Title: Game of Life

Chapter 3, Raindrops

Summary: Yoh is caught out in a thunderstorm and it's getting late. How will he make his way home? And in the shadows someone lies watching, and waiting...

Lightning darted all about the enormous empty halls of the sky, a barely discernible impish devil while thunder intoned scriptures from deep within his being, the graveyard tones echoing in the emptiness all around. The two played around in the hall as heaven's cannons prepared to machine gun the surface below. Thunder cleared his throat once more and lightning gave a playful leap. Like a signal, heaven let lose the torrent of ammunition- huge orbs falling down, down, exploding on the ground.

Amor raged in the inner chambers of her being, unleashing a lethal storm, which manifested itself unfortunately, as a real storm. The air around her, charged with electricity, crackled faintly and frizzled her silky hair. Fate sat with amused eyes, coolly watching her disgruntled sister, enjoying every moment. Amor, never ruffled, simply put on her waxy mask and returned the stare, eyes promising revenge at the very next opportunity.

"No!" Yoh wailed as the first assault began. He was sprinting at full speed now, the ground consumed under his thudding feet, the fields flying past in a blur. He cursed inwardly. Of all days, of all times, of all places. He was stuck in the deserted countryside, with no other living person for a good 8 mile distance, no known effective shelter against the weather for another 3 miles. He looked around frantically, hoping that perhaps a miracle would occur. Perhaps, perhaps... His eyes scanned the horizon. Nothing. Endless fields of reeds...more fields, and yet more fields. The waving reeds were mocking him, swaying side to side almost cheerfully. Yoh desperately looked around again...

"Yes!" Yoh spotted a lone tree straggling in the distance, no more than a quarter of a mile away. His legs found hidden stores of energy to fuel them as he propelled towards prospective shelter. He collapsed against the trunk of the tree, knees buckling under. The few branches with withered leaves barely provided protection against the fierce onslaught of heaven's forces, a screen door opposing a whole regiment of arrows. He was thankful though, something was better than nothing. Now, all he had to do was to wait... Simple, ne?


4 hours later, Yoh was still sitting under the tree, if it can be classified as one, and the rain was still falling with the same enthusiasm as before with no seeming intention to stop. Lightning occasionally stretched his long fingers amongst the dark gloom, unearthly light in the sky, thunder rambling across the space. The seconds ticked by one by one, crawling by, an emaciated old man. Yoh looked at his wristwatch once more. Eight o' clock at night already. He wondered if any one at the inn noticed his absence, and he wondered if they even cared at all. Yoh gave a resigned sigh. Please cease...he prayed for the umpteen time. A futile effort. Ah well, he tried. He looked up woefully at the overhead overcast sky a final time, as if to admit defeat. Folding his pale, elegant arms behind his head, he leaned against the unstable, hollow trunk of the tree and braced himself for the night ahead which lay like a sempiternal road with hidden potholes and creeping roots reaching out to trip an unsuspecting person at any time. The road on which light cast none of her glory and even shadows avoid. Yoh, the lone wanderer, heading unknowingly into the belly of the beast. The irrepressible darkness, from under the folds of the many covers lay a pair of eyes, watching. Waiting.

"Yoh...wake up." A familiar voice pierced through the thick mists of dreams and pricked him in the numbness of sleep. Yoh fought to lift his weighted eyelids, and to move his seemingly immobile and dead muscles. His brain slowly started up, warming up all the neurons, sparking them back to life. Ah, now a hand was shaking him gently on shoulder. What...? Finally, his eyes were open. Everything was still a blur though. Lazily, he unfolded his arms, the bones creaking and muscles aching ever so little. Blinking the huge brown orbs a few times, his vision sharply came back into focus.

"Ah!" Yoh screamed, jumping off the ground at once and startling the person who had woken him up. The very above mentioned person stepped back, the umbrella in his hand threatening to tumble to the ground and his eyes wide with shock. Yoh recognized the mentioned person, and leaned against the tree, breathing heavily. The breath came in and out of his mouth in gasps, as he fought to catch his breath and refill his lungs and brain with much needed oxygen. When he had calmed down at once, he turned with curiosity at the person.

"Ren! What were you doing this," And at this junction, Yoh pressed his thumb and finger together to emphasize the distance. "close to me? Are you trying to scare me to death? Another thing, what are you doing here?" The questions were fired off in rapid succession, giving the named person no time to react.

Ren heaved a sigh, mostly of exasperation and a hint of relief. His saffron eyes softened a little when he noticed the other teenager's rumpled clothes. Soaked with mud and water, obviously beyond hope. Anna was going to kill him for that. .

"Doesn't matter. I figured you would have been caught in the rain, and knowing that you can never think properly to overcome any obstacles, came with an umbrella to safely lead you back to the inn." Ren said all this with indifference, acting as though as it were an ordinary, everyday matter not worth mentioning. He refused to let Yoh know how worried he had been, the endless pacing in the inn, the snapping at of several unfortunate passersby, and the eventual grabbing of an umbrella followed by the long tiring walk in the rain all the way out to the country side. Not mentioning the hours of searching high and low for the elusive teenager, the spoiling of his magnificent, expensive cloak by mud which was splashed upon it as he trudged through the mud. He refused to let anything get in his way though, and plowed his way through like a bull charging head first through a hedge maze.


Yoh had stopped his sniveling, and was looking, strangely, sad. His eyes glimmered as tears filled those gems, the torrents almost spilling over the rims of his eyes, his tears melding with the raindrops. Hastily, he raised his hand and wiped both his eyes before latching onto Ren. The action as described above caused the usually cold and emotionless teenager to blush, and the steadied umbrella to fall to the ground, more mud to splash upon the splendid cloak, and the delicate pearls to fall at last. They remained in this position for a short while only, the short while like eternity to Ren, the few seconds each worth their weight in precious stones, even the rain ceased to be unbearable. It is purely assumption, and observation may not be accurate, but it can also been seen that Ren was too shocked to react, his brain had shut down completely on the spot when Yoh had hugged him, and he was suffering from a serious overload due to too much rain, the abundance of mud and the shock recieved due to another's reaction. The frazzled teenager shook himself to his senses, and quickly ruffled Yoh's brown hair while mumbling a gruff it's ok. He unglued Yoh's long, gangly arms from around his neck and reached down for the umbrella.

Yoh sniffled and rubbed his nose, looking very much like the innocent child he was. Ren could not help himself as the corners of his thin mouth gravitated upwards. Turning away, he cleared his throat and muttered, "Come on, let's go."

The eyes narrowed slightly and glowed with an odd glow, a queer glow with just a hint of maniacal in it as the two teenagers huddled under the umbrella for shelter and warmth, plowing their way through mud and rain home. A sudden breeze, and the eyes vanished, accompanied by a brief rustling of reeds...

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