Okay, I know you all were looking forward to the epilogue, but I decided not to write one. -hides from people about to mob me for not writing the epilogue- It's even better than an epilogue! Just one more time… Once more am I going to continue. That's right, it's a trilogy! When I finish the last chronicle, I'm thinking of putting all the chapters of every story together in one story. What do you think? That way you can read the whole thing without having to go back and find the original or something. And Dragon-Charmer16, I know you're reading this! If you'll send me the entirety of "Trust Me", I'll get that in there too!

But don't worry everyone, the big long collaborative story will come after the final installment of the trilogy is finished! Actually, I suppose you could call it a quartet, because it includes "Trust Me". So, I need ideas for what to call the whole thing! "Chronicles of Hyrule" is just cheap and… frankly, it doesn't sound too original. Like, it's obviously a rip-off of "Chronicles of Narnia". So, ideas for that are welcome. But I'm sure what you really want to know about is the final installment!

So, Kuro was purified and banished to another dimension, right? Even though Hieke asked the Staff of Dreams to never let him know of Hyrule, Kuro (known in the new dimension as Lor) finds his way back to Hyrule upon finding a book that… Well, I don't want to spoil too much!

The last installment (I keep calling it that because as of today it has no title) takes place five years after "Face Your Demons". That's six and a half years after the end of Ocarina of Time. Lor is a high school loner in our world who is constantly harassed by bullies and the 'popular' crowd. Even though school sucks and his home life is horrible (his mother is never around and his father is a raging drunk) he manages to maintain a sunny disposition. One day he hears something calling to him, a voice from far away. And that's where the story really begins.

So join us next time in the final installement of the Yet-To-Be-Named tales! Oh, you can review this chapter if you want, but it won't be responded to until the first chapter of the next story. That puts us on Saturday, the tenth of September. I hope to see you all then!

One more thing. I am no longer taking art requests for my website. At least not requests that pertain to this story in particular. If you want to make requests for the poor, neglected "For the Sake of the World", be my guest! But enough for this story, okay? It has a large enough section as it is!

Another thing. I recently updated my website. Four new pictures in "Face Your Demons". If I have a say in the matter, there will be only one more picture for that section, and that is a drawing of the Staff of Dreams. School starts Tuesday, I'll see you on Saturday. Don't forget to leave behind a review!

Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes "Face Your Demons". I thank you all for your support and, of course, your reviews! And I hope to see you next week. Have a nice existance, everyone!