Title: Jump high for the Gifted

Summary: Gar and Vic are the newest students at Jump high school. Gar's love struck eyes soon grow attached to the mysterious Raven but with more students transferring Gar and his friends soon realize there not the only ones with power...

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" Welcome all! To another Deathstroke v Jump High Sports Clash!" A commentary blared around all the Halls and corridors in the building, as players and avid fans flowed in. Anyone gives anything these days for a good rivalry.

" This years chosen events are...Basketball! And...Gala – both Jump teams have new additions to their rosters this year. Give a loud cheer for a new basketball wonder, Victor Stone, and another swimming sensation, Garfield Logan!"

Even though the two mentioned were alone in the changing room they still gleamed as their names were called.

Gar stood in a new wet suit Aqualad had given him – it was a "sorry" present off Aqualad for breaking his nose. (Speaking of which, it was completely fine now! ) Black with green tiger stripes on the back. Garfield slipped on the Holo rings and once again took a tanned color.

Vic's uniform was a white jersey and shorts, and like Gar's, it had black stripes over it. The basketball team was ironically called the Jump High Tigers.

Their enemies...The Deathstroke Assassins, wore an all black uniform with orange knives on the shorts.

No one had talked about their opposition since Robin dragged up "History", and still they were none the wiser. They hadn't seen the teams or the Headmaster. They had seen the cheerleaders...

Also they'd seen their own Headmaster followed by Professor X – who looked at Vic with a silent acknowledgment. He,however, wasn't the suprise vistitor to turn up in the changing room, just after Gar had slipped on his rings.

" Victor Stone and Garfield Logan isn't it? I was wondering if I could have a few questions answered before you perform?"

Before the awaiting athletes stood a tall boy. His white hair scraggily fell just above his shoulders, black eyeliner drawn around his eyes and 3 thin streaks running from them down his cheeks. Even though it wasn't cold at all, he wore a silver scarf, accompanied by a grey jumper with a gold gothic cross on it. His luminous blue eyes stared their way.

Vic stood immediately reconising who it was- having met him before.

" Malcom" he said, shaking his hand. " Gar this is Malcom Choir" Malcom put his hands up.

" Call me Malchoir" Gar nodded, he didn't completely like this boy and remembered something as Malchoir clicked his pen.

" Aren't you meant to be reporting on a school trip or something?" He enquired. The journalist smiled and scribbled.

" The bus for steel city school's opening leaves in 10 minutes, the schools been open for months but- " Malchoir was about to explain that Steel High was Jump High's sister school , then Gar interuppted.

" Why are you here then?"

" Few quick questions, this is a big event for the school y'know?"

" I guessed...ok but I have to be with Giles in a tick, kay?" Malcom nodded and began.

" Where are you two from?" Victor answered this.

" Gotham city- my parents worked with S.T.A.R. Labs there, Gar's mom...and Dad..." he paused " Worked in the animal labs, that's how we met 4 years ago" Malchoir was furiously writing down a draft.

" Rumour from Coach Val Yor,says that 5 years ago you were a victim of a STAR labs accident. Confirm...or Deny?"

The pen rested. Tension piled for Vic- STAR labs. Their research saved him but it was also the cause of his bad cirucits . An accident almost blew him to ashes, if it weren't for his Dad, he wouldn't be here.

Does he know? Vic thought.

" Deny" It wasn't Victor though, it was Gar. The Holo ringed boy defended his friend.

" Vic has had an accident, it was on STAR labs property, but it didn't involve them."

Malchoir grinnedfrom under his scarf.

" Interesting "

A whistle came from the corner and Aqualad walked proudly in. When he saw Malchoir though, his face reddened slightly- as if he was bottling up something towards the witty journalist.

" Just interviewing your lovely boys,...at least one of them is yours anyway" The older boys faces were suddenly inches apart, out of pure loathing.

" Speaking of which" The white haired boy continued " I wouldn't mind if you'd

give me another question and answer session about you and my cousin...not to mention your past lo-" At that Giles pushed Malchoir about of the way.

" Leave Raven out of this!" Gar and Vic blinked.

" Raven is Malcom's cousin?" Gar whispered to his friend.

" Might be once removed or whatever"

Malchoir didn't back down after Giles' outburst.

" Aw but Giles you know how much I like to ripple your fins...no pun intended. Not that I'm the only one, he also..."

One move sent Malchoir into the lockers- headbutt to the eye! Vic almost couldn't see it because of the speed!

Malcom clutched his notes to his chest as he slumped grinning insanely.

" I see it's still a touchy subject " The journalist couged and got up.

" Don't worry boys...I'll be back, and my readers will be in for a special treat." As the boy exited Gar placed a hand on Giles' shoulder.

" You alright? You looked bad when he came in..." Vic rubbed his head.

" Yeah, what was he sayin' anyway? About Rae?"

" Leave it " It was a calm statement, something like the speaking Robin descibed to them a fateful Lunch ago.

" C'mon Gar we're ready now" Aqualad left, his head down.

" 'kay" Gar waved to Vic as he left. " Good luck"

Vic tied up his shoelace and put on his shooting shirt.

" Yeah, you too"

I have neglected this for too long so expect more soon :D

What was Malchoir talking about? What is the deal between him and Aqualad? And Raven? More importantly what was Malchoir teying to reveal about Giles?

Maybe you'll find out in chappy 16!