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This is AU from 4th year, it will take in facts from both OOTP and HBP, but will discard all timeline from the cannon universe after the 4th year. This is a "Harry is a cool mutant, betrayed and meets the x-men" story, but with my own spin. In case anyone wonders Loki is taken from dogma's angel of death... all will be explained in the fullness of time...

Warring: what follows is a typical beginning for a Azkaban story, you may skip if necessary, as I will post a summary next chapter on off as I know how annoying they can get!

He couldn't really remember how long he had sat there in that cell, it could have been hours, days, weeks or even months but guessing by the amount of meals he thought it was on the higher end of that scale. He had tried many times to escape the nightmares the dark creatures around him brought, but he could not. He was no longer blessed with the ability to create insane and blessed imaginings of saviours for he could only know the truth. Because the cursed and betrayed and LYED... he could only get lost in the visions of truth.

flash back

It was Ron's turn to stand and bare witness against him, and stand he did as a friend who had suffered under "the boy-who-lived attention seeking ways".

"He was always being reckless," Ron had said from the podium, "wanted attention - see - for not having patents. Expected everyone to just love him for who he was and we did but - well - in the end it wasn't enough for him - the brat"


All he said was lies,

And he knew it too, they all knew it,

But in the trial of a scapegoat... nobody ever objects...

"We thought he was a hero" rang out Hermione's voice, once full of knowledge, now blind bigotry, "but he was only using us, manipulating the circumstances. Looking back now I wish I had never met him!"

All she said lies, and big words for a girl who almost got squashed by a troll. He wished he had not gone to save her now... no that was a lie also, he had loved her like a sister, but now the brain was the sheep. What he wouldn't give to have the old Hermione back but that wouldn't happen... not now.

Many more stood against him only a few conspicuous by there absences. Both Haggrid and his best friend Ginny had not appeared during the trial. Ginny and he had grown close over the last months of his fifth year, meeting in private and talking about random things, though nothing serious. Not even Ginny was told about his secret... but even then she knew him better than anyone.

End Flashback

Now though... he could hardly remember her face, except if it was contorted in anger or sadness of her latest boyfriend rejecting her, or wet with tears from when she remembered her first year. He didn't want to remember her that way, but it was all he had while he hoped that she had never betrayed him... that she had stayed true.

"Silent night, holy night -" rang out from the cell opposite him, the man... what was his name again..? Oh yes Chris Bartswitts, had came in 5 day's ago sentenced to a 3 week stay in Azkaban for petty theft.

"Just me luck to be caught five days 't Christmas, gonna be a sad time it t'is" ha had said before the dementors came for there first time. Come to think about it this was the first time he had heard the man talk since then, but that wasn't unusual.

Harry sat listening to his hall mate for a while, but he couldn't see anything holy about this night in this place, and shouldn't he know? Shouldn't one who bares angel's wings know what is holy and good? Or dose betrayal clip those wings like it destroys everything else?

'Two months I've been here in hell' he thought 'and now on the day of the saviour's birth I will leave'. He didn't care any longer for that world and hold any hope that those those people would see the truth of his innocence. They lied and betrayed, and he was going to escape from all that to a safe place. He would hide right under there noses... muggle USA here he comes!

the x-men bit will take another chapter or so to get to, but don't worry it will be good, please not this is AU (see above) and will have slight changes.