort grinned. "Follow me son."

Ace was grinning, his father seemed truly proud of him. He hadn't known how rare it was but it was one of the first father son thing he had. It was then he realized where they were they were in front of the door the one he was not allowed into. The one with the basilisk handle. "Sson ssspeak to the ssnake" Ace look curiously at his father had he just lost it speak to a doorknob. "Hello door ssnake." "Ahh you too ssspeak our tongue. Welcome to my humblesss home."

The door opened slowly. Ace was right when he thought this was the best room dark purple plush couches lined the wall. Books where stacked sky high on tables, selves, chairs, even the floor. There were rows and rows of book cases all filled up with books. "Welcome son to the Snakes library. Every book here is written in parselmouth. There are spells and rituals in parsel that are more powerful then you already know. I myself just started reading these 20 years ago and am no were close to finishing them. That is why I will start you now" Ever since then Ace spent three hours a day pouring over these books.

End flashback.

Ace smirked. He saw Pettigrew standing in the entrance to diagon. He but on his mask but kept his hood up so no one could see. "Peter!" Pettigrew spun around to face his young master. "My l-lord." He whimpered bowing down to him shakily. "Shut your trap. Go buy me a new blood quill." Peter scampered away.

Sometime latter Ace met up in the pub with the girls. Of course he had to be there slave and grab all there bags even though they were shrunk. After drinking the rest of the whiskey they stole, they made it back to the manor toppling on top of Ace.

Next Harry goes to Hogwarts


"I Don't Want to see them again. My mother and father and brother are all filthly muggle lover!"