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That was all that filled his mind, as his conciousness whirled about in nothingness. Five hundred years, five hundred years till his next rebirth. Five hundred years of waiting. It was a never ending cycle, to be reborn every five hundred years, and to die, only to wait another five hundred years for his rebirth. It went on, and on. Never to end……

What is the whole point of all this?

He remembered. He remembered his younger brother's smile, that light in his eyes, that beautiful face. That untarnished, pure and innocent mind. He remembered with regret, how he had attempted to kill his younger twin. He felt remorseful, he wanted to make up to his twin. If only he could have a second chance……

Just one minute, one last look……

He recalled when he first saw his twin, how Yoh had completely occupied his thought for the rest of the time after that. Every waking moment, none were not filled with thoughts about Yoh. How he longed for his twin, his desire overwhelming him at times, his passion burning like fire. His conciousness quivered slightly, like a flame when a breeze blows, in nothingess. Five hundred years……

Two glowing spirits observed his conciousness. Pathetic, thought one of them. The other one kept silent, watching and pondering……

"Hao…" The deep voice penerated through his thoughts, tore through his visions, resonating through his entire being. "How far are you willing to go, to reunite with your twin again?"

"I would do anything!" His voice sounded thin next to the other voice, but it was filled with determination… and hope.

"Even if you can only live for a day? One day, to die and never to be reincarnated again?"

"I would rather spend one day with Yoh, then the entire lifespan of this world alone!"

"Such is your choice…and you will not deplore?" The voice had taken on a rather stern tone.

"Yes!" He practically roared.

There was a flash of bright light, and nothing more.


Yoh was lounging on the park bench, his eyes half closed, enjoying the gentle breeze, and the warmth of the last afternoon sun rays upon his face. After the Shaman fight had ended, after he had died, Yoh was looking forward to having an easy life. Yet, these days, perplexing emotions have been arising, along with unusual thoughts. He actually felt a twinge of guilt about killing his elder brother, and strangely enough, he felt something else for his brother. It was not the typical brotherly love, no. It was more than that. Much more. But……it was all over now. Now, he was just to live out the rest of his life with Anna, his fiancee. At least, he was supposed to. Somehow, there was this hole in him, this part of him that was missing, and he knew no one could mend this hole. Not Anna, not any of his friends, not even Amidamaru. No, this was something he had to live with for the rest of his life……

A shadow fell on him, and hands rested on his shoulders. Yoh started. His heart beat quickened, and he thought he was about to burst when he heard that all too familiar voice, that silky, smooth, seductive voice, the voice he had been dreaming about all this while.

"Otouto…" Not turning, Yoh knew who it was. His worst nightmare…or maybe, his most beautiful dream.

Hao. Turning, dreading and yet yearning what he would see, he saw his elder twin, his splitting mirror image standing there. His long brown hair flowing in the breeze. His midnight black eyes held the same lively gleam in them. Why had he returned? He had died, right before his very eyes. The thought simply disturbed him more. Why did he have to return?

Hao smiled down at his twin. Yoh was no doubt trying to figure out this little piece of complexity. He looked into his twin's eyes, nothing had changed. His features were still smooth, unblemished. He still had the innocent beauty which so attracted Hao.

"Onii-san…" Yoh managed to regain his breath to utter the simple word, but had it taken away again when Hao covered his lips with his. It was a simple kiss. Yet it held so much in it. He could feel the passion burning, and the desire, the desire to possess something. Him. Without thinking, Yoh returned the kiss, letting his thoughts flow to his brother as well. The last ray of sun lingered upon the horizon, sinking soon, leaving them in near pitch black darkness.

Out with nature, away from the concrete builidings that Hao so much detested. Time didn't seem to stop, instead, it raced ahead, seemingly eager to claim Hao back into it's domain, to separate him from his beloved twin, to remind him of his precious seconds that were ticking away.

Hao loved Yoh as he had never loved before. He wanted every bit of his twin, every single atom, every molucule, every thought. He gently stroked over all areas of his twin's bare flesh, the warmth…he would never forget. Yoh simply held to his dear Onii-san, loving with his heart, mind and soul. He was complete again, the hole was filled. He moaned with pleasure as Hao ran a finger down his spine.

"Yoh, promise me you will live life to its fullest. No matter what happens. Ok?" Hao sudddenly spoke.

"With you by my side, how can I ever be unhappy?" Yoh proceeded to moved his kiss to Hao's neck.

"Promise me. Whatever happens, you will stay as you are. Happy and carefree." Hao said seriously, sitting up.

Yoh laughed. "I promise, Onii-San."

Hao held his brother close, and kissed his forehead gently. Two tears formed but they did not drop, Yoh must not see him upset, otherwise Yoh will be affected too.

Hao and Yoh were seemingly fused into one, under the big sakura tree. Yoh was contented. He was in safe arms, with his perfect big brother. He snuggled up to Hao, his head on his brother's strong chest.

"I love you Onii-san." Yoh murmered. Already, sleep was claiming their victim.

Hao lovingly held his brother closer to him. "I love you too, Otouto."

As Yoh fell asleep, warm and secure in the arms of his brother, Hao murmered softly, "Remember the promise you made, my little brother."

Hao did not sleep. He stayed wide awake; simply observing his brother beside him, whispering sweet thoughts to him occasionally, or brushing away a stray strand of hair. He stilled his heart, which was thudding in his chest, it was almost as if it would break at any time. The stars twinkled merrily in the sky, watching over the pair of twins. The moon palely shone, illuminating the perfect countenance of Hao's face. It was all in all a calm night. But Hao felt anything but calm. He could feel a powerful presence, waiting to claim him back to their world. Taking him away from his little brother.

"Stay happy, my dearest Otouto." Hao murmered softly, kissing Yoh tenderly. His tears flowed freely now, streaking down his face as he shut his eyes, lying beside his brother, holding on to him like he would never let go, waiting for what he knew was inevitable.


As the warmth of the first sun rays of the day fell on Yoh's face, he awoke at once to find that he was alone, clutching a tear stained cloak. The cloak of someone he loved.

'Remember your promise, my little brother…' The ghost of a whisper came with the wind, and just as quickly blew away again……