Title: Jump high for the Gifted

Summary: Gar and Vic are the newst students at Jump high school. Gar's love struck eyes soon grow attached to the mysterious Raven but with more students transferring Gar and his friends soon realize there not the only ones with power...

Disclaimer: I don't own the Teen Titans no matter how hard I wish I do!

" Mm I love the smell of Tofu eggs in the morning!" Garfield Logan licked his lips as Mrs Logan piled some eggs on his plate. He paused to glare at his older brother Ant, who was currently devouring an all animal breakfast. Gar quivered.

" DUDE! They were alive!...They had feelings!" he whimpered as Ant ripped up a sausage.

" Yeah, they were alive Green Bean" Green Bean glared harder at his brother.

" Stop calling me that!" Ant's nickname had stuck to him like glue.

" It's true though" He pointed to Gar's Green skin. Then Mrs Logan stepped in.

" Anthony you know better than to tease about your brother's condition" Gar returned to his meal. Condition was the light way to put Freaky Green Disease! He was born with an unknown skin disorder that originated from Africa,they found a cure but it left Gar's skin Green and his system modified. Mrs Logan tried to cheer him up.

" Chin up Garfield, Today you and Vic start that new school...er?" Ant finished her sentence.

" Jump High"

" How high?" Gar mumbled misribly. Ant nudged him.

" Good one green bean!" The odd coloured boy fumed. He left the table, eggs untouched.

" I'm going to get dressed" he muttered. Mrs Logan saddened at her youngest's mood. There was a clink of metal.

" Don't worry about him mom, he's just worried about meeting new people. As soon as Vic gets hold of him he'll cheer up." The boy then cleared his plate.

" I hope so..."

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jump High had no set uniform, as long as you wore the J high Badge it didn't matter. Gar Logan dressed in Casual black trousers and a light purple tee. Over this he wore a black fleece jacket, his school badge pinned to his chest. Then he looked in the mirror.

" Dude I rock..." He said with less enthusiasum than usual. Quickly ruffling his green hair Gar grabbed his purple shoulder bag and half tumbled downstairs. Green Beans don't like mornings.


Apparently Cyborgs don't either.Victor Stone lifted his head from his desk. He had slight creases in his face were he had slept on a screwdriver. Luckily it looked like he had plugged himeslf in before he'd dropped off. The sleepy Teen rose somewhat slower than intended. Vic eyed 4 small rings.

" BOOYAH!" He was awake now! Vic's Blue cybernetic parts gleamed as the boy stretched happily. Carefully he slipped a pair of the rings. One on his left the other on his right. (A/N Think about the rings in Deception) Then Victor Stone prayed:

" Pur-leeaassee! Let them work for my sake and for Gar's sake...I guess..." Then he strode to the full length mirror in his ensuite bathroom. Vic readied the rings for contact.

"3...2...1..." Klink! The rings connected and slowly Vic opened his eyes...

" Victor! Garfield is here!" Vic rushed out of his room, unknown to him the rings had worked. Victor Stone looked like an ordinary , but well built teen... in Grey boxer shorts.

" Garfield!" Victor whizzed into the green boy, who stood limpy in the hall. Suddenly Gar was pulled into a bear hug.

" Vv-iicc!" The athletic boy dropped Gar.

" Ooops I forgot!..." but the Green one was gawping at his best friend.

" Dudddeee Vic ... you look awesome!" He said blushing in admiration.

" I...wah?" Victor eye Garfield uneasily. " Are you ...you?"

" Well no actually I'm rrreeeaalllyyy nervous and... WOAH! Woah woah!" His hand hit Vic's shoulder.

" You mean you haven't seen yourself?" Then something in Vic's head went off.

" The rings!" With force he dragged Garfield into the upstairs bathroom. Then he saw.

" I'm...normal..." Vic whispered. He touched his face and smiled at how he looked...and then he realized he was half naked in front of Gar. That wasn't so good.

After coughpolitelycough shooeing Gar out Vic dressed. He'd been prepareing for when the rings worked and had bought new clothes, since he hadn't needed any before; The new look consisted of a large blue nike tee, with writing that said built to fly , Dark navy shorts that had silver streaks down the side. With slight tears in his eyes Vic tied his new sports shoes. Then grabbing his backpack he walked out grabbing the other two rings on the way.

Garfield looked at his friend with as much happiness as he could muster, which wasn't much at the moment. Unknown to him he was about to get much happier.

" You know I said you could try these when I got them working...right?"

" Yeah but at the moment you look too happy to give me a go..." Gar felt his hand grabbed and watched as Vic dropped another two rings in his hand. Green Bean's eye's pooped out like everytime he got the high score on Mega monkeys 3!

" You..."

" Yup put 'em on!" and he did.

Within seconds Gar's skin changed to a light tanned colour, his matural green hair had black streaks in it. Other small changes included the toning down of his bright eyes, and the shape of his ears. Gar viewed himself in the mirror, his clothes were unchanged.

" Dude Vic...we Rock!" Now he was feeling good!

Gar gave Vic a friendly hug and they made there way downstairs to they kitchen. Victor put on his school badge.

" Ooooh don't you boys look fantastic!"Mrs Stone pinched Vic's non-metal cheek.

" Mom it's only a stronger ..."

" ...Liquid hologram that imitates the whole body ...right Vic?" Garfield peered to see Dr Stone reading the paper. Victor was the only child of the famous Dr Stone, who was responsible for the cybernetic implants that saved Vic's life 5 years ago. Gar shook that memory away at the thought of how distraught Vic was when he woke up.

' But that gave me the courage to show Vic my power...' Gar thought. Remembering how Vic happily accepted why Gar hadn't told him. Some of those years in Gotham city were the best years of his life; Playing super heroes with Vic calling themselves Robo-boy and Changer.

" My my Garfield I can't reconise you!" Mrs Stone sat both boys down and put some fresh toast on the table. Gar eyed the butter warily.

" You will reconise him if he spills anything on that ring" Another plate of Jam-only toast was pushed towards Gar, he smiled gratefully.

" I'm sure Mr Logan here will be careful" Vic cocked his eyebrow in disbelief.

" You best run along the bus will be coming soon!" Mrs Stone cleared away the empty plates. " Enjoy you first day!" She shouted after them.


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